Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thursday Scattershooting

Slow starts for Cowboys traced to coin flip

"We have to be a better coin-flip team," Bledsoe joked.

The last time the Cowboys won the pregame coin toss was also the last time they were the first team to score. That was Nov. 20 against the Lions.

Since then, the Cowboys have not scored first in a game and have been outscored 31-14 in the first quarter. Falling behind has put more pressure on an offense not designed to play catch-up and allows little margin for error on defense.

TR Sullivan breaks down 10 biggest signings before Kevin Millwood in Rangers history

According to the Packers press, Favre sounds like a guy ready to play his last game

"The easy thing to do is to keep playing because that's all I know," Favre said. "But as easy as that decision is, it could be the wrong one. Because maybe I, in the process, continue to play, but maybe I'm just not as productive as I once was, or maybe I'm not the type of player they need now.

"Maybe they want to go in a different direction and they don't know how to tell Brett Favre, 'We want to go in a different direction.' "

Asked if he was aware this could be his last game, Favre said, "Absolutely. I'm well aware of that."

Tippett won’t put a leash on Turco …Stars and Blues tonight…

Technically, this was in yesterday’s New York Times, Raffy still denies his roids

"I wish I could have turned in the vial for testing," Palmeiro said of the vial he used, "but when I found out, it was long gone and I couldn't come up with it. If something happened that I'm not aware of, an intentional act by someone else, I don't know. I can't rule out anything."

But he added: "I'm going to take the responsibility, me being careless and taking something I wasn't knowing if it was clean, having full trust in what I was getting. It was careless, stupid, naïve of me to think it was safe."

Liverpool win 9th straight …beat Everton, meanwhile, ManU drop points to Birmingham with a 2-2 tie. The holidays are great if you follow the Premiership…

The Amazing Ronaldinho offers an exhibition of his genius …Holy Freaking Cow…

If you know what a podcast is, and yet you do not know about the Ricky Gervais Podcast …I fear you are missing top shelf British Comedy…

Office Space time killer ….

New from VH-1: more Flavor Flav programming! Flzvor of Love

Flavor Flav welcomes 20 women to his macadocious mansion with the hope of finding the next great love of his life. To start things off he gives the girls nicknames (he'd never be able to remember their real ones) and then throws a get-to-know-ya mixer in the backyard by the pool. But this isn't your ordinary bachelor! Catty posturing and half naked swimming lead up to the first elimination ceremony. As the ceremony commences, one of the girls is absent only to be found face down on the living room couch...vomiting. Five girls are going home, will the puker be eliminated?

And now, email:

Guerin Theory:

As I drove home from the Stars/Wings game last night listening to your post game show, a thought hit me.

You were mentioning that players have bad seasons, then rebound. You referenced Modano's bad 02-03 season, and his subsequent rebound. There is a difference in Modanos comeback, and the potential for Guerin to rebound from this slump he has hit. Coming into this season, we knew the new rule changes were suited to Modano's talents. It is the compete opposite for Guerin, I think the new rule changes are the complete opposite for Guerin's style of play. At the start of the season his penalty minutes are ahead of where they normally would be, this has affected his mind more than anything else. However much you think the problem is in his head, they bottom line is that he has not yet found a way to make his game adjust to the new NHL. When he plays the way he knows, he is penalized. He needs to adjust.

Just a thought,
Aaron Winkler

It sounds like a good theory. All I know is that Guerin better get going soon, or he will surely be bought out this summer. They have to figure out how to keep Jason Arnott this summer, and I fear it will come at Guerin’s expense. Also, don’t forget a certain goalie is free this summer, too. And Turco won’t be cheap. His issue is convincing those who decide such things that he can win a playoff game/series…


Here's a stat for you.

Since Pete Carroll arrived at USC, the Trojans are ... 56-9. Over that same period Texas is 55-8. Obviously USC has 2 MNC to show for that and Texas doesn't, but found that interesting and thought might be of use to you.

Have a good day,


Finally, we shall end with this:


AttnyDan said...

What's Bledsoe's opinion on the the number of games lost due to the sorry @ss kicking game.

I think we're up to 4 or 5 now.

Wonder how Parcell's would react if Washington & Tampa both lost...then the Rams won when we missed a 25 yard field goal as time expired. Think we might spend a little for a kicker next year?

Jared in Irving said...

Those kicks to the goal have got to be fake. Similar to the Vick and Lebraon powerade commercials.

