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BaD Radio - Recap - 8/15/11

Monday 8/15/11

Episode: 2995

Location: The Jerry Mahal

Cowboys Press Conference

The Open: “Talk to me Ty!” Like the maiden voyage of Forrest Gump’s shrimp boat, this show is lacking Dan. The guys are at Cowboys Stadium for practice and the JumboTron has been showing past events that have been held at the stadium. Women’s bowling being the highlight. Stadium talk ensues, Bob thinks that one thing that Jerry got wrong was not giving the Cowboys a distinct home-field advantage. This is an age old argument in Dallas, this stadium caters to a different clientele than a stadium like Lambeau Field. Bob declares that the giant screen is his enemy. Bob brings up this Chick-fil-A song by Tim Hawkins, a comic from Carrollton, TX. Bob plans to learn this on guitar.

12:55 – Rangers Talk: After going up 6-0, Oakland chipped away to tie the game and the Rangers were rescued by David Murphy in the 9th to finish off the sweep of the A’s. With the sweep and the Angels losing 2 of 3 in Toronto, the Rangers have extended their lead to 4 games going into a huge head to head series this week. CJ Wilson backed up his talk with a shut down game on Friday and Bob is worried that he is gone after this year. Peter Gammons is suggesting that CJ is close to a $100 million type pitcher. Back the weekend, the A’s made it really easy for the Rangers. Donovan is probably going to watch the game nude tonight.

1:15 – A Story: Bob has a doctor’s appointment after work. Last night, one of his neighbors called and asked a favor. He needed some cabinets taken down off his garage wall and he needed some muscle. It required a lot of crowbar action, and with Bob sporting his work sandals, he stepped on a nail. Fearing tetanus and inevitably lockjaw, he’s going to get it looked at. He started to give himself symptoms just by overthinking it. He definitely consulted WebMD. To combat tetanus, the internet said to eat 4,000 calories through a tube straight to the stomach. Bob’s worried about the tetanus shot because he didn’t shave his butt.

1:35 – Texas A&M Talk: The Aggies were denied entrance into the SEC this weekend. There are so many tentacles to this story, one of those being the Longhorn Network and the uprising against it from other members of the Big 12. The fact that A&M wants to join the SEC, duh. The fact that A&M wants to leave a conference that is falling apart, duh. Then there is the Texas tie in with A&M, and we’ve seen that certain rivalries are not predicated on being in the same conference, so to stay in the Big 12 merely for that game versus Texas is ridiculous. Looking at it from a big picture point of view, there’s really not a good argument for them not to try and go to the SEC.

2:00 – Victor Butler: Personally, Victor is really excited about Rob Ryan’s new defensive scheme because it will allow him more snaps and he’s ready to step up and see the opportunity. Victor had a strong game on Thursday even though he kind of whiffed on a sack on Tim Tebow. Though practice is being held in Arlington, the players are still staying in a hotel to perpetuate the training camp feel. Victor is upset because he can’t watch True Blood because the hotel only has Showtime. He’s also into Dexter and Game of Thrones. Bob gives him a little hell about True Blood. Addressing the lack of moves in the offseason on the defensive side, he says that things will be alright and the team is feeling a new sense of urgency with Rob Ryan coming in as defensive coordinator. He compliments the team’s ability and focus in the film room and doesn’t see a giant learning curve with the new defense. He says he’s never played Madden on the giant screen in the stadium.

2:20 – Cowboys Talk: Discussion continues about Victor Butler and his role on this team. He’s technically a backup to Anthony Spencer and while it looks like Butler is better in the sack department, until he can show the 1st and 2nd down prowess of Spencer, he will continue to split time with Spencer. Jason Garrett recently addressed rookie hazing, banning it from the team. Now rookies will still sing their fight song and pay for some meals, the harmless stuff. He denies it has nothing to do with the Dez/Roy situation last year, saying that it’s something he doesn’t believe in hazing.

2:35 – Other Sports: Donovan actually watched some of the PGA Championship yesterday and would do well in a game of Golfer on the PGA Leaderboard or Cowboys Practice Squad Player. Bob watched it all afternoon and was ready to call it over around 4:30 or 5:00, but Keegan Bradley had an improbable comeback to force a playoff with Jason Dufner and would eventually win. He was 4 shots down with 4 holes to play. It was teetering on Van de Veldeesque.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: On this day in 1989 the Rangers got 13 hits against the Mariners 1, yet lost 2-0. Happy Birthday to Eric Bieniemy, Bubby Brister, Scott Brosius, Tom Kelly, Go F Your Hand 2, Yancy Thigpen, Ben Affleck, Jim Lang, Debra Mesisng and Anthony Anderson. Spares today are Craig MacTavish and Sam Cunningham. RIP to Gene Upshaw, Julia Child, Lawrence of Arabia and Will Rogers.

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