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BaD Radio - Recap - 8/9/11

Tuesday 8/9/11

Episode: 2991

Location: Training Camp in San Antonio

Cowboys Press Conference

12:30 – Sean Lee: The second year linebacker joins Bob and Dan. He stays at the Alamodome between the walk-through and the afternoon practice in order to not feel rushed. He talks about the difficulties of learning a new system in a shortened offseason. He’s made a stronger effort to prepare his body in order to remain healthy and to be available to make a difference on this defense. In talking about going to Penn State, Sean says that when he went to a game there he instantly knew he wanted to go there. Pitt wasn’t really an option for him because they were in the middle of a coaching change. Growing up in Pennsylvania he thought that it was a big possibility that he might get drafted by the Steelers but he slipped to the Cowboys. Dan shows him a clip of the game versus the Colts last year where he intercepted Peyton Manning and got a TD. It was his first TD in college and the NFL. He popped his AC joint in his shoulder on the dive into the endzone.

1:00 – The Open: Dan’s daughter is in the booth today, story coming soon. Soon is now. Dan got to his car this morning and it was dead like Stringer Bell at the end of Season 3 of The Wire. The overhead light was left on. It took an hour to jump start it. After the jump, Donovan points out that Dan’s tire is flat. Can’t blame the kids for that one. This all happened on Houston St., Dan’s wife called AAA and it turns out the truck driver went to Houston, TX. This is Dan’s Larry Davidesque life.

1:30 – Cowboys Talk: Tony Romo had interviews this weekend with all the local news media outlets, it seems like all the answers were cookie-cutter which is to be expected in that type of setting. Bob watched 3 of the 4 local interviews and Babe Laufenberg’s interview is the one he focuses on. The main point of these interviews was Romo’s leadership, which isn’t a tangible stat or anything like that. Bob points this out. He compares this to Dirk’s increase in “leadership”. Dirk showed that you can lead by example, you don’t always have to be the head cheerleader. Leadership is hard to prove or deny, unless you win a championship like Dirk did. It seems like we will only consider Romo a good leader if he takes this team on a deep playoff run. Dan finishes with an interesting thought, “Does Romo have a ‘Mission Accomplished’ mindest because he came in as an undrafted free agent?” More on this tomorrow.

2:00 – Gay Not Gay: Is it gay for 2 guys (Bob and Donovan) to order off the menu for two at P.F. Chang’s? Bob thought yes, that’s why he immediately asked for the individual menu. This has happened before with Bob and Donovan. Is it gay to bring your own Tupperware bowl of fruit to a Rangers game? No. Is it gay for older triplets to dress the same in order to pull off a practical joke? Not at all. Is it gay for a guys only game of Chicken to take place in a pool? Definitely.

2:15 – Cowboys Audio: Donovan went around Cowboys training camp trying to give players hugs on behalf of someone who lives in Las Vegas. Kitna, Ratliff, Sensabaugh all gave me him a hug. Marcus Spears turned him down. Frank Warren, from Grambling, the only player on the roster from an all-black school, is asked by Donovan if the band members or the football players get more action. Warren says that the football players do. They had a white guy on the team, he was the kicker. Dan wonders why the white man owns kicking. Donovan acts extra black whenever he talks with a black player he knows.

2:40 – Kenyon Coleman: The new Cowboys DE joins the show up in the booth and talks about his offseason and how, because of the uncertainty surrounding free agency, he waited and weighed his options before making any decisions. Having worked under Rob Ryan in Cleveland, he speaks on how Rob is a player’s coach and for him, it didn’t take long to acclimate to his defensive scheme. He says there is no pressure on him because he already knows the defense, “it’s just football”. Bill Parcells was the coach here when he had his first stint here in Dallas. .

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: Happy Birthday to The Barely Legal B*tch that Stole Christmas.

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