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BaD Radio - Recap - 8/3/11

Wednesday 8/3/11

Episode: 2987

Location: Training Camp in San Antonio

Cowboys Press Conference

The Open: “It’s a lot of fun to have the goldfish take a nice swim in the bleu cheese.” “Bird Law in this country is not governed by reason.” Dan woke up this morning to the news that former NFL QB Bernie Kosar’s daughter is a porn actress. Dan is upset with Bob because he didn’t go to the Open Mic night. Mommy and daddy are fighting. Bob’s reasons for not going: He knew that if he went, he’d give into peer pressure and would end up on stage. Reason two, he was so excited to see the final product of Dan’s stand up that he doesn’t want to see how the sausage is made (he really just wanted to eat salmon and go see Horrible Bosses). Dan’s whole goal last night was to make the Spurs fan mad. Tune in tomorrow for the audio.

1:00 – Cowboys Talk: Gerald Sensabaugh has been reacquired by the Cowboys. He was the best safety on the team last year, which is not saying much. He signed his 3rd consecutive one year deal, a little suspicious. Bob calls it a marriage of convenience. Last year, the Cowboys gave up more points than any other team in franchise history. Result, they’re bringing back 10 of 11 starters from last year. They’re obviously hoping that defensive coordinator Rob Ryan can be the difference maker. Dan argues that 2 years ago, with basically the same personnel, they were an above average defense so this Rob Ryan hire might actually work out. Bob isn’t sold, he sees Sensabaugh as someone who is afraid to lay a hit on someone. For this reason, opponents find it easy to pass against the Cowboys because of that lack of presence in the middle of the field.

1:20 – NFL Talk: Roy Williams was asked by Chicago Bears writers if his time in Dallas was a hindrance to him. He responded that the timing was bad. For 2 and a half years. Getting into the business side of things, because of the new CBA and salary cap, the Cowboys will have $20 million of dead money against next year’s cap. If last year Jerry would have cut the players he cut last week, this wouldn’t be the case. But to do that he would’ve had to take the $20 million hit last year in the uncapped year, many believe he didn’t have the money to take that hit last year.

1:40 – Baseball Talk: The Tigers and Angels game from the weekend has created a bit of buzz, not only for the fact that Jared Weaver got suspended 6 games for throwing at someone’s head. Tiger’s pitcher Jason Verlander said that Erick Aybar would “get his next year” because he bunted, down 3-0, while Verlander was pitching a no-hitter. There are unwritten rules in baseball, most think that it’s bush league to break up a no-hitter with a bunt. In this case it was a close game and the batter is one that bunts often. Get over it.

2:00 – Stephen McGee: The Cowboys 3rd string QB joins Bob and Dan in the booth at the Alamodome. Tom’s Aggie pants are going so crazy. Stephen woke up 15 minutes early from his nap to join the show. Yesterday was an off day and he spent his time watching Shark Week and playing Wa Hoo. He got his first start of his career in the season finale last year against Philly, he got the win and it was a big boost for his confidence going into camp this year. Bob asks Stephen how it felt to have the most publicized wedding of the offseason. Very tongue in cheek. His wife played a prank on him that involved fake pregnancy tests. It took him awhile to get over that. He has a pet cat that is basically a liger.

2:20 – The Tom Grieve Show: Tom agrees with Bob that the Rangers filled a huge gap in their team by adding two of the best setup men out there. He thinks that by getting Uehara first, it allowed Texas to get what they really wanted with Mike Adams without having to seem desperate and therefore giving up too much to get him. Initially, San Diego said that they didn’t want to trade Mike Adams, seeing that Heath Bell was a prime target for trade. The quality of players that the Rangers were offering didn’t warrant acquiring Bell, but San Diego changed their tune and dealt Mike Adams. Tom comments on how much the trade negotiation process has changed over the years and states that the Rangers management is young and brilliant which lends to them getting things done on a high level. Dan brings up the recently controversy over the Wave and gets Tom perspective on it. Tom says he never really gave it a second thought but thinks that it has run its course. Tom doesn’t think that Erick Aybar’s bunt to break up Verlander’s no-hitter was a problem because the situation called for it.

2:40 – Buffer Segment: Dan and Donovan lambast Bob and Corby for bailing on open mic night in order to see Horrible Bosses. More fighting.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: On this day in 1960, the African country of Niger became independent. Happy Birthday to Lance Allworth, Marcel Dionne, Kevin Elster, James Hetfield, Victoria Jackson, Spinderella, Bingo Bango Bunghole 3 and Martha Stewart. Spares include Mike Gminski, Troy Glaus, Mackey Sasser, Todd Christensen and Sid Bream.

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