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BaD Radio - Recap - 8/8/11

Monday 8/8/11

Episode: 2990

Location: Training Camp in San Antonio

Cowboys Press Conference

The Open: “Dude, you gave me a sh*tload of shares for half a sandwich!” Dan’s family joined him in San Antonio for the weekend and Bob loves the fact that Dan went to a WNBA game. Dan’s daughter asked him how many points Dirk could score against the ladies. Bob inadvertently talked Dan out of going to SeaWorld by telling him it was the hottest place he’s ever been. He went to the Alamo instead and has a quick review, “WTF!?” He also went to the Guinness Book of World Records Musuem, tallest man, longest fingernails, blah blah blah.

1:00 – Sports: The Rangers had an exciting weekend, they had a walk-off win on Friday, Neftali Feliz blew a save on Saturday, and they had a 5 run 8th inning yesterday to come back and win. Dan points out that it’s great that the Rangers are relevant right now because we’ll get tired ofpreseason football soon. Neftali Feliz has blown 6 saves this year, Bob throws out the question “How long is the leash until you drop him to the 7th or 8th inning?” Dan counters, if you’re worried about his confidence, what will happen to that if you “demote” him? Loyalty doesn’t win you pennants. If you plan on making Feliz a starter next year, why wait?

1:15 – Hall of Fame Inductions: Bob points out that this was a great year for the spoken word, with both Deion Sanders and Shannon Sharpe being inducted. Here’s Shannon Sharpe’s speech. Donovan points out that a lot of the guys seem like they’re trying to one up each other on who was the poorest growing up. Here’s Deion Sanders’ speech. Some Deion highlights: Deion says that he was kicked off his junior high team, he gives a lot of credit to his DB coach at Florida State saying that there was drill that turned him into a punt returner instead of a punt coverer. You’ll notice that he talks a lot about “this game”. He also says that he would play the game for free, if you were going to play the game for free as well. “I met a new friend…his…name…is…Chris Hanburger.”

1:35 – More Hall of Fame: Deion talked about his mother and there was some controversy. If you listen to watch the video, he says he was ashamed of his mama because she pushed a cart in a hospital while all his teammates were sons of doctors, lawyers, etc. He made a pledge to himself to get to a point where his mama would never have to work again. He created the Prime Time persona because even the top corners in the league didn’t make a huge amount of money, he says he did it to provide for his mama. Deion put a doo rag on his HOF bust. Classic Deion.

2:00 – Rise of the Planet of the Apes Review: Bob lost a bet and had to go see this movie with Dan who was extremely excited about it. Bob thinks he went in with an open mind but couldn’t get the thought of the Marky Mark 2001 remake out of his head. It’s getting good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes yet Bob thought it was a piece of garbage. There was a lot of unintentional comedy for Bob. Dan says there was some references to the old Planet of the Apes. Bob says there were a lot of old clichés and basic movie idioms. Another problem Bob saw was the PG-13 rating on an action movie. It’s not believable that apes would run through a city and no one was brutally injured or killed.

2:20 – Some Audio: Knoxy found someone from Korea who was at their first game and saw Michael Young get his 2000th hit. He yelled something in Korean. “They told him Michael Young was spelled ‘Jung’””. – Grubes.

2:35 – Random Segment: Kenyon Coleman was supposed to join the show but didn’t. The former Cowboy is now back on the team for another stint. Dan wonders if too much is being made of bringing in Coleman and Elam because they are “Rob Ryan guys”. Bob thinks that Rob Ryan can be the difference in the Cowboys defense seeing what he did with below average players in Cleveland. He believes that he can get more out of the guys than Wade Phillips was able to.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: On this day in 1990 Pete Rose began serving his 5 month prison sentence. Happy Birthday to Frank Howard, Nigel Hansel, Bruce Matthews, My Mom’s a Whore, Jerry Tarkanian, Brian Sipe, Willie Hall, Anton Fig, Dustin Hoffman and Donny Most. Spares include Trev Alberts, Howard Cross, John Houdek and Sable.

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