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BaD Radio - Recap - 8/10/11

Tuesday 8/10/11

Episode: 2992

Location: Studio

The Mix: “He had a cane with a wheel on it.” – Mike Sirois

The Open: “Yung people like de musings.” “No more yankee my wankey.” The gang is back in Dallas. The Rangers got a walk-off win last night and Ron Washington did a great happy running in place dance. It needs to be GIFed. After Dan’s car got fixed yesterday, his wife got a flat on the way to pick up their daughter from the Alamodome. She hit a curb and got a second flat. Dan makes a joke at the shop that the Alamo should be air conditioned. They loved it, then handed him an $1800 bill for 3 tires and some power steering stuff. Dan is clueless. When he got home, late, he had to sanitize his sheets because TC was housesitting.

12:35 – Bob’s Summer Vacation: Here’s a look into what Bob accomplished during his summer break. Bob wrote a book on vacation. Yes, a book. This is a book about the 2011 Dallas Mavericks. It started as a giant blog post that he’d do after every playoff game, and after going back over them, he realized he had enough material for a book. He feels like the Mavs season story is one of the greatest in sports. He’s got an editor and publisher in place and he feels like it’s something that’s going to be done. With some help, he tracked down all the players and people that were the focus of his book, getting fresh stories and quotes.

12:50 – Bob’s Book: First off, this is both surprising and not surprising all in one. Bob says that his doubting element in this team early on (he picked Portland in Round 1 in 6 games) played a big part in this. He feels like he is more of a fan of the Mavs than any other Dallas team. The title of the book is going to be “This Year is Different”, a phrase we heard throughout they’re magnificent playoff run. He loves this story because of the notion that no matter how much you think you know about sports and a team, they can always prove you wrong. The story starts after the Mavs lost against the Spurs in 2010 and the impending Dirk free agency as well as the Mavs pursuit of LeBron and Wade. It’s written in the third person (no “I” in the book) and should be done within the week. He’s got over 35 hours of interviews and perspectives from the Mavs organization. Ken Daley is his editor. He’s pretty sure this book will be footnote free. Bob hopes this ends up being a historical account of the season from the guys who experienced it. His writing process would include sitting at the kitchen table and writing all day. The release of the book might be altered a bit due to the lockout. Stay tuned.

1:20 – Rangers Talk: The Rangers won in walk-off fashion, despite Ogando getting ripped for 6 runs in 2 1/3 innings. The bullpen stepped up and pitched 6 plus innings of scoreless baseball and the offense did what this offense is capable of. Mike Adams and Neftali Feliz were shut down in the 8th and 9th innings, really good stuff. Rick Renner took the reins with Jim Knox getting the night off. There was a 12 year old girl that wanted everyone to know that she thinks Ian Kinsler is hot. She thought screaming was the best way to get that across. Her scream was really high pitch but she dropped an octave or two when she said “I LOOOOOOOOVE him SOOOOOOOO much”. Video here.

1:40 – The Tom Grieve Show: Tom starts out by talking about the bullpen and its effectiveness over the past week or so. Unfortunately, we’ve had to use them more over that period of time. The heat does take something out of the starters but that’s not really the issue, it’s just a baseball thing. The Rangers have all 5 starters with 10 wins, only 2 other teams in baseball history have accomplished this feat at this point in the season. Looking at the total body of work, you have to be pleased with the development of Harrison Ogando and Holland. Talking about Michael Young, he brings up the old adage “sometimes the best moves you make are the ones you don’t make”, this of course if referencing the story of Michael wanting to be traded in the offseason. Tom believes Michael has a chance to reach 3,000 hits, the key if for him to stay healthy for the next 5 to 6 years. Bob brings up a tweet from Jim Sundberg, Tom agrees with him and adds that the one thing that pushes you over the top in the regular season is depth but depth is not that key in the playoffs. When you look at the Rangers defense individually, it looks above average, yet they lead the majors in errors. It’s an odd stat that can be attributed to lapses in concentration. On the flipside, they’re second in the majors in getting to balls and converting them to outs. They get to more balls in play than most of the league. That’s why it doesn’t look like the Rangers are a bad defense. Errors don’t tell the whole story. Tom praises the impeccable fielding of Ian Kinsler and how he’s kept that mental toughness consistent on every play.

2:00 – Some Audio: Aaron Rodgers commented on a sloppy practice by mimicking the Allen Iverson bit. Practice? We’re talking about practice? It was kind of funny. Chad Ochocinco says he has gotten used to Boston by getting lost on purpose for hours at a time. He drives a Prius. He says he’s going to try to live with a fan for the first 2 or 3 weeks of the season until he gets his stuff in Boston. They have to have internet and an Xbox.

2:15 – Guest Booking League: Dan has booked a guest, Bill Mumy, Danger Will Robinson from Lost in Space. Dan finds it fascinating that he was a seasoned actor by the time he was cast as Will Robinson, he was on the Twilight Zone. Dan compares the character he played in the Twilight Zone to LeBron James. Back to Will Robinson, Mumy feels like he grounded the show. Dr. Smith, the robot and Will Robinson were like the Three Stooges. On Lost in Space they would recycle the alien masks from other tv shows that the executive producer was doing. He got into show business because it was a family business, his grandfather was an agent and his grandmother was a writers secretary. He loved Superman and Zorro and begged his parents to let him act. Because of his family’s relationship and experience with show business, and because he was doing it for the right reason, he was able to escape the perils of the child actor curse. Mumy is also a musician. Also this classic gem. He was also the first choice to play Eddie Muenster but was busy doing more serious and varying acting jobs.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: On this day in 1861 the Confederate Army won the Battle of Wilson Creek. Happy Birthday to Francisco Cordero, Hulk Hogan, Tawni Does a DP, Joe Rogan and Steve Wozniak. Spares include Jonathan Hayes, Mike Lodish, Otis Taylor and Ennis Whatley. RIP to David Box, Dick Brown and Jerry Falwell.

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Bob, love your show. We adopted our son from South Korea through Buckner/Dillon a few years ago. So glad you spent time talking about adoption and I will pray it all goes well for you. It's an amazing time. God bless. Brady Speers.