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BaD Radio - Recap - 8/1/11

Monday 8/1/11

Episode: 2985

Location: Training Camp in San Antonio

Cowboys Press Conference

The Open: “Do you know what the 5 year anniversary gift is? Wood.” The guys are down in San Antonio and they have noticed that fans don’t seem to be as present as they have been in previous years. Could this be backlash from the lockout? Dan doesn’t like the way he looks on web cam, he doesn’t want people to be disappointed when they see how he really looks compared to how they have him pictured in their head.

1:00 – Cowboys Talk: On Friday, Bob thought that the Cowboys had a good chance to get Nnamdi Asomugha. They didn’t. That leads some to think that Jerry isn’t as flush as he once was.

1:05 – Jason Witten: The Cowboys TE joins Bob and Dan for a talk. Jason says that he did a lot of work this offseason, being a player rep for the Cowboys. Usually it’s not that hard of a job but with the lockout, he had a hectic schedule. He also says there are a large number of younger players that really had no idea the ins and outs of the lockout and what was being done. As a player rep, Jason did his best to inform and he gives a ton of appreciation to Drew Brees and Jeff Saturday and their major influence and dedication to getting the deal done. He doesn’t think there will be any drop off as far as the football product goes, he even believes that guys will be more anxious to get the season going. They averaged 40 or 45 guys during their player run workouts during the lockout. Jason has been featured in an Archie Comic Strip, it was basically a PSA against drunk driving.

1:25 – Cowboys Talk: Back to what we were talking about earlier. Because Nnamdi didn’t become a Cowboy, Bob must go to a movie with Dan. Dan wants to see The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Bob thinks it’s an idiotic movie and wants to make sure they go to a late movie so he can fall asleep. The debate centered around two options: Filling two or three holes on defense or signing a shut down corner? Turns out the Cowboys did neither. For the first time in a long time you don’t know whether or not the Cowboys have the funds to go out a fill in the holes in their defense and 3rd WR spot. Common perception dictates that Jerry Jones couldn’t wait for “no-cap season”, but Bob hypothesizes that Jerry couldn’t wait for a salary cap. There are holes on this team, and it looks like the team is relying on the coaching staff to bridge those gaps.

2:00 – Bit Segment: Dan saw in the Sunday paper that Kenneth Robinson moved into a $300,000 home in Flower Mound. Doesn’t sound newsworthy until you hear that he acquired it for $15. He utilized “Squatters Rights”. Neighbors noticed that he would slowly move his stuff in over the course of a month. He noticed that it was vacant and run down and tracked down the ownership of the house. He couldn’t find it and he used “adverse possession”. The neighbors didn’t like this, they formed a posse and said that he’d “never be their neighbor”. He’s a brother.

2:15 – Rangers Talk: Over the weekend, the Rangers made some significant moves to improve the bullpen. Most people thought that would be with the Padres’ Heath Bell. With Bell, though, it would be a two month rental. The Rangers management signed Koji Uehera, an unhittable setup man from Baltimore for Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter. Yesterday, the Rangers shocked the baseball world and signed Mike Adams from the Padres; he’s an unhittable setup man as well. Both of these players are under Rangers control in 2012, unlike what Heath Bell would have been. Now the Rangers have a 7th, 8th and 9th inning pitching rotation that has the potential to be unstoppable. Some combined stats for the two additions: 91 innings, 51 hits, 111 strikeouts, 17 walks, and a combined ERA in the 1.40s. This makes the Rangers bullpen one of the best in baseball. Jon Daniels was able to acquire all this while only giving up some 2nd tier pitching prospects. Bob points out that after a rocky start, Daniels has solidified himself as one of the best GMs in baseball.

2:40 – The Drive to San Antonio: Dan was pulled over and given a ticket for speeding, he was going 89 in a 70. Bob drove down with Norm and Dan thinks that even though the mileage might have been shorter, the trip was definitely longer. They weigh the option of taking 281 or 35. Dan says that 281 is like the Filet O’ Fish, you have it once every 2 years but when you do, you’re reminded why you don’t do it. Bob was flattered that Norm would ask him to ride down, Bob initially thought it was a prank. Bob had to deal with 4 hours of Fantasy Baseball discussion.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: On this day in 1936, the 11th Modern Olympic games started. Hitler presided over the games. Happy Birthday to Cliff Branch, Brad Faxon, Greg Jeffries, Kiki Vandeweghe, Emily Jones, Anacondas and Lil Mamas, Tempest Bledsoe, Chuck Dee and Coolio. Spares include Greg Adams, Dave Anderson, Stacey Augmon, Greg Bell, Marion Butts, Trevor Berbick and Jack Patera. RIP Jerry Garcia.

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