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BaD Radio - Recap - 9/8/11

Thursday 9/8/11

Episode: 3013

Location: Studio

The Open: Grubes starts ragging on Bob and his Honduras trip; Dan, Donovan and Mark jump in and compare Bob’s iPhone to Tom Hanks’ volleyball, Wilson. Donovan is hoping for an ACL tear for Aaron Rodgers in tonight’s NFL opener. Stay strong, Bob. Mark Followill demands that interns call him Mr. Followill. Mark is coming off a strong performance yesterday as he took to the streets and did live play by play of life. It was awesome.

12:35 – NFL Talk: Tonight is the first game of the season, featuring the Packers and the Saints. News is coming down the pipeline that Peyton Manning is going to be out for a long time. Arian Foster is more than likely going to miss the season opener on Sunday. Dan questions whether the news of Peyton’s extended absence is reason enough to make the Texans the favorite in that division. The Lions are the en vogue pick to make the playoffs this year; Houston has been that pick for the past 5 years. The Colts are going to be horrible this year. The Chargers are a sexy pick in the AFC, they have a weak division and an elite QB. Dan and Mark throw some confidence on the side of the St. Louis Rams.

1:00 – Homer Call: IT. IS. BACK. Homer Call, Week 1, is upon us:


France vs. Italy basketball. They sound impossibly French.

Mark Followill is an entry this year as he yelled “DAGGER!!!” when the Mavs hit a 3 in the playoffs against the Trail Blazers in Game 1 of the series.

Nationals vs. Phillies, bases loaded, Nats down 3, full count, 2 outs. Walk off grand slam. “The Z-Man HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!”

College World Series. Cal vs. Baylor. Cal won and the announcer has an extremely high voice while screaming and then apologizes because he called 2 games the day before.

College World Series. Tampa. This guy is inaudible.

LLWS. Louisiana-Lafayette wins with a walk-off. “Don’t ever count a Cajun out!!” “WE GUNNA WIN IT WE GUNNA WIN IT WE GUNNA WIN IT WE GUNNA WIN IT!!!!”

Louisiana-Lafayette wins. Cal vs. Baylor is the wild card.

1:25 – A Cowboys Press Conference is scheduled for this time.

2:00 – Continued Cowboys Talk: Jason Garrett said that everyone is day to day. It’s not a surprise that he would say that; Jason Garrett is definitely a coach that plays everything close to the vest. Donovan worries about who will stop the run on this defense. Mark brings up the apparent lack of depth on the defense. Ranking the top defenders on the team: Ware, James, Ratliff, Then who? Mark brings up the point that in theory, after a score, with Buehler kicking, opposing offenses will have to go 80 yards every time.

2:20 – Ed Bark: The former DMN writer/critic joins the show to talk TV. He now runs Dan was watching Channel 5, Saturday night. He enjoys what he’s looking at, physically. Mark points out that, to him, Channel 5 feels like a Tarrant County news station. Ed says that news ratings have dropped significantly over the past 5 years, saying it’s not a lost cause yet.

2:35 – Ed Bark: Mark asks Ed about one of the Mavs game that was simulcast locally and on TNT. The local broadcast got killed locally by TNT. Dan wants to find out if Ed has any insight to the next great tv show. He says that Pan Am looks nice but he doesn’t see it lasting. On Showtime, alongside Dexter, is a show called Homeland that is premiering. He also mentions American Horror Story on FX. The premise sounds standard but it is really well acted and well done. Ed is also looking forward to the return of Dexter and Boardwalk Empire. Dan wonders about what the Walking Dead can do? Is there room for growth? He finishes by saying that he doesn’t think we’ll ever see a non-scripted primetime show top the rankings on the major networks.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: On this day in 1900, Galveston, Texas was hit by a hurricane that killed 8,000 people. Happy Birthday to Crème de la Face, Maurice Cheeks, L.C. Greenwood, Latrell Sprewell, David Arquette, Sid Cesar, Pink, Heather Thomas and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Spares include Clarence Witherspoon, David Merrit and Henry Rawlings.

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