Friday, July 14, 2006

Please Welcome "Tex" to the Main Stage

Teixeira helps the Rangers drill the Orioles

Before the season's second half started Thursday, the Rangers discussed the importance of having the entire team contribute. Then, they went out and did just that – all in one inning.

On the way to a 15-1 thrashing of Baltimore that kept the Rangers tied for first in the AL West, Mark Teixeira hit three homers and drove in seven runs; Mark DeRosa reached base six times; Brad Wilkerson had a homer and four RBIs; and Vicente Padilla had another quality start.

Enjoy Padilla, says Fraley, because it isn’t going to be here long

"He's been a joy to watch," said Connor, who first worked with Padilla when he was a 17-year-old in the Arizona organization. "He's been more than what we thought he would be."

Visions of a big payday could be giving Padilla the motivation that he has often lacked.

Padilla can become a free agent after this season. When a club employee raised the subject of what next season might hold for him, Padilla said he would be with the club that pays him the most.

The Rangers accept the mercenary approach. They tread lightly around Padilla.
When Padilla wanted to go to Miami between first-half starts for a birthday, the club told him to have fun.

When Padilla wanted to return to his home in Nicaragua during the All-Star break, the Rangers reminded him that the second half started on the road.

The club held its collective breath for three days, but Padilla showed up in the visitors' clubhouse well in advance of the start. Letting him go home was worth it.

The Mavericks depth chart

Not that you care yet, (although I am gearing up for sure) but I was asked to make my picks for the Guys Guide to the Cowboys.

Here are my first NFL picks of the season (Expect another round near the end of training camps).

Dallas Record: 11-5

NFC Division Winners: Dallas, Chicago, Carolina, Seattle
NFC Wildcards: New York, Atlanta

AFC Division Winners: Indy, New England, Pittsburgh, Denver
AFC Wildcards: Kansas City, Cincinnati

Super Bowl: Carolina beats Indianapolis

Don Banks on the NFC North …and a few days ago, he did your beloved NFC East

Coach in the spotlight


This just in: The Tuna isn't getting any younger and may not coach forever. We are not going to play the Parcells-retirement guessing game again (and that goes for you, too, Brett Favre), but it's fair to speculate that he's gearing up for one last run at the big shiny silver trophy. We're not buying into the idea that Terrell Owens is the final piece of the puzzle in Dallas, but that doesn't mean his addition won't be a huge upgrade for the passing game. It's worth noting that Parcells has yet to endure three consecutive non-playoff seasons.

Phil Mushnick takes on perception and offers reality

The verdict drops in Italy

Juventus, Fiorentina and Lazio will all be demoted to Serie B for their roles in the match-fixing scandal that has tarnished Italian football, according to today's Gazzetta dello Sport.

The verdict of the long-running trial will not be officially revealed until 6pm this evening, but the newspaper claimed to already know the punishments that will be dished out.

"The verdict will be this: Juventus, Fiorentina and Lazio will be relegated to Serie B," claimed the Gazzetta confidently. "AC Milan will stay in Serie A but will not be allowed to take part in the Champions League."

Without disclosing its source, the newspaper went on to insist it even knew the point deductions that each club would receive. Juventus, it said, will begin their Serie B campaign on minus 20 points, while Fiorentina will be penalised 10 and Lazio six or seven. Milan, meanwhile, will be docked 10 to 15 points.

After the verdict is formally announced tonight, the teams will have three days to appeal to a federal court of arbitration; a final decision must be reached by July 24.

The confirmation that three of the clubs are to be relegated is likely to spark a feeding frenzy as Europe's biggest teams close in to snatch talents such as Fabio Cannavaro, Gianluca Zambrotta and Gianluigi Buffon from Juventus and last season's Serie A top-scorer, Luca Toni, from Fiorentina.

Although many of you may not have any idea what the above story means, just imagine the Yankees, Giants, and Mets being sent down to AAA for disciplinary reasons, thus making them lose all of their star players because their revenue streams would disappear. Guess they are getting serious about referee tampering in Italy. Kind of a World Cup buzzkill.

Classic Funny from Deadspin: Fake Steve Bartman with Dan Patrick

Ty takes over as I take vacation week #2 (of 3) next week. Prepare for bikinis.


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FakeGribble said...

Bring on the bikinis!

Mini Me said...

Woot Woot! Go Tex!

Anonymous said...

Thank god Ty is back for some meaningful stuff. Bob on vacation? Say it ain't so. Wish I was a soft radio personality...

Big Daddy said...

I think The Guardian has lost their minds. Does anyone really believe that Italy would basically kill Serie A???

I fully expect to see all three clubs still in the top flight with some point deductions....

Bill Whiskey said...

Shouldnt Juve rebound by next season with the huge following they have it seems like they should still have huge attendance...

Fake Sturm said...

What happened to the baby-arm fighters last night? I kept hyping it up to my friends and then we get headlined by the embarrassing father-son battle.

The Ghost of Rhyner said...

Wow! What a confluence of somesuch factors for our little buddy, The Yellow Rose of Teixeiria!

Ah yes, it's wonderful bon mots such as those that make Chris Burman-Shave my unquestioned leader.

Whoops, gotta go. I think I just crapped myself.

Screw the P1

Wild_Bill said...

Bob... Big fan, but you are insane that the Redskins don't make the playoffs. The have a genius running offense, Al Saunders. A genius running defense, the very unstable two g Gregg Williams, and a genius with the head job. *giggle* They have Santana Moss, you remember him? And they added Antwan, Antion, Ant, screw it, they added Randle-El as #2, and their defense returns. People underestimate them and they will be sorry.

Anonymous said...

washington has qb problems.

Wild_Bill said...

Washington always has qb problems, but they can make the playoffs in spite of them.

Anonymous said...

Italy has a football team? Are they going to join the NFC East? I think they may be pretty good.

Wild_Bill said...

Washington is good enough and can make the playoffs with QB problems.

Wild_Bill said...

Sorry for the double post, a hot girl was in my office asking me a question, and I did not know if the first post posted. Hot girl exemption.

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Hopefully this is the last year of the glorified gym teacher.

Anonymous said...

But Washington has to overcome their ap problems too.

Buy my book!


hockalees said...

Fat Brad -

The Italians will HAVE to relegate at least Juventus, there is no way FIFA or UEFA will sit idly by and allow them to sweep it under the rug. They relegated teams in the 80's and didn't ruin the league, cheating seems to be cyclical in the Serie A.

Jay Clendenin said...

redskin fans drinking that kool-aid already?

Patrick said...

Fat Brad said: I think The Guardian has lost their minds. Does anyone really believe that Italy would basically kill Serie A???

I fully expect to see all three clubs still in the top flight with some point deductions....
Looks like they were spot on.

Lazio to B with -7
Fiorentina to B with -12
Milan stays in A with -15

Juventus to B with -30
Other punishments:

No Euro for Milan.
Juventus loses the last two Scudetti.

Anonymous said...




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Rick Bentley said...

that is truly greatness

ST3 said...

Don't know if anyone checks on the weekend, but is reporting that the Stars will sign Eric Lindros tomorrow for around $1.5 mil. This really either be a great bargain or another Doug Christie. I'm really hoping for the former.

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AttnyDan said...

Uh....Ty? You are already dropping the ball!!!

I know it's monday and all....but, COME ON!!! (drop)