Sunday, December 18, 2005

Debacle in DC

An arse-kicking of biblical proportions handed to your Dallas Cowboys in the form of a 35-7 beating by those hated Washington Redskins, who are loving life right now.'s Vic Carucci's take on Sunday's blowout:

The outcome might actually raise more questions than they answer about both teams. Are the Redskins truly as good as their three-game winning streak indicates? Maybe so. The most impressive part about what they've done through that stretch is win two games with power running and the third with plays from the passing arm of Mark Brunell, who threw four touchdown passes. But are they as good as they performed against the Cowboys … or are the Cowboys that bad? One week after an impressive effort to rally to victory against Kansas City, the Cowboys had nothing left for Washington. Gregg Williams, the Redskins defensive coordinator, was ready with a scheme to baffle Drew Bledsoe, his former quarterback in Buffalo. Bledsoe wound up throwing three interceptions, losing a fumble and being sacked seven times (four by Phillip Daniels).

Revo thinks this is the kind of defeat that could
stick with the franchise for a long time...

Other NFL quick-hits from Sunday...

Chargers give the ultimate Shocker to the now 13-1 Indianapolis Colts...

You're 13-1...lighten up

The Reggie Bush sweepstakes tightens up as the Houston Texans beat Arizona for their second win of the year. ( Mark your calendars now: Houston at San Francisco in the final week of the season...possibly the worst game of the year should actually have something riding on it.)

A fitting end to a wonderful week for the Minnesota Vikings, as their 6-game winning streak is stopped by the Steelers, 18-3.

Cincinnati clinches AFC North with a convincing win over the hapless Lions, 41-17...

...and Detroit fans are venting their frustrations on their meathead president Matt Millen. Definitely a more creative approach that the standard paper bag on the head.

Mavs beat Minnesota Sunday, finish 5-game homestand with 4-wins...
...but Skins fan/Mav reserve Darrell Armstrong a
little lighter in the wallet in the process. (I thought it was a funny bit, but apparently the Little General did not.)

Another good night on the road for the Stars, who hold off Chicago 5-3...

King Kong tops the movie charts, but not nearly the opening weekend that you would expect for a so-called holiday blockbuster. The previews look pretty cool, but I'm still not sold on spending 3 hours in a theater watching Jack Black chase around a monkey.

Here's something to kill some time rather than focus on your job or family: send yourself an e-mail in the future. Better yet, send Dan McDowell an e-mail and remind him 10 years from now that he is still gay.
Okay, this is day 1 of my fill-in duty for Bob while he enjoys his vacation in Wisconsinin. (Personally, I think the Sturminator asked me to do it so you will truly know just how good you have it when he is posting.) I will try my best not to run too many of you off over the next week. Baby arm...

Me whipping Mat McBriar's arse at Cowboys training camp...


AttnyDan said...

Holy f-ing $#%$. That was horrible. (Cue the playoffs drop)I think I made up new cuss words yesterday. I'm actually looking forward to Big Bill's press conference that $%$#, %&^%#, @#@%%#$ arrogant b@st@rd. At least Campo beat Washington!!!!

We are going to get drilled in Carolina and probably beat St. Louis which means 9-7 and no playoffs, but that's fine b/c we stink right now.

On another note, Thanks Ty, if Bob can't blog from Wisconsinin, then we can whip his @ss all day long without fear of being sturminated.

chaz said...

Nothing on Darrell Armstrong's Redskins comments?
He wouldn't have done that if he played for the Sixers.

SMU Football Blog said...

Ty, that is an ugly F'ing shirt

Uncle Rico said...

Quick hits:

- I hope this loss doesn't give Jerry and Bill the urge to draft nothing but defense like the Cowboys have the past 15 years.

- The past few games have shown that the Cowboys STILL can't rush the passer unless they are blitzing.

- You still think the defense is that good?

- If Campo had started out 7-3 and then lost the last few games like the Boys have, would he still have a job today? After the season?

- The fox crew (namely Howie and the Blond gay man) showed their stupidity yesterday blaming the loss on Bledsoe. Sure he's not the best QB, but damn, Peyton Manning would suck behind that line.

- It's sad that Keyshawn and MB3 are the best pass blockers on this team.

- Whatcha wanna bet I can throw a football over them mountains?

Nice job today Ty.

Patrick said...

Great job on the blog, Ty. If you really want to fill in for our favorite Cheesehead, you'll have some words of wisdom / links about tonight's game in the Tuesday blog. No-one without a GB tattoo really cares, but it would be a nice tribute for vacation-Bob.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else see Parcells lip the words "I'm gonna cut him" after McBriar hit that terrible punt.

chaz said...

I think that's what he said. That'll fix everything.

AttnyDan said...

Cutting the punter....Good Gawd Ahmighty. Have we really fallen that far? What I saw yesterday reminded me of our team from last year getting blown Green Bay for crying out loud. They suck this year, but they weren't world beaters last year either.

Neutral Field: Dallas v Green Bay = 3-0? 6-3? Ugh.

I've got my boots on for the Parcell's media lovefest.

Bob Sucks. Ty Rules.

Anonymous said...

good job Ty.

King Kong is a good movie. Not great, but very solid.

Saw the 11:50 showing on Saturday night, got out at 3am sharp.

Anonymous said...

Will you tell how hot I think he is???

Rob in Qatar said...

Excellent job Ty. Maybe even better than the Sturminator.

Jay Clendenin said...

Quality use of the "dashes-----" to separate your HSO's.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Ty it's time to talk about the Packers today.

I hope that Bob froze his @ss off last night at that game...giggle.