Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Hangover...

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.


Cowboys with one less team to worry about in the playoff hunt after
Minnesota lost to the Ravens Sunday night.


Gay or not gay?

(cue sad piano music)

In a game that the Sturminator saw in person while wearing his Speedo made of cheese, the
Packers lose to the hated Bears...first time Green Bay swept by Chicago since '91. Sorry about that, Bob.



The evil media does it again, this time
ticking off Falcons head coach Jim Mora. It's always our fault isn't it?


Good Christmas Day NBA action (especially if you're a Mavs fan and/or a Kobe hater)

A good man with a good 'fro

Spurs get whipped by Pistons in Finals rematch...

Shaq hates Kobe too...

Shaq & the Heat tell Kobe & the Lakers to get their shinebox...


Jermaine O'Neal makes his one trip to Dallas...

Your Dallas Mavericks are back on the American Airlines Center court tonight as they host the Indiana Pacers. (preview)


The Stars try to rebound from their tough loss to Phoenix Friday as they play the Blues up in St. Louis. (preview)


"I'll show him...(Gulp)"

Woman tries to swallow cell phone. Why does this make me have dirty thoughts?


Well, this will do it for me on Bob's Blog as the Sturminator returns to duty on Tuesday. I've enjoyed filling in for the week. Have good sports.

Ticketchick Erin is hot too...


AttnyDan said...

Great job Ty!!! Bob owes you a reach around for sure.

On the other hand had better bring his A game when he gets back. It's kinda like marrying a virgin, she doesn't know how bad you are in the sack until she has another man, then WOW she realizes what she's missing.

I was a blog virigin until I experienced Ty's blogging. Now Bob had better step it up a notch!!!!

On the other hand....Erin.....mmmmmm.

AttnyDan said...


"On the other hand Bob had better..."

Jay Clendenin said...

I hope Bob learns to use the "------" as well as you do Ty.

Anyone But Mandi said...

Good job on the fill-in duties Ty. Old Bob will need to step his game up.

Yum, Erin....:)

bgtyma said...

you done well son We really appriciate ya

Erik said...


I'd like to thank Santa for the hot pic of Erin......

Brandon said...

" It's always our fault isn't it? "

So you don't think that was an absolutely stupid question that was asked of Jim Mora Jr., Ty?

I mean, I know a tie would have done them no good and I'm not necessarily condoning Mora's behavior. But you don't go for it on 4th and risk turning it over and immediately putting your opponent in Field Goal range to start out a drive.

Probably a reason why the dolt who asked that question has never coached a day in his life.

Ty Walker said...

It's the actions I was focusing on most. Mora didn't have to go haywire like that, even if it was a dumb question. Just say, "That's a dumb question" and move on.

Norm said...

Oh geez, oooh geeez, oohhh geeeeezzzz....