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BaD Radio - Recap - 8/22/11

Monday 8/22/11

Episode: 3000

Location: Studio

The Mix: “Bad weekend at the poll?” – Bob, regarding Norm’s absence.

The Open: Does this guy know how to party or what?” “Live from the studio, here’s Big Mac and the Sturminator.” Dan is back from his vacation just in time for show number 3000! Dan parked in the parking garage and made the walk through smoker’s alley, he has no idea how people can stand outside in this heat and get some sort of thrill out of smoking. The three things that you don’t want to do while mowing your lawn in this heat is smoke, drink coffee and eat a praline. Somehow the show survived Dan’s week long hiatus where he was on the Cleveland float at the Jim Thome 600th home run parade. Dan’s aunt has a new guy friend; he was introduced to this new love interest as a “Sports DJ” in Dallas. Saturday night, Jake had a graduation party and Grubes made them find out the dress code to know if he could wear his basketball shorts. Grubes proceeded to be a no-show. Dan was there. He wasn’t there to get wasted; he wasn’t there to hook up. He was just the old guy in the corner.

12:40 – Cowboys Talk: BREAKING: Recent happenings in the NFL, the Raiders have selected Terrelle Pryor in the 3rd Round of the Supplemental Draft. In other news that no one really cares about, Dan got his new Cowboys’ notebook for the season. It’s blue. The starters played a good amount of the first half last night, which was nice. The intriguing part is that Kitna only played one series. Some reasons that might be the case: We already know what he’s got, they’re being cautious of his recently hurt back or is Stephen McGee playing a lot to knock Kitna off the roster or is he playing a lot to see if he’s worthy of the Cowboys keeping him on the roster?

12:55 – More Cowboys Talk: Back to the Stephen McGee discussion, Bob brings up that the Cowboys this preseason, have made a conscious effort to usher in a youth movement. Dan thinks that McGee has looked good and has the ability to “make all the throws”. Bob thinks that McGee doesn’t really have the QB basics to be able to drop back, make the reads and make the right decision. Kitna can do that but he doesn’t have the arm to make the throws; which is why he’s a backup in the league. For the Cowboys, it’s a matter of what type of QB you want in the off chance that Romo gets hurt. McGee missed an open Poots in the endzone on a 2-minute drive. Bob feels that the worst part of 2010 for the Cowboys was that there were so many veterans who were contending for their jobs. It seems like that mindset has changed with Garrett taking the reins.

1:20 – Even More Cowboys Talk: The game yesterday was the first time Bob has taken his son to a pro football game. He reiterates a common thought about going to a game versus watching at home, saying that it’s harder to break down a game and what is happening on every play. One thing that was easy to see at the game was how the first team secondary was confused and outmanned by the San Diego WRs. Dan continues to wonder that if Rob Ryan is so great than why isn’t he a head coach somewhere? The defense needs to learn these schemes very quickly. But they have a little leeway looking at the first few weeks of the schedule you go against the Jets, San Francisco and Washington; not the most elite passing attacks in the league. Some positives from last night and this entire preseason has been the youth movement on the offensive line. Tyron Smith is going to be a dominant force for years to come. Phil Costa and Bill Nagy, undrafted and 7th round respectively, have made strong showings. Bill Nagy has all the “lunch pail” descriptions that lead you to believe that he has the early lead. Regardless of what happens, the line will be much younger this year.

1:40 – Short Segment: Some Cowboys wrap up. Dan loved Felix. Backup guard Jeremy Parnell might have some potential. Sam Young is not ready to start. Lonyae Miller had a pretty stout block on blitz pickup but followed it up with a fumble. Fellow running back Phillip Tanner had his helmet ripped off and then ran for a touchdown, but it was called back because the rule states that once the helmet pops off the play is blown dead. Dan hates this rule. He also doesn’t eat meat. Cris Collinsworth was looking at his 2007 scouting report to say that Leonard Davis was a good player and that Bob Sanders was Polamalu-like. Bob Sanders, who has played in 9 of his last 48 games. Dan thinks that the trailer for Contagion and thinks it looks better than Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

2:00 – Bob’s Game Changing Announcement: Bob is leaving the show for awhile, most of September, in order to go to Honduras so they can adopt a young boy. He and his wife started this process over 30 months ago. This is pretty awesome! Their first choice was to try to adopt from Guatemala, but Guatemala is closed off to international adoptions. Until they have custody and he is a US citizen, nothing is 100% set in stone. As soon as they get there, he becomes their son, but he can’t travel internationally for 4 to 6 weeks.

2:20 – More Adoption Talk: When you look at the show as a whole, Bob being gone for a month is not a huge deal. Dan is proud of Bob and what he’s doing with his life. The start of this endeavor took place when Bob went on a Mission Trip in 2006. The young boy they are adopting just turned 5 years old, they wanted the adopted child to be younger than their own kids but they didn’t want a baby because older kids don’t get adopted as frequently. Once he’s here, he’s not a charity case; he’s part of the family. Another aspect of this is figuring out how his children are going to react to the new addition; this is another reason for going away for 4 to 6 weeks. This will be the longest period of time Bob has been away from this job.

2:40 – Rangers Talk: The Rangers hit a bit of a tailspin to finish up their 10 game road trip, yet they still went 7-3 and increased their lead over the Angels in the West. Derek Holland continues to baffle with the extreme nature of his inconsistency. He’s polarizing in the sense that social media has allowed us a detailed looked into the personalities of some of these athletes that we would never see otherwise. Holland is goofy and when he’s winning, it’s great, but when he’s losing, we blame it on his “lack of focus”. It’s unfair. It used to be the case that if you pander to the media, you’ll have a larger leash. But if you become part of the media, you better be performing on the field. It’s a new level of the media/player dynamics. Damn, he’s got a great upside though.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: Happy Birthday to Ray Burris, Paul Maguire, Paul Molitor, Bill Parcells, Irritable Bowel Syndrome 2, Carl Yastrzemski, GTA, Norman Schwarzkopf, Sydney Williams and Kristen Wiig. Spares today are Terry Catledge, Wes Chandler and Darren Jackson. RIP to Leni Riefenstahl and Huey Newton.

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