Thursday, July 06, 2006

Quisy Leaves...Oh, Too Bad!

So, let me get this straight: In 2005-06, it cost $15.7 Million to have Keith Van Horn on the Mavericks, and $5.4 million to have Marquis Daniels. That is $21.1 million dollars. Then, the Mavs still owed Daniels over $24 million more for the next 4 seasons.

They drafted Ager to replace Daniels who will make less than a million for each of the next two years, and traded Daniels for Croshere who will replace Van Horn and make just $7.3 million? Are Ager and Croshere great? I don’t know, but I am sure they can at least duplicate the measly contributions from the dearly departed, at less than 40% of the cost.

And, somehow they moved the rest of Daniels contract. What is not to like?

In closing on Daniels, I am not saying he has nothing. He will put up great numbers for years in this league on teams that are going nowhere. He just is a dumb player who makes dumb decisions. His focus lacked, and Avery has no patience for that (nor do I). Nelson loved him, and like Bradley, Avery is slowly extracting the final pieces of Nellie’s team from his roster. Pavel, you are next.

Daniels dealt away for Croshere

The Mavericks accomplished another of their primary off-season goals by agreeing to trade guard Marquis Daniels, team sources and his agent confirmed Wednesday night.

Daniels, 25, is being shipped to Indiana in exchange for forward Austin Croshere in a deal that can't be finalized until next Wednesday. The swap could save the Mavs $19 million and fills the need for a backup behind Dirk Nowitzki.

France 1, The diving, stinking dopes from Portugal 0 …I do want to say that Luis Figo doesn’t seem like a diving, stinking dope, but the rest of them and their stupid coach are diving, stinking dopes.

No way! A losing team of diving, stinking dopes blame the refs?

It was always unlikely that Portugal would leave this World Cup quietly and so it proved last night as Cristiano Ronaldo and coach Luiz Felipe Scolari laid the blame for their semi-final defeat at the feet of the Uraguayan referee Jorge Larrionda.

The incidents that sent the Portuguese camp scowling towards Stuttgart for a third-place play-off against Germany on Saturday night came within five first-half minutes as Larrionda first awarded France a penalty for a foul on Thierry Henry and then denied Ronaldo a similar prize as he flew theatrically to the ground in a crowded French box.

Ronaldo claimed after the game that he was pushed by the French defender Willy Sagnol as he attempted to reach a Luis Figo cross. "He was a very bad referee, I should have had a penalty," said the winger afterwards. His coach agreed that a foul went unpunished, a sentiment demonstrated when he led most of Portuguese bench to the edge of the technical are in protest at Larrionda's decision to wave play on.

"It was a penalty, they had to give a penalty, and against Ronaldo it didn't happen," Scolari said before implying that the officials had conspired against his side. "The referee made a mistake when he did not give a penalty when Ronaldo was fouled. The referee knows exactly what he is doing. We know South American referees know how to kill the game."

And, if you, like me, think that Chrstiano Ronaldo is everything that is wrong with football, enjoy I hate …And to the newbies, we aren’t talking about the fat guy from Brazil who scores all the goals and has buck-teeth…

Meanwhile, I will admit I am jealous. The Coyotes sign Georges Laraque to pound the Pacific Division into submission. Why, exactly, are we getting the washed up Matt Barnaby when this guy is available?



The Rangers Rotation is something that we haven’t focused on too much so far this year with all of the attention on the disappointing seasons of Teixeira and Cordero. I was at the Newberg Report Night on Sunday at the Ballpark and GM Jon Daniels was addressing the audience for about 90 minutes before the game. He made the point that although the season has certainly not been wonderful, where would you have thought the team would be entering 2006 if you knew that Tex and CoCo would give you very little. While Adam Eaton wouldn’t pitch at all?

From that standpoint, the combo platter of DeRosa, Barajas, Matthews, Kinsler, Koronka, Rheinecker, and friends should all be offered high congratulations. They are still in it, although, as I said yesterday on the air, I think the Rangers are the definition of average. Not good, not bad. Just an average .500 baseball team.

But what about the Starters and that rotation that occupies every waking hour for us in the winter time?

As you know if you read this website, I am obsessed with Stats that are not often printed. In baseball, that means Quality Starts, which I think, although flawed, give us the best indication of a pitcher doing his job. It has nothing to do with his run support (see Chris Young, 2005) but instead is all about a guy getting through 6 complete innings with 3 Earned Runs or less against him.

Here Is my last study from 2005

Total for 2005: 66 of 162 40.7%
2004: 61 of 162 37.6%

Well, in 2006, through 7/5, we are off to a Team record of 41 Quality Starts in 86 Starts (47.6%)

Here are the individual marks. The asterisk means QS, and the W or L is the TEAM result for the night, not his decision.

