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BaD Radio - Recap - 8/2/11

Tuesday 8/2/11

Episode: 2986

Location: Training Camp in San Antonio

The Mix: “Do you think the Open Mic crowd has an appreciation for the ’92 Cowboys?” - Bob

The Open: “What does the Alamo mean to you?” No press conference today, the team is having a mandatory day off. Due to this weird offseason, the season doesn’t technically start until August 4th. This means that any free agent signed is not allowed to practice until that date. Dan wonders if it’s possible to have a giant ice cube delivered to his house to cool his pool. He wants to feel like he’s in a drink, he needs a giant straw as well. Donovan wants the real Ice Cube in his pool.

12:35 – Deion Sanders: Less than a week before his inevitable Hall of Fame induction, Deion Sanders joins Bob and Dan for some audio gold. He’s on his way to Kentucky as his football team is going to play a game on their way to Canton, Ohio (where the Hall of Fame is located). His long time attorney and friend, Eugene Barker, will be the one introducing Deion at the HOF ceremonies. Deion says that he has been thinking about his speech but he hasn’t and won’t write one. Deion doesn’t believe that Jerry Jones was all in with Nnamdi, if he was, he would’ve gotten him. In after ceremony festivities, Deion is going to take the stage with Snoop Dogg under the stage name of Prime Tizzle. He also implores Bob and Dan to help him pick out his suit for the ceremony: a cream one, a blue one and a black one. He says that the cream suit is a “Cusser”, a suit that causes people to cuss when they see him in it. The guys defer to Donovan to make the decision.

1:00 – Gay Not Gay: Is it gay for a guy to wear a shirt with pink lettering saying “I love my girlfriend”? Yes. Is it gay for a guy to point out to coworkers what he wants for his birthday as they walk through the store, it was cologne? Yes. Is it gay for a guy to take a girl on a first date to a hockey game? No. But the Stars were out of town so he got tickets to Disney on Ice. That’s gay. Is it gay for a guy ask the car wash attendant for cucumber melon scent? Yes.

1:20 – Some Audio: Yesterday, Jason Garrett explained that rookies will have to earn the right to have the star on their helmet. He also referred to them as the Dallas “Football” Cowboys. It sounds a lot like the New York “Football” Giants, which you might have heard Chris Berman say on multiple occasions. In hearing Jason Garrett speak, Dan postures that Wade Phillips always sounded like he was just trying not to get fired, while Garrett on the other hand, gives you his beliefs and his opinions.

1:35 – NFL Talk: Bob doesn’t believe the hype that the Eagles are the “Miami Heat” of the NFL. Rob Ryan pretty much said the exact same thing yesterday to the media. Bob is quick to be a fan of Rob Ryan’s “psycho” defense where every defender is standing up and moving around pre-snap. There were also Cover 0 blitzes, every receiver is manned up with every other person blitzing. This is something we didn’t see in Wade Phillips’ 3-4 defense. It’s starting to look like Abram Elam will be the Cowboys starting safety, coming over from Cleveland (where Rob Ryan was defensive coordinator last year). Check out Bob’s Blog for more details about Rob Ryan and his defense.

2:00 – Donovan’s Bit: This edition is Cowboy’s Rookie Family Feud. Donovan talked to one offensive rookie and one defensive rookie. Bob goes with offense and is paired with Pepa Letuli. Dan gets Mario Butler on his team. Bob and Pepa dominate Dan and Mario.

2:15 – Derek Holland: The Dutch Oven joins the show via telephone from Detroit. Addressing his recent string of complete game shutouts, he says that he looks at both the positives and negatives of every outing in order to correct or replicate what he did. Due to video work, he found that his landing direction was off when he would throw a pitch, it’s something that he’s corrected. Today he’s throwing a bullpen session in preparation for his start on Friday. Because his name is a constant one within trade talks, he is thrilled that he got past the trade deadline with a Rangers jersey still in his locker. Being one of the only hockey fans on the team, Bob asks Derek’s opinion on the Stars off season. Derek heard a rumor that Chuck Greenberg was trying to be part of the Stars ownership.

2:40 – Buffer Segment: Dan asks Bob who has the most receiving yards without a playoff victory in NFL history. Tony Gonzalez tops the list. Dan tries to lasso Mike into joining him and Donovan at an open mic night at a local comedy club. He’s in. But he’s not going on stage. Dan is going with an anti-Spurs set. Donovan is going with natural disaster humor.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: On this day in 1876 Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back. Happy Birthday to Tray Chaney, Cedric Ceballos, Tim Wakefield, Apollonia, Wes Craven, Lance Ito, Mary Louise Parker, White Kong Dong 5, Kevin Smith and Butch Patrick. Now for spares, Tony Amante, Tom Burgmeier and Ed West. RIP to Lamar Hunt, Carol O’Connor, Andrew Gold, Alexander Graham Bell, William Burroughs and Sherry Lewis.

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