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BaD Radio - Recap - 8/19/11

Friday 8/19/11

Episode: 2999

Location: Cowboy’s Stadium

The Mix: Norm uses mousse to part his back hair.

The Open: Bob throws out the hypothetical that if the Cowboys were playing the Eagles and the Cowboys got the kill screen against the Eagles and all the players left the field but were replaced by 500 Eagles fans. Would the Eagles fans score against the Cowboys defense? Bob had a meet the teacher night for his two kids, both teachers are pregnant. Right up Grubes’ alley. The main directive from the teachers is don’t send birthday treats unless they’re individually wrapped because of allergies. The wussification of America! Conversation then goes to the ridiculousness of kids frolicking in the fountains of upscale shopping centers. Some kid went number 2 in the fountain in Uptown of Cedar Hill. Let’s get our fountains under control.

12:40 – Rangers Talk: The Rangers were 3 outs away from sweeping the Angels last night, but Mike Adams gave up a 2-run walk off home run to Mark Trumbo in the bottom of the 9th. Twitter was in a frenzy over that. Mike Napoli put the Rangers up 1-0 with a home run off of Jared Weaver, Weaver stared him down as he rounded the bases and Napoli yelled some niceties toward Weaver from the dugout. This isn’t the first time Weaver has done it. Colby Lewis was dominate. Mark Lowe had one of the more dominate innings we’ve seen this year in the 8th. He had nasty stuff. Mike Adams was the closer tonight because Neftali needed a night off. Despite the loss, the Rangers are 6 games up on the Angels. The Rangers are now off to face the White Sox in Chicago for 3 games.

1:00 – Football Talk: Bob is taking his young son to his first professional football game on Sunday, there were tickets on sale at StubHub for $2. Bob got his for $20 with a face value of $125. For a first game for a 6 year old, preseason is the way to go. If the kid loses interest after the first half, you don’t want to waste $200 on a real game.

1:15 – Hazing Talk: In lieu of Jason Garrett’s “no hazing” policy, Donovan tells some tales of his hazing and initiations into his college frat. First off, Donovan has a brand on his arm, though it’s hard to see. He pledged for 6 weeks, 5 days, 3 hours and 29 minutes. He wouldn’t do it again if he knew then what he knows now. They had a cop that was a brother and he pulled a gun on them the first day. They would get smacked with paddles. They had to wear black jeans and black shirts. Bob isn’t sold that this was that horrible. If they failed any of their physical activities, like 6 inches or something like that, they got a ruler, a paddle or hands to the chest by about 5 guys. Bob is not a frat guy and doesn’t see the plus side. The ready social scene, the women and the camaraderie were the big selling points for Donovan. One time they were blindfolded and told they were about to jump into a pool (Donovan was terrified), they were really at a graveyard and they made them jump into an open grave. There is something about the shared suffering.

1:50 – Pre Press Conference Segment: Drew Pearson is going to added to the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor. Larry Allen might be going in as well, that is unconfirmed. Last night the Eagles and Steelers played and Michael Vick looked absolutely horrible, 3 INTs. The Eagles defense looked horrible as well with Big Ben picking them apart for 3 TDs in the first half. Bob has wondered for a long while (not just a kneejerk reaction to last night) that Michael Vick is not an elite QB. To be the favorites to make it to the Super Bowl, you must start with a franchise QB. There are many reasons not to trust Michael Vick to be healthy all year much less be great for 16 games.

2:00 – Ring of Honor: Drew Pearson, Larry Allen and Charles Haley have been added to the Cowboys Ring of Honor. Three solid and appropriate additions.

2:30 – Ring of Honor Follow Up: Who should be the next additions? Harvey Martin? Darren Woodson? Ed “Too Tall” Jones? Cornell Green? Deion Sanders? “Moose” Johnston? Jay Novacek? Leon Lett? Nate Newton? Bill Bates? Jimmy Johnson’s Hair?

3:00 - Why Today Doesn’t Suck: On this day in 1951 a midget, Eddie Goddell, went to bat for the St. Louis Browns. He wore the number 1/8. Happy Birthday to Morten Andersen, Mary Jo Fernandez, Vulvapalooza, Anthony Munoz, John Stamos, Lil Romeo, Fat Joe, Bill Clinton, Tipper Gore, Matthew Perry and Ricky Pierce. Spares include Woody Williams, Bobby Richardson and David Boston.

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