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BaD Radio - Recap - 8/24/11

Wednesday 8/24/11

Episode: 3002

Location: Studio

Cowboys Press Conference

The Open: “Bob, does it hurt?” “If you’ve had sex with anyone other than yourself in the last 10 years, you need to get tested.” The Little League World Series is throwing off Dan’s DVR. Such a first world problem. The guys wonder who actually watches the LLWS and how much money does it make. It can’t be much. Dan has a news story of a teacher in Murphy, Texas, for being a creep and playing the Mommy/Baby game with kids in school. He put diapers on them. He also had a cage in his home in which he’d dress as a baby and crawl inside. The lock on the cage was activated by someone on the internet. This is why you don’t hire male kindergarten teachers.

1:00 – Aaron Schatz: The Editor-in-Chief of the heralded joins the show. Last year they predicted that health, offensive line and age would be the Cowboys downfall. It happened.

1:15 – Ok, Now He’s On: Aaron says that this year’s book was extremely hard to put together due to the lockout and condensed free agency period. The Football Outsiders prediction for the Cowboys is 8 wins, but personally, Aaron thinks that is a little low. Two key changes he sees for the positive are the addition of Rob Ryan and the youth movement along the offensive line. That being said, he also believes you need a blend of experience and youth on an offensive line. He refers to the 49ers last year who drafted 2 linemen early in the draft, when he says that it’s a long term move with little short term positive impact. Talk then moves to the strange drop off in production from Mike Jenkins and the Cowboys defense as a whole. Because this drop off played a huge role in the Cowboys win total prediction, he says it’s hard to predict if that was a fluke or a trend. Turnover ratio is a big deal for the Cowboys and Aaron points out that that is a hard stat to predict. Basically, the more sacks you get, the more fumbles you’ll cause. FO is really high on the Eagles this year, as to be expected. The Vick factor creates so many opportunities for the skill position players for the Eagles. Aaron believes that the Eagles’ offensive line and line backers prevent them from being a true “Dream Team”. FO predicts that, unlike recent history, there will be a large amount of repeat teams in the playoffs this year. This is also due to the lockout and the lack of offseason contact some of the fringe teams are used to having between coaches and players. In the AFC, they have the Colts declining, and that was before the recent news of the Manning neck concern. Aaron likes what the Patriots have done; they went 14-2 last year with a defense made up of 24 and 25 year olds. That defense can only get better. What they have done right centers around the draft and using older players to fill holes, not be the foundation.

1:40 – Fight Night: Corona Fight Night is tomorrow at the Village Country Club. Pacifist v Fighter. Vegetarian v Meat-Eater. MMA v Hockey. Chick v Chick. Heavyweight v Heavyweight. More. Fights start at 5:50.

2:00 – Audio: Philippe Sederos “Come in your face”. Once again, Jim Knox strikes again. He found Rick Carlisle, after he threw out the first pitch, at the Rangers game last night. He called him Rich Carlisle, then corrects himself and sounds like he says “Carlisle” with a tranquilizer dart in his neck. He proceeds to ask him if it’s been non-partying for Carlisle since the Finals.

2:20 – The Tom Grieve Show: The Red Sox won game 2 of the series last night, getting to Colby Lewis early and never looking back. This is an important stretch for the Rangers and they can’t afford to have outings from Colby Lewis like that. By the end of the Chicago series, the travelling and intensity of the previous Angels serious really took its toll on the team. Tom’s take on Jared Weaver’s new contract extension for 5 years and $85 million: He says that Weaver is the kind of guy who you hate when he’s not on your team, but after Weaver took less money to stay in Anaheim, Tom thinks of him in a better light. Tom thinks that the impact that contract has on C.J. Wilson is negligible at best. Tom is obsessed with Fantasy Football.

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