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BaD Radio - Recap - 8/16/11

Tuesday 8/16/11

Episode: 2996

Location: The Jerry Mahal

Cowboys Press Conference

The Open: “What says Merry Christmas more to my wife than an Upper Decker?” Another day without Dan and Bob immediately starts railing on the Cowboys Stadium. Again. Dan is on a stadium tour following Jim Thome on his quest to 600 home runs, which he got last night. At least we think that’s what Dan is doing. Dan’s also getting some collagen in his lips, to help his mouth sore problems. Bob survived his lockjaw scare by getting a tetanus shot into his arm, not the one with the Packers tattoo on it.

12:55 – Babe Laufenberg: The former Cowboys QB joins Bob and Donovan. Bob brings up Babe’s recent interview with Tony Romo and asks him about what leadership for a QB really means. Does it just mean win or is it something else? Babe says there are people who are just born into leadership, Roger Staubach being one of those. Jason Garrett said you have to have credibility before you can be a great leader. If your best player is your leader, those are the teams that win. Babe thinks too much is being made about the workouts that Romo organized this summer, “who else was going to do it?” Babe brings up Troy Aikman and his stoic demeanor and how media types said he would never be a good leader. When Troy Aikman won, they called it his steely nerves. Things change when you win. Bob then brings up his self-started QB2 controversy, he doesn’t see what you gain by keeping McGee as your number 3 and would like to see him moved to the 2. Babe says that he is simply not ready for that role. Babe goes on to say that the Cowboys have not gone with the theory of drafting QBs in numbers in order to find that one guy that will eventually replace Tony Romo. They move on to Jason Garrett’s belief in positional competition, saying that certain positions are not guaranteed to a starter just because he was a starter last year.

1:35 – Rangers Talk: The Rangers started a pivotal 4-game series with the 2nd place Angels last night and they showed that they are clearly the better team. Though Michael Young had a rough night at 3rd base, he more than made up for it at the plate. Come back Beltre! Speaking of Beltre, he was very vocal in the dugout last night. An on field mic captured some of his cheering last night that included multiple “OH SH****T!!” screams from Beltre as Nelson Cruz and Mike Napoli went yard back to back. You could hear Beltre’s commentary throughout the first 5 innings of the game, it was hilarious. Listen to the audio here, if you want. Cruz. Napoli.

2:00 - Wireless with Tom: Gribble is on the field trying to get some Jesse Holley to talk before the Cowboys take the field for practice. It didn’t happen.

2:15 – Cowboys Talk: Maybe Jesse Holley will join the show, maybe not. Donovan wants to pick Bob’s Cowboy brain. He wants to take a look back at last year and how the players seemingly quit on Wade Phillips. Donovan thinks that any change from Wade last year would have resulted in an improvement because the team needed a change, addition by subtraction. His point is that it wasn’t all Jason Garrett. Donovan questions his ability as a coach, he hasn’t proven anything and it seems to him that people think Garrett is a great coach just because he was the one who replaced Wade. Bob thinks that Garrett is the type of coach that the Cowboys need with Jerry as GM. He is strong enough and secure enough to stand up for what he believes. Whether that means he’s going to be a great coach or not, only time will tell. Bob argues that some signs show that he is going to be a good coach, the way he supports player competition, the personnel he brings in, not just the Xs and Os.

2:40 – Football Talk: They guys take a look at the new kickoff rule which moves the kickoff to the 35 from the 30. Many fans are disappointed in the new rule, thinking it takes a very dynamic play from the game. Touchbacks are up 20%. Tony Romo also played hide and go seek in the woods on his bachelor party. No lie.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: Happy Birthday to Ben Coats, James Donaldson, Frank Gifford, Ryan Longwell, Quinton McCracken, Rectal Rooters 6, Angela Bassett, James Cameron, Steve Carell, Madonna and Mike Rhyner! Spares on this day include Al Holland, Todd McNair and Buck Rogers. RIP to Elvis Presley and Babe Ruth.

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