Thursday, December 22, 2005

Good Day Eh...

Good times...

Pretty nice way for the Stars to finish up their longest roadtrip of the season, beating Columbus Wednesday. Up next: a showdown with Phoenix Friday at the AAC.

It was a good day for Marty Turco as well as he is named to Team Hoser for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Italy.

Cowboys get just 2 players, Roy Williams and Larry Allen, selected to the Pro Bowl in February. Larry's 10th selection of his career, but how many of those has he deserved in recent years?

Complete NFC & AFC rosters

Talk about the roller-coaster of emotions: Indianapolis offensive lineman Tarik Glenn is told he makes the Pro Bowl, but really doesn't. Whoops.


"F the luxury tax..."

King George getting his checkbook ready to pay 34-million dollars in luxury taxes to MLB due to the size of the Yankees payroll. Isn't 34-million more than half of the entire Rangers payroll? Hmmm. Well at least we can take comfort in the fact that Tom Hicks is still saving money.

(Average salaries for each team from 1998-2005)


Adios Muchacho

Finally a drug policy with some bite: Argentine tennis player banned for 8-years after second offense.



One more reason that crime doesn't pay, especially when it involves a tiger.


Another crazy woman is chasing David Letterman. Why do all the psychos go after him anyway?


And finally, I thought I would offer some variety for those that weren't overly impressed with the pic of Claudia I posted yesterday.

And for the heterosexuals out there, another pic of sweet clean Claudia...have good sports.

"Oh jeez...where's my beach towel?"


Anonymous said...

mmmm claudia pictures in the morning.

and larry allen hasnt been probowl worthy since the 90s

jeradb said...

By George.. I think Ty has got this blogging thing down! Good work man!


In Tennis, 8 years is effectively a career ban.

mmmmmm claudia.

AttnyDan said...

Bob who? Change it to www.ty-ger (get it), @

From now on, you can tell rude callers & bloggers, they've been mauled by the Ty-Ger!!!!


Pro Bowl players, Cowboys? That is pure professional courtesy, not based on the merits. Guess they didn't see Roy in the 2 Washington games!!!!

yes, mmmmmmm claudia. Love you Ty!!!

Norm said...

Oh geez, ooh geeez, ohh geeeez.....

Fake Sturm said...

Who let Norm out of his cage?
Solid blog again today by Ty. Claudia does have a huge rack but she kinda looks like the female monkey off Planet of the Apes.

AttnyDan said...

CNN is reporting Tony Dungy's teen age son died this morning.

What's the deal with that? Anyone know?

Ty Walker said...

Just saw it myself. Dungy has left the team to go to Tampa, where his son lived.

chaz said...

dungy's 18 year old son was found dead in his apartment last night. His girlfriend called the police. He was dead when the police got there. No signs of "foul play".

Chris said...

mmmm.... I like Claudias mammories..

PHE said...

Another solid offering, Ty. Keep up the good work. And keep the Claudia pictures coming (what?).

Anonymous said...

Claudia's a total butterface.

chaz said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, gay.

Anonymous said...

Wheres the effing Blog TY????