H 4/3 L, 4/8 L, 4/24 L, 5/4 W*, 5/9 L, 5/25 L, 5/30 W*, 6/16 W*, 6/21 L*, 7/2 L
A 4/14 W*, 4/19 L*, 4/29 W*, 5/15 W*, 5/20 W*, 6/6 W*, 6/11 L*, 6/27 L

11 QS in 18 starts (61%)
Home: 4 of 10
Away: 7 of 8

Rangers Record when Millwood Starts Game = 8-10

H 4/4 W*, 4/9 W*, 4/25 W, 5/5 L, 5/10 L*, 5/23 L, 5/28 W*, 6/14 W*, 6/20 L, 6/30 W* , 7/5 W*
A 4/15 L, 4/20 W*, 4/30 W, 5/18 W*, 6/3 L, 6/9 L*, 6/25 L*,

11 QS in 18 starts (61%)
Home: 7 of 11
Away: 4 of 7

Rangers Record when Padilla Starts Game = 9-8

H 4/5 L*, 4/21 W, 4/26 L*, 5/6 L, 5/22 W*, 5/27 L, 6/13 L, 6/18 W
A 4/10 L, 4/16 W*, 5/1 W*, 5/12 W, 5/17 L, 6/2 W*, 6/8 L

6 QS in 15 starts (40%)
Home: 3 of 8
Away: 3 of 7

Rangers Record when Loe Starts Game = 7-8

H 4/7 L, 4/23 W*, 5/3 W*, 5/8 W*, 5/26 W*, 5/31 L, 6/12 L, 6/17 W, 7/4 L*
A 4/12 W*, 4/18 W, 4/28 L, 5/16 L, 5/21 L*, 6/7 W*, 6/23 W, 6/29 L*,

9 QS in 17 starts (53%)
Home: 5 of 9
Away: 4 of 8

Rangers Record when Koronka Starts Game = 9-8

H 4/22 W, 5/29 W*, 6/15 L, 6/22 W, 7/3 W*
A 6/4 W*, 6/10 W, 6/28 L,

3 QS in 8 starts (38%)
Home: 2 of 5
Away: 1 of 3

Rangers Record when Rheinecker Starts Game = 6-2

0 QS in 5 starts (0%)

1 QS in 3 starts (33%)

0 QS in 1 starts (0%)

0 QS in 1 starts (0%)


Anonymous said...

First !!!

Mo Fo's

Neil Payne said...

On June 14th...Bob wrote:

• One good thing to come out of last night’s loss was this: We can stop hearing about that stupid stat of when Josh Howard scores 20 points or more, the Mavericks are undefeated. I will not name names, but I was sitting next to a media member who told me this game is in the bag at 71-66 because Josh just got his 20th point. And he was dead serious.

Stats are for losers.

Hm......... said...

Hopefully, someone youtubed Eaton's congradulatory cursing to Kinsler and his homerun....

Anonymous said...

Those numbers are as useless as calculus and give me a headache. Where are the damn women? Math < Hot Women.

Ppbsssssttt = sound going out of already lame Stars balloon.

AttnyDan said...

It's time to bring out the Tom Hicks interview again Bob!!!

The one where he says that if the fans show up, he'll spend more money on the Rangers and then references the Stars winning the Cup.

Didn't see Eaton's bit, what happened?

Hm.......... said...

In full earshot of the camera right next to the dugout Eaton blurted out:

"Way to go, you fu*ker"

mr. t said...

Here's an equation-
KVH > Austin Croshere

Surely you don't think this chump is better than even KVH or Raef.

Croshere has worse FG%, ppg, 3pt%, rpg, apg, and is on the same downward trend. Backup or not. We traded slighty something for nothing.

Jay Clendenin said...

france scores one goal on a penalty kick, and they "totally dominated portugal?" "france just played better than portugal." (in the words of tv commentators) wtf!! france scored on a penalty kick...that was it. does that mean if portugal didn't commit that one foul then it would have been an evenly played match?

reason #69 that i can't stand soccer.

phil k. said...

Jay, you are a soccer idiot. Your complaint doesn't come close to demanding an explanation because those that know and love and ACTUALLY WATCH the game don't stoop to give answers to accusations such as that.

Paulie said...

Please stop with the "first" crap. There is nothing more annoying than EVERY F'ing message board having the ubiquitous wasted first message.

It seemed that this didn't start until Ty came aboard this summer. Maybe it was his lack of content that caused this phenomena. Maybe it was his lowering of the IQ of the blog that caused this childish behavior.

