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BaD Radio - Recap - 9/12/11

Monday 9/12/11

Episode: 11 A.B. (After Bob)

Location: Studio

The Open: “My nickname is Sue Bob.” “I’ve always been the sexy one of the family”. Mike Doocy joins Dan and Donovan for this edition of DDD Radio. Doocy is off to the rough start, his computer isn’t working AND TC didn’t ask him what he wanted for lunch on his daily food run. Donovan went to a wedding this weekend while Dan and his wife went to a Murder Mystery Dinner. They were the youngest people there by a decade. They were seated at a table with some seasoned vets of the Murder Mystery Dinner scene. Because of that intertable influence, Dan decided to really try and figure out who the murderer was. He found out that it was Woody, and in typical Dan fashion was feeling really cocky about it. Turns out that 20 of the 25 tables solved it, and Dan and his wife didn’t get it right quick enough. So no free t-shirt or sex for Dan.

12:50 – Cowboys Talk: With the Cowboys blowing the 14 point leave in the 4th quarter for the first time in franchise history, Dan thinks that the overall view of this game will be different at the end of the year than it is now. Dan also points out that it seems like holding a 7 point lead with 7 or more minutes to go is even harder than having to come back from that 7 point deficit. Questions abound surrounding the play calling at the 2 yard line after the long Witten reception. Most of these questions and complaint are based on 20/20 hindsight. Yes, Romo fumbled but you can’t complain about the play he was trying to make; however, you can complain about him not protecting the football. Regardless, you cannot turnover the ball in that situation. Doocy wonders if that fumble was still weighing on his mind as threw the late game interception with the game tied and a minute remaining. Dan starts to rail on Dez Bryant, saying that he gave up in the second half. What Dan doesn’t bring up is Dez’s leg injury. Doocy is quick to mention the injury, he injured the quad on his first quarter punt return. This brings up the question: Is it better to have a 70% Dez or a 100% Ogletree on the field?

1:20 – Phone Call/Audio: A guy jumps on the side of Dez, explaining that Revis was holding Dez for a majority of the game and points out that Dez is going to be a beast if he stays healthy (obvious). Dan doesn’t want to give Romo a reprieve on the interception. He also questions Garrett play call after seeing an obviously gimpy Dez against Revis. Doocy points out that they Jets had zero penalties all game. In his post game press conference, Romo takes all the blame for his interception, saying that his throw was reactionary and Dez made the right move to keep going on the comeback. Mike Doocy wonders which part of this game Romo will take forward, the first 3 quarters or the last 8 minutes of the 4th?

1:40 – More Cowboys: A caller brings up the point that the Jets defensive adjustment and play calling on that Romo interception and every drive after the first of the game should not be overlooked.

1:55 – More Cowboys: Dan wants to talk about the Rob Ryan defense, which was surprisingly pretty good despite being Kate Moss thin in the secondary. His patented pre-snap disguises seemed to provide a solid amount of pressure on Sanchez that covered up the deficiency of the secondary. The Cowboys run defense was spectacular against a Jets team that is hard set on running the ball. Dallas gave up 45 yards on 17 Jet carries. Sean Lee had a breakout game, recovering a fumble and intercepting a Sanchez pass. As a fan, you have to be optimistic about the defense and the exotic nature of it. It will be interesting to see how Rob Ryan changes that approach when they play a game against a QB that can pick them apart. Dan was hoping for the narrative that would have had David Buehler kicking an extremely long field goal to win the game.

2:20 – More Cowboys: Concerning Dez Bryant returning punts, Donovan doesn’t think that they have a choice in putting him back there. Donovan also has an issue with how DeMarco Murray tip-toed his way out of the endzone when he returned kickoffs. Back to Dez, Jerry Jones was not happy about Dez returning punts, while Garrett and the coaches obviously want him out there. Doocy points out that because Dez is such a physical player, it might be better not to have him back there. Dan, after ripping on Dez earlier in the show, starts to praise Dez and his Beast Mode ability.

2:35 – Phone Calls: Some guy named Bruce Bruce says that if the Cowboys want to win, they should sit Romo down for the year. Case brings up play clock management and how the Cowboys let the clock go down to the last second before the ball is snapped, thus giving the defense an advantage of knowing when the ball is going to be snapped. Dan heard something last night about Buddy Ryan that he never knew; Buddy was the Jets defensive coordinator in Super Bowl III (the Namath prediction Super Bowl). Sam says that Witten should have been more aggressive in trying to get into the endzone on the long pass where he seemingly was content going out of bounds at the one. Dan starts to talk about his “great” week 1 fantasy victory.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: On this day in 1999, the Cleveland Browns returned to the NFL. Happy Birthday to KiJana Carter, John Fuqua, Vernon Maxwell, Yao Ming, Ralph Neely, Nina Blackwood, Ben Folds, Black on White Camel Toe, Linda Gray and Neil Peart. Spares include Pat Listach, Terry Dehere, Will Fredo Benitez, Ricky Rudd and Deron Cherry.

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