Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A typical day in Honduras for the Sturms

Today is the morning of Day 10 in Tegucigalpa.

I indicate that because we were estimated roughly 5 days in Tegucigalpa prior to being turned free to Roatan for 14 days of relaxation and fun on the beach. So, being 5 days behind schedule only 10 days into the trip is not necessarily a time for great spirits and optimism. I wish I had more patience for the delays, but the facts seem to be rather clear that we were rushed down here and could have likely waited another week or maybe 2 for everyone to have their ducks in a row.

But, once we are down here, our choices are as follows: deal with it. Our new son is in our custody and therefore we cannot leave the country. We apparently cannot speak up about our unhappiness in delays, lest we anger the bureaucrats that are too busy to fit in 5 minutes of their time to send us on our way. So, Friday became Monday. That became Tuesday. And as of 11 am on Wednesday morning, we wonder when our time will finally come.

We are having good times and all, and each day the family becomes more a family, so don't get me wrong. This is partly about building a family together in a sped up amount of time and all, and our isolation is no doubt aiding in the process. But, being locked in a hotel for 10 straight days (and counting) is a recipe for insanity.

The groundhog day process is now a tired bit for sure. Every day has been almost exactly the same. Wake up at 5:30 (actually we have moved him to about 6:15 now as we try to reprogram his hard-drive.

Then, it is puzzles, books, and toys until breakfast about 8. Breakfast downstairs for everyone lasts about 30 minutes. Then, to the rooftop of the hotel which is actually a nice little terrace. We try to kill about 60-90 minutes there with a football, soccerball, bubbles, hide-n-seek, and we even tried to introduce duck, duck, goose.

Let's see...10 am now? 10 straight days. 10-11:30 is more extended time killing. Trust me, hiding in the bathroom with your iphone to just get away from kids-land for a few minutes is clearly in play here.

11:30 or so we finally head off to a barrage of restaurants and playgrounds. It is no more glamourous than it sounds. Here, the parks and the fast food joints are the same thing. If you want your kids to play at a playground, you may select from Burger King, Wendy's KFC, Pollo Campero, McDonalds, or Pizza Hut. No offense, but I am about to lose my mind on that front.

Now, it is near 2, and I am proud to say I have introduced Dad's great contribution - Tiempo de siesta! Wow. I have really hit on something here. My favorite part of the day is nap time. I may nap or squeeze a little TV on my Ipod with The Wire or Breaking Bad.

Around 4, we have further time killing. Coloring, more puzzles, more books, a little soccer in the room. Whatever gets us to 5:15.

5:15, we whip up a simple dinner in the apartment.

6:00 Wii time for the day. Everyone gets 15 minutes with their game. Brett wants Super Mario, New guy wants Wii Sports Resort so he can do the Sword Showdown (it makes him insane), Maddie wants MarioKart, and I mix in a little FIFA.

7:30 is shower time and get ready for bed.

8:00 is bedtime book with Dad and off to bed.

If we can still move or focus on anything, the wife and I look at our phones and fall asleep by about 9:30 it appears. At which point, we reload for another day.

Every day is the same. I wish I was kidding.

Don't get me wrong, this is a worthy trip and a great purpose. We love our new family and are getting along. But, 10 days in a row of this schedule seems a bit like doing time.

I look forward to the knuckleheads holding us up finally pushing our 5 minute appointment up a bit.

I'm going insane, Chuck.


Gary said...

Thanks for the update Bob. I am about half as ADD as you and I cannot imagine how crazy that would make me. I actually started thinking of the fake Billy Tubs so when I read the last line it was definitely an audible laugh.

In our thoughts and prayers. All the best, Gary

maw4bc said...

I would go absolutely insane.

Kyle Goolsby said...

It's wonderful to hear that your family is bonding. This time in the process is indeed tedious, yet more valuable than you know. When my wife and I adopted our daughter, we were sequestered in Lincoln, Nebraska for 2 weeks with a newborn. We found ourselves so desperate for something to do, we toured the National Museum Of Roller Skating just so we could get out of the hotel room. Admittedly, not even close to your current schedule (None of the fast food outlets we went too were evacuated so the army could set up a command center). Many prayers are happening for you and your growing family. Now, hurry back. I need to know what you thought about Breaking Bad this week!

runtothedaylight said...

Start and finish your book!!!

runtothedaylight said...

Finish your book!!!

Marcus said...

I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you...

I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you...

I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you...

mycubans said...

Not to bring the room down but that sounds like the same stuff that Solomon dealt with and he was the wealthiest man in history with all earthly things and pleasures at his disposal.

There's nothing new under the sun. We're all on a treadmill. The good news is that there exists something over the sun and He is reaching down to us.

Praying for your family that the awkward and uncomfortable treadmill that you're on now will end up being a positive force. It's cool that you are using that with which you've been given to push pack darkness in this world - really cool!

jaymac92 said...

Hang in are an inspiration!!

Would love to get your thoughts on the Big 12 schools attempting to block A&M's move to the SEC.

God Bless you and your family!!

Jermjerm said...

Reading your blog makes me wonder what my blog would say, if I had one. It would certainly be very boring. Thanks for making me think about what it would say and what it SHOULD say. You are currently third in my Awesome Rankings behind my Dad and Dirk.

Mike Miller said...

Welcome to Central America where you wait for them to get good and ready!

During our adoption from Guatemala, it took 6 weeks to get a birth certificate issued... And that was only part of the process.

You will get through it and even look back fondly on the time.

Whiskey said...

How safe is it to get out on the streets there to do some walking / sightseeing / urban reconnaissance? Or have you already seen everything there is to see?

God bless you and your family.

Wes Carr, P1
Ft Worth