Whatever it was, it's driving me f'ing crazy. Hey Bob, if only you could ban those folks from posting as I've seen other websites do. But alas, there is no way to do this in the anonymous community we live in.

Annoyed in Dallas

Anonymous said...


Stop being so bitter than YOU can't be First!!

If you don't like it go read galloway's blog or something!!

Anonymous said...

How can Galloway have a blog? Did they start letting him post from the bar?


AttnyDan said...


DallasManUFan said...

Paulie, you're just jealous that you can't post first. I've been first twice in the last week or so, and today I'm angry that Anonymous beat me too it. I will be that much more diligent now, job be damned.


MrSimic said...

I more or less second the comments of good strong Paulie--the "first" crap is irritating. However, I guess I don't really care that much; banning people seems pretty drastic. Let baby have his bottle...I guess?

On the KVH v. Austin Croshere (KRO-shur/kro-SHEER...I love TNT)--as AttnyDan would say, I would like to enter a general denial that Croshere is superior to, or even a wash for, KVH, and demand strict proof thereof.

Really, Bob, teach me more about why we should be happy with Croshere sparing us to death instead of KVH? I'm willing to be persuaded.

MrSimic said...

(I just noticed this is my first basketball talk since that day-we-dare-not-speak-of).

Anonymous said...

"Croshere has worse FG%, ppg, 3pt%, rpg, apg, and is on the same downward trend. Backup or not. We traded slighty something for nothing."

not true. his RPG went up the last two years. prior to '04 he averaged 5+ rebounds per game. the last two seasons it's been just under 9. he's here to be a cog, a grunt. Van Horn and his 3 point clankers were the biggest power-down on this team last year. not to mention the fact that he's a gutless turd. good riddance KVH! i'm disappointed in Marquis. after that rookie year i thought he'd be something. guess not.

Let's get the parade route planned!,

Jay Clendenin said...


i never claimed to be a Soccer-Hitzges. but i did watch the game and i saw portugal barely miss several shots toward the end of the match. so my point remains that there are two possibilities:
1. the tv commentators are idiots b/c the statement that "france just played better than portugal" is ridiculous. i mean how does one score on a penalty kick equate to domination?
2. soccer is gay.

Jared in Irving said...

Mr. T:

Croshere's rebound and assist numbers are going to be lower, because he's never played starter minutes like Van Horn.

He has better rebound/48 minute numbers than Van Horn.

They're basically the same 3 point shooter.

Beyond that, Croshers is more physical and a better defender. Plus, KVH was playing nothing like his former self over the past few months. I expect Crosher to be a marginal upgrade over the KVH of last year, which is fine for backup PF.

Fake Sturm said...

My first time to post since the day of infamy....hell its even my first time to read the blog. I just couldnt bring myself to do it(plus I knew it would be littered with conspiracy and tired hat soccer talk). And now I realize I missed a full week of the power-down updating the blog with questionable soft porn pics.

But with the boot to Quisy I knew I had to stop by and hear the general consensus. Croshere is more of a money thing(last year of contract) and I really not worried about the 6 to 10 minutes a game he will be playing. Could he really bring any less than KVH?

The real reason is I think the Mavs knew KVH would be gone and they have to hit their slow white guy quota.

mr. t said...

Jared in Irving and Arthur,
You kind of proved my point. KVH is crap and so is Croshere.
I'd like to muster up more of debate, but I've reached my limit of debates on 6-10 white guys. I'm in a state of impassivity with the white big men.
Croshere was imperssive for a few years.

Julie Foudy's Sports Bra said...

Re: Jay's "Soccer Comments"

Let me take a crack at expalining it, Phil. Jay, you saw Portugal miss two shots late in the game, true. But France controlled the midfield throughout the game, and they were the team that wanted to control the ball. France "played better" because they had pace and control, Portugal did not.

Portugal only was dangerous when Ronaldo made one of his long runs [or when Barthez was forced to play the ball-- that guy is France's Achilles Heel].

Anonymous said...

Rangers stats give me tired head

wake me when their season ends in disaster once again. And if by some miracle the Rangers ever make it beyond a tease, I will refuse to jump on the bandwagon. I don't care if they win the world series with Hank Aaron's ghost(is he dead yet? No? Ok insert dead HOFer here). Count me out.

Anonymous said...

Croshere is a spare, but KVH is a disgrace. Hope that clears things up.

Jay Clendenin said...


thanks for the explanation. that kind of explanation is appreciated much more than "you're stupid. soccer is #1!!"

as with hockey...i just want an explanation and clarification about the gameplay itself. i still don't like it though.

PHE said...

Well, now we know how Bob spends his vacation time. Why make memories w/ the fam when there are massive amounts of Rangers-pitching algebra to be done?

