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BaD Radio - Recap - 8/18/11

Thursday 8/18/11

Episode: 2998

Location: Studio

The Mix: “It looks like the guy who got stabbed on Airplane trying to dance” – Grubes referring to Norm’s disco dancing. Video proof that this actually happened. Compare that to the Airplane scene. (2:14 mark).

The Open: “Don’t push me, Vince! Don’t push me! Send the check!” “I generally make the joke, I’m not the target of the joke. That’s not my role.” – Bob. Brek shea of FC Dallas will be joining the show later on after FC beat Pumas UNAM last night in Mexico. Bob wants to put out a PSA about V-neck t-shirts. He says that you shouldn’t take serious any of his wardrobe opinions. He wears the same cargo shirts and Dallas Mavs shirts every day. Don’t listen to him, he’s just sheltered fashion wise because of the sports bubble in which he abides.

12:35 – Rangers Talk: Everyone is a little sleepy today after staying up to watch the Rangers comeback and win against the LA Angels. Now 7 games up over the hated Halos, the Rangers have seemingly delivered the killshot in the West. Kinsler had a bloop single in the 8th inning with the bases loaded that put the Rangers up for good, 4-2. They ended up winning 4-3, with C.J. Wilson solidifying his role as the ace on this team with a stellar performance. Michael Young is on a tear, he’s closing in on league lead in Batting Average now trailing Adrian Gonzalez by only 4 points.

1:00 – Knox City Football Preview: This epitomizes everything that is wrong/awesome about small town Texas High School Football. Here’s the video and this guys YouTube channel.

1:15 – Brek Shea: As promised, Brek Shea of FC Dallas is phoning in from Mexico, where FC became the first MLS team to ever win on Mexican soil. Quite an accomplishment. Brek is coming off an International friendly against Mexico with the US National Team. He had an assist in tie. He’s a Texas native and hails from the College Station area. He’s definitely having a breakout season and believes he’s definitely taking his game to the next level. He has recently made a switch from a defender to a center back and is welcoming the change saying that it will help him develop as an overall player. Brek has recently signed a long-term extension with FC Dallas but as a young American, the possibility of playing overseas is in the mix in the future. It’s the cream of the crop but he wants it to be the right move when and if he does chose to play over there. Right now he’s happy to play in Dallas. Now to hair talk, it’s ever-changing. He’s a young kid with a lot of hair, so why not. He’s lost count of the number of hairstyles he’s had. Bob asks if he knows that he looks like the Dragon King from Game of Thrones. Brek hasn’t seen it. He also says that Messi is the best player in the world right now. Go out and support FC Dallas.

1:35 – Missed this segment, my apologies.

2:00 – BaD Radio Reports: Donovan wants to visit a documentary titled Heroes of World Class: The Story of the Von Erichs & WCCW. Here’s a taste of it. World Class Championship Wrestling was based in DFW. Fritz Von Erich was the patriarch of the Von Erichs and started out as a pseudo-nazi persona. WCCW and the Von Erichs revolutionized the use of multiple cameras and multiple microphones. No one ever rooted against the Von Erichs, no matter what they did. It was broadcasted on Saturday nights each week. Check out the documentary (you can buy it on Amazon) for a look into a phenomenon that started in Dallas and caught on across America.

2:30 – Cowboy Talk: Bob wants to focus on Martellus Bennett. The question is, will Marty B ever live up to his talent potential? Bob was down on the field during camp in San Antonio and for the 3rd year in a row he’s looking good in camp, is everyone’s pick to breakout and is looking more and more focused. Let’s hope that this is the year where it actually happens. Donovan also played a game of “Is it True” with Martin Rucker of the Dallas Cowboys. Bob won 5-1.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: Happy Birthday to Dallas Comegys, Christian Laettner, F My Mom and Me 14, Ed McCaffrey, Jorge Posada, Robert De Niro and Donny Wahlberg. It was pointed out on Twitter that Donovan read the birthdays from yesterday. I didn't fact check.

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