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BaD Radio - Recap - 8/11/11

Tuesday 8/11/11

Episode: 2993

Location: Studio

The Mix: Today is the start of Norm’s 37th year on the air in Dallas. He’s an old ef.

The Open: “Get her a gigolo.” “I think I got jungle fever.” The show starts out describing the run around they have gotten from the T-Mobile girl’s people after she initially said she’d come on the show for the GBL. We resort back to “…Planet of the Apes” talk. On another note, Bob has started to “like” things on Facebook and he had a spit take moment when he saw ET (from the Barbershop) post this “Took the family to see the new Planet of the Apes, spent the whole time signing autographs”. The only people to like it or comment on it were community members and Bob was too scared to like it, thinking that everyone would think he was getting to comfortable with his new friends. Dan went ahead and liked it.

12:40 – Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods shot a 7-over (77) today at the final major of the year, The PGA Championship. Dan wonders if we’re seeing a Mike Tyson type collapse, where we keep waiting for him to come back but he never does. Bob wants to go a different direction. Other than Kobe, he can’t recall another athlete who has had this dramatic of a drop off and was able to bring his career back to the top. Tiger is currently in a 14 Major drought. If Tiger returns to mortal golf, how long will the networks continue to feature his every move? Dan wants to be the one to make that decision. Windfall of this is that Adam Scott’s caddie and former Tiger caddie Steve Williams has been more of a media focus than Adam Scott, even though Scott was the winner last week, not Williams.

1:00 – Cowboys Pre Game: Cowboys open the preseason tonight with a home game against the Fighting Tim Tebows (Denver Broncos). There are a lot of things to be worried about this year, defensive backs, offensive line and the running back situation. Bob thinks that Tashard Choice is not going to make the team and is likely trade bait in the coming weeks. The thought being that if you have a 3rd string running back on the roster, he has to be a part of the special teams, which Choice is not. The casual fan will be expecting to see Rob Ryan’s defense, but don’t expect to see the full arsenal. You’re better off just focusing on specific players tonight rather than the defense as a whole. Remember, this is a game for the 25 year olds an younger, don’t expect a lot. There’s competition at the kicker position between incumbent David Buehler and rookie Dan Bailey, the job is open to whoever wins. This is what the fans have wanted, a competition.

1:15 – Superheroes Documentary: HBO has recently aired a new documentary called Link“Superheroes”. It chronicles real life people who dress up, acquire a persona and legitimately fight crime, vigilante style. You find out that they are comic book fan boys that take it to the next level. Trailer here. Dan’s one problem with it is that this is the first time he’s heard of this culture. There’s a big part of delusion in the mind of these people. Some notable characters: Mr. Extreme, Vigilante Spider, Master Legend and Apocalypse Meow.

1:40 – More Superheroes: How great would it be if two superheroes were to fight at Fight Night? Back to the documentary, there are 4 superheroes that live in Brooklyn and one of them is the first openly gay superhero (not Ace or Gary). They would set traps. 3 of the superheroes would wear masks and hide while the gay one would dress flamboyantly and bait evil doers. They would then attack them pursue them with their skateboards. Bob feels that Master Legend is his favorite one. He’s older, a child of a Klan member and he appears to be an alcoholic. He’d fight a crime then go back to his Justice Van and pound a tall boy. He’d also give children popsicles.

2:00 – Ranger Talk: They failed to sweep the Mariners, losing 4-3. Derek Holland had a decent outing but it was also against one of the worst hitting teams in baseball history. Rick Renner, substituting for Jim Knox again, ran into some kids from Japan. They were doing bits. His thoughts on Dallas “Berrrry good” and his favorite thing about Dallas, “Cowboooooooys”. Their American sponsor slipped into her Japanese voice. Moving on. CJ Wilson came out and said that he hates pitching in Oakland because the A’s mound and fans suck. He goes on to clarify that the fans that do show up are really good, but no one supports that team. “You don’t have to worry about me signing there in the off season.” Dan likes it. Bob agrees that it is a terrible organization and he wonders how they have remained in business. Going into free agency, it doesn’t look like CJ will be back here next year. Donovan is the only one who is confident he will be back.

2:20 – Daily Donovan: Donovan wants to take a look at the recent scuffle between John Wiley Price and reporter Brett Shipp. Price shoved Shipp and told him he’d “Split his neck”. Donovan went to get the scoop from the community, naturally he went to the Barbershop. The interview with ET (previously mentioned) starts out very PC, saying that Price should not have acted that way under the recent spotlight that he has found himself under. Not PC ET cannot be suppressed for very long, saying that one of the reporters probably was calling Price names when the camera was off then got the retaliation on camera.

2:40 – Cowboys Report: David Moore is here to save the show with a solo. Bob fires away with a big picture topic, he wants to know what we are doing with Jon Kitna at the #2 QB position instead of Stephen McGee. David thinks that if the Cowboys are preparing for a playoff run, having Kitna as the #2 is a smart move. If they were rebuilding, Stephen might be the #2. They organizations view of McGee is a lot higher than what it was last year and they think he can be serviceable. Jason Garrett has experience in the backup QB role so we should have confidence in how he handles the situation.

3:00 – Why Today Doesn’t Suck: On this day in 1956 rioting and looting broke out in the Watts area of Los Angeles. Happy Birthday to (I missed WTDS because I have a real job).

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