RE: Mavs moves. I second the comment above that arguing the merits of 6'10" white stiffs is a waste of time. Bottom line: Lazer could put together a great song using the clangs of KVH's threes as the beat. Time to move on!

Anonymous said...

Phil, you have to forgive Jay, he is an Aggy after all, so he can't help it...


mr. t said...

How many days til training camp? 22 long days. Don't get my wrong I like talking about off-season Stars moves, Rangers pitching, white stiffs(the b-ball players), and France's midfield, but this sucks.

The Polit Burro said...

KVH and Marquis both have the same problem: They're not bench players. Think for a second about Stackhouse...he comes off the bench and scores in bunches without having to have a lot of touches. KVH and Marquis come off the bench and generally do dick because they're the kind of players that need a lot of touches.

Marquis showed a lot of promise his rookie year, but that's because Nellie gave him the minutes he needed to get the touches he needed to get into a groove. If you're Avery, you're really not going to bench Josh Howard or Jason Terry to give Marquis minutes, right?

It's a very good deal for the Mavs; they aren't even eating a lot of his salary and they're getting a bench player back.

KVH is one of the softest 6'5+ inside players since...Shawn Bradley. He never made consistent contributions with his shooting and we all knew better than to ask him to rebound, play defense in the paint or post up. At least with Croshere you're getting someone who can make consistent if not spectacular contributions in those three areas.

I am so glad the French beat Portugal. Can you imagine the spectacle of grown men diving and acting like whiny bitches that would have been Portugal versus Italy?

Anonymous said...

For the life of me, I can not understand how these moves the mavs are making are for the better. Please explain it to me. I see another slow, soft, benchwarmer coming in to the mavs,and we are supposed to be excited the mavs are saving money from all this? It just goes to show that after all the stars and the planets were lined up for us to win the whole thing, we choke and gag and cant make a bucket when it counts to save our playoff lives, we all say now, "next year". I say that is BS. We have taken a humongous step back, getting another non-defense, non-basket making soft player who will come of the bench when dirk sits and give us nothing, thereby making dirk come back off the bench to be doubled and tripled and have to defer to other soft, non-defense, non-basket making when it counts guys. You can say all you want about the other guys on this team. They have proven they go as dirk goes, and we know dirk doesnt go when crunch time has arrived.(see games 3-6,NBA FINALS)
Now I know you will bring the refs into this, touting unfairness and phantom calls, as I did once. But after going through some reflection, that is what losers do, whine. So if the mavs dont win it all in '07, that shows that '06 was fluke and the little mavs WILL NEVER GET TO THE FINALS MUCH LESS THE CONFERENCE FINALS. The rest of the league is salivating knowing the little mavs go through a 7 foot soft choker who will pass to other soft chokers who look all-universe when beating up on a team as sorry as memphis, but have to rely on bone headed mistakes(ginobli) or a hurt player(stoudamire) to get to a place where they realized they are YEARS maybe even DECADES of ever returning. I say Avery will win a NBA title, it just wont be with the Mavs. This franchise had its chance, and blew it like a birthday candle. I was happy when the mavs knew they were mediocre, not acting like something they WILL NEVER BE, NBA CHAMPS. If they truly had wanted to be NBA Champs, they would have acted like they wanted it. Not play like NBA CHUMPS, which they truly are. No wonder this is a COWBOYS town, we dont get smoke blown up our ass with them. Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Dude, no smoke blown up our asses about the Cowboys? "...and now the starting quarterback, #17, Quincy Carter!"

I've got nothing to say about the refs. This is about the Mavs. I seriously don't see where you get the idea that Croshere is softer than KVH. They're not done moving yet, particularly thanks to being able to move most of Marquis' salary.

One word, anonymous buddy: BANDWAGON. Don't bother getting back on it. Have fun with your Spurs and Suns, Benedict Arnold.

mr. t said...

smokin' anon 3:13,
Nice post. Looks like you got your sports-weiner all worked up.

sturrminator said...

hey now,

take a look at why i TRULY love soccer

anonymous said...

That's awesome! ude, you really are pretty effing funny.

Fake Sturm said...

Anon at 3:13,

You are getting all worked up over the 9th and 10th dudes of the bench. Who gives a crap about their combined 12 minutes a game and even that drops significantly once you get to the playoffs. Bottom line is I trust Donnie and Avery and I believe they know exactly what they are doing.

You must be new to following the Mavs anyway if something like this can push you over the edge. I guess you dont remember being the laughing stock of ALL SPORTS for many years. My guess is you starting following the Mavs around the Memphis series and went and got you a jersey and a car flag and claimed to be a longtime supporter. Well we dont need ya. So, in the words of the great LLoyd Christmas, "Welp, see you later"