Chris said...

I still can't figure out why Guerin wasn't bought out last summer.

In this system he is getting paid twice as much as he should, and was never going to live up to his paycheck this year. For his price the Stars could have had 2 GOOD point producing players.
I am looking forward to the buyout this summer.

Rob said...

Nice job by Nebraska last night in knocking off heavily favored Michigan, now hopefully OU can also uphold the honor of the Big 12 tonight against Oregon. I'm sick of listening to people like Norm claim that the Big 10 and Pac 10 are much better football conferences. So as much as I hate OU, I hope they kick the hell out of the Ducks tonight.

Oh...and I love the Corso crying pictures.

Lance said...

So much for any Big 10 vs Big 12 argument. They went 0 for 3 against Big 12 teams this season. Scoreboard.

cracker1743 said...

Nice pics of Corso. Of course, I didn't recognize him without a "Corso is a penis" sign in the background. Thanks Rob.

Chris said...

Hey did you guys know that USC can beat any team in the history of college sports? ESPN told me so!

I REALLY wish ESPN had some competition

Neil Payne said...

Not so fast my friend...

Nice pics.

Andy Douthitt said...

Lee Corso is an absolute embarrassment. What an overhyped, arrogant blowhard jackass.

ESPN needs to fire his ass and bring back Trev Alberts to join Fowler and Herbstreit.

Maybe bring back Nick Lachey to show his cock and balls and his bag too!! I love La-chee

Clint in Arlington said...

What's so great about Ronaldinho there? He can't get it in the net to save his life!!

Seriously though, daaaaa-yum.

Anonymous said...

Should we really be discussing USC's place in history? Calling them the best ever seems premature seeing as how they have one more game to play. So far, the have won a split national title (with LSU in 2003) and an outright national title. Other teams have won 2 in a row before. Hell, Texas' last 2 championships were like that (outright in '69, and split in '70). Big freakin' deal. Let's decide their place in history AFTER the Rose Bowl. If they win, then they are truly special. If they lose, they are just one in a line a great teams through history. I'm sick of ESPN kissing thier asses. I wish failure on USC just to make ESPN look silly. ESPN always blows everything out of perspective. Everything is the "Best Ever" or the "Worst Ever." Nothing is just good or bad.

Robert Bentley said...

Good to hear that Mike Leach has adopted Bob Stoops' fake John Wayne voice.

rick bentley said...

no one gets your reference. m-m-m-m-m-mummy never gets to do anything.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of people get the John Wayne reference. Don't turn this into your own personal j.o.s., dude.

Rick Bentley said...

suck on my balls, dude

Anonymous said...

blue has died :(

You're my boy blue!

Steve said...

Is there anyone as good as Adrian Peterson who is so stinking injury prone?

Jimmy said...

I hope Norm is watching this game to see his beloved Pac-10 get their ass whooped by the "awful" Big-12.

I hate that blow-hard!!!

hockalees said...

as a previous poster said... Ronaldinho's shots off of the bar are as bogus as the Powerade throws of Vick and shots of James... still... the guy has incredible juggling skills, and he has a cool move where he flicks the ball to the side, but pulls it back in one move and fakes players out of their jocks.

Of course... if you like to see a guy who can put the ball UNDER the bar, check out Thierry Henry! ;-)

Brandon at GSR said...

Only reason the Ducks were even in this game was because of questionable officiating and poor tackling by the Sooner defense.

If not for those two factors, OU wins this one 24-7. And Norm gets to eat a nice plate of crow.

Memo to Pac-10 fans. Until somebody besides USC does something during bowl season, please do not even attempt to tell me how good the Pac-10 is when compared to other conferences in this great college football nation of ours.

Brian said...

Memo to Big 12 fans: Only reason OU wins the game is the fact Kellen Clemens is injured. And the Ducks still almost won. If not for that factor, the Ducks win 28-17.

I don't think the Pac-10 or Big 12 are much better than each other. They're about the same. But the Big 12 fans sure are worse. Worst in the nation, easy.

Brian said...

Alright, maybe that was a bit much there. You Big 12ers can be so bullish sometimes! But I like most of of you guys as fans, and have a bunch of friends as such. Definitely not the worst fans, just to most frustrating sometimes.

Who knows how the game would have turned out with Clemens, but OU deserved to win. Conrgrats to them, to their fans, and to the conference fans.