Thursday, September 01, 2011

Honduran Trip #1

September 1-

Day 4 in Tegucigalpa-

We are settling in to our routine now of time killing as we put in our time before we can return to the states. On Tuesday, we took custody of our new son and had a great time bringing him into our family.

Of course, showing my present kids that there is more to life than suburban DFW is plenty, but then to introduce them to the new permanent member of the family (who doesn't speak our language, nor us, his) is not met with complete excitement. Don't get me wrong - they are great kids and very excited to have him. But, there is some natural level of concern amongst the troops that their spot in the pecking order is now in doubt, but that will be smoothed out gradually.

Our boy, is in our custody, but not officially adopted until today or tomorrow. The court system down here is part hilarious and part sad in some respects and if you have a concern it is best to not have time expectations. We are down here until they are good and ready to get to us and not a second sooner. Not only that, but routine things like military shutdowns for strikes or riots and the routine fumigation of government buildings (no idea for what) makes a day take a week on a regular basis.

In the meantime, we have discovered that Teguc has a great children's museum. No lie. And dinosaurs scare both of my sons when the animatronics are so convincing.

Picture of Kiddos Here

We have discovered that fast food is fine dining and that there is no pattern to what ESPN Deportes will run out there. But, since my new son insists on all lights being off when he goes to bed in the entire apartment, I am not watching much tv anyway. He is about 30 pounds, but each pound is packed with resolve and opinion. Perhaps perfect for me.

On Tuesday we were kicked out of Burger King because the policia-swat team needed the building because of doom headed this way. I have no idea what that meant, but I was inclined to simply agree and move on.

My spanish is getting better and better, but I can't understand much from my boy. Between his speed and his child-like delivery, I am assured by our translator who is with us a few hours a day that even life-long spanish speakers cannot really understand him.

I miss sports. I won't lie. But, we are carrying on just fine. This is our adventure and I am happy to be making slow and steady progress with building our family through this.

I think today we are going to see the movie Smurfs in Spanish (Los Pitufos):

Try not to be too jealous.

Miss you much.


John said...

Thanks for the update Bob! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. I hope you'll dedicate an entire show for sharing the experience.

Sedentary Jedi said...

It's a wonderful thing you are doing, Bob, but I wish you had also considered the impact you are having on your sports family. We are now stuck with the creepy Uncle Dan, who always smells funny and insists we sit on his lap.

Lance Westcott said...

Just let your kiddos know that God gives us an unlimited well of love to pull from, and there is always plenty to go around. What you are doing is so awesome.

Sean said...

Great update Bob. That language thing might be a big headache down the road. Not so much the todo Espanol, but lack of even native speakers understanding.
Elementary schools have classrooms for pure Spanish speakers, so maybe the teachers will be use to it. Perhaps if has a hard time being understood it will make learning English that much easier if he can't depend on Spanish to communicate with. Don't know. Like I said that's down the road.

Hope you stay out of whatever direction "Doom" is heading...

P1 Sean

Just wondering if the head gear was inspired by Michael Jackson's children...

Jason said...

Very happy for you and your family...

Jason said...

You didn't label the picture of the kids, which one is the new one?

All kidding aside, it's awesome what you're doing. Can't wait to have you back on the airwaves, but you're doing more satisfying and important work right now.

mark1k said...

We loyal P1s are following your story closely. I liked the
photo of the kids, they look just like you, even your new son. In case you are wondering, Dan and Donoan haven't
run the show into the ditch, yet.
May God bless an protect your new family.

eric said...

Have u explained the difference in Wade's 3-4 and Rex ryan's 3-4?

Scott said...

There is a great arcade across from the Chili's there. Kids will love it. Check it out. You're doing great things. I was at an orphanage in Comayagua in July. Know exactly what you saw in those kids.

Chris said...

Bob, glad to see your blogging! I'm not sure if you allowed to leave town or not, but the Valley of the Angels is about 15-30 minutes away by car from Tegu. It has some nice restaurants and tourist shops.

Chris in Abilene

Fincher said...

Good to hear that all is well. Stay safe, and keep the updates coming.