Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 23 - Honduras

Well, our 3 segmented journey is about to enter the final phase.

Phase #1 - Go to Tegucigalpa and deal with all of the adoption items that needed to be handled. It took about 12 days and was basically house arrest in a hotel room with a 3-hour break each day for fast food lunch. August 29-September 9

Phase #2 - Go to Roatan and wait for processing of his new birth certificate. This is paradise and has included some wildly awesome experiences including snorkeling in one of the most amazing places ever. It also has given us a chance to see a part of the planet that it more beautiful than it gets credit for. It is basically the water in the Corona commercials. We have been in the ocean and had a chance to swim with dolphins. We have seen monkeys and lizards and parrots and every other exotic animal one would find at the Rainforest Cafe's gift shop area. This is the real deal. About 12 days. Sept 9 - Sept 21

Phase #3 - Go back to Tegucigalpa and within a few days go to the US Embassy and get his passport and Visa. This final Phase also is likely 10-14 days. Back to fast food and house arrest. And that when that is done we get to go home. Sept 21 - ???

As I reflect upon Phase #2 with our new Sturm (Justin), I am reminded of a few of life's truths.

The first one is from Mom when she would deal with our boredom during summer vacation. As an adult, I had forgotten about boredom, but when forced to serve 40 days in a foreign land, it reemerges. Anyway, Mom used to tell us that if we would occupy our mind with something, time would go faster. "Find something to do" was the actual cliche our parents ran into the ground. Well, we have found plenty to do. Maybe too much. And have tried to occupy our minds with adventures that would not normally be an option. It is tough to act like Phase #2 has been rough. It has been amazing. And putting on Justin on his first airplane and in his first body of water that was bigger than his bathtub was pretty cool.

Another of life's truths also abounds. It is the fact that no matter where you go in life, within about 7-10 days, you are ready to go home. Sleep in your own bed. Sit in your own chair. Watch your own TV. Drive your own car. Trust me. Find your paradise or your dream vacation. 3 weeks in, you will be ready to get back.

Day 23 is now the part of the trip where we just want to go home. My kids want to go to school again. It makes me crazy to be away from my job this long. And let's face it, in the close confines, even with those you love dearly, requires the occasional break, right?

I guess what I am saying as I leave paradise is that I don't mind. Because it represents a step closer to the finish line. That is very big and if we can survive a few more weeks, we can get back to the life we loved so much.

This is our journey and I am proud to be a part of it. But, I continue to wonder aloud why governments cannot simplify the process of adoption. It shouldn't cost this much money to help a child. It also shouldn't require 4-6 weeks in a foreign land. How many people have jobs that would allow that?

If there are willing families and desperate cases where children need families, wouldn't a worthy global initiative be to make this process much more easy and simple? I am not saying deliver our child by FedEx on our doorstep, but how about half as much money and 10 days in the country instead of 40?

Anyway, our road continues. We have been healthy, relatively happy, and despite plenty of speed-bumps, we already resemble a family. Everything is different than it used to be, and it will never change all the way back. All 3 of our children are uneasy with the changes, but it is so early in the game that this should be expected.

The fact is, Justin has lived 1,911 days without us, and now 22 days with us. He knows almost no English and has had his world changed 100%. But, it will shift even more when he is introduced to Texas, bunk beds, school, and high definition tv. At some point, he will wonder about his Dad's job that allows him to watch sports for a living, too. There is plenty of time for all of this.

For now, we continue to put in our time and have the craziest trip we will ever take. Tomorrow, we board another puddle-jumper back to Tegucigalpa and bravely take on Phase 3.

Make no mistake, we want to go home. We will get there.

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Gregn said...

we miss you here too. The NFL is not the same without you! Congratulations on your new son. I know as part of your family we won't always hear about him, but please do keep us updated.