Monday, October 30, 2006

Cowboys 35, Panthers 14 (4-3)

Hope  -noun

Definition: the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best

As in: “The Cowboys football organization appears to have found hope in Tony Romo”.

Wrong –adjective

Definition: not correct in action, judgment, opinion, method, etc., as a person; in error

As in: “Bob Sturm appears to be wrong about Tony Romo”.

Here are the notes of an unlikely outcome in Charlotte…

• Let us start with #9. Romo was very good. I have no idea if this is the start of something big or a flash in the pan. But, his composure, his poise, his ability to move around and make a play on 3rd and 13 was top notch. I didn’t want to knee jerk either way with this kid after 1 week, because in order to see a QB you need to see him for extended periods of time, but last night’s performance is difficult to undersell. Obviously, what you like the most is his ability to introduce Witten and Owens to the offense, and make the OL look more reasonable. I honestly am shocked at how good he looked.

• A big assist to the defense. That is what I have been calling for all season. Look, on paper you appear to have the makings of a big time defense. But, this season has been filled with coughing up big play after big play. But to the credit of the Cowboys, they allowed one drive of consequence. They took the ball away a few times. They got stops and also limited the effectiveness of Steve Smith.

• This is a funny game. Think about the outcome if the pass to Keyshawn on 3rd down is not missed by a few inches. The Panthers were up 14-10, were driving down on the Cowboys at the 37 they faced 3rd down and 7. They had the perfect play called against the Cowboys blitz, and Keyshawn was behind Anthony Henry. The pass just missed or Johnson would have been gone, and the lead would have been 21-10, Carolina. They say it is a game of inches, and on that play, and the kickoff return fumble when the score was 14-13 let’s you know that the Cowboys had a little luck sprinkled in with their great play.

• Question of the week (after the other question of the week of whether Romo is really this good): Is the offensive line playing better or do they just look better with their new Quarterback? I honestly am not sure. Romo stayed alive on at least 4 or 5 occasions when Bledsoe surely would have been smashed. No idea.

• If Julius Jones played all of his games in Charlotte, would he be the best player in football history? Julius and Marion Barber ran hard last night and it just is another portion of the team that seems re-energized with the change.

• Julius Peppers and Michael Rucker were amazingly quiet last night.

• Bill Parcells is goofy with happiness right now. I think he got 10 years younger in 3 hours. If you read the Michael Lewis piece on him in the New York Times last week, you get the distinct impression that he has no interest in quitting his job anytime soon. Then you see last night and what a difference a week makes in this frustrating and addicting sport.

• Seriously, Cowboys fans: That is the exact same team that was humiliated on national Television on Monday Night at Texas Stadium. Make a change at QB and all of the changes, too? I guess if you are like me and you thought it was too early to make the change then like me you are enjoying a nice, hot plate of crow.

• I did not listen to the NBC Broadcast last night, so I did not realize that Tony Romo did his impression of Brett Favre for the camera. But, as I am watching this kid, it is obvious that every single mannerism is patterned after #4. It is like Kobe when he first started out – he chewed gum, shot free throws, walked, talked, and acted like his hero, Michael Jordan. Well, here is Tony. He carries himself just like his hero, too. And I would be willing to bet that the book he read in which he declined to reveal who it was would be none other than This one .

• Don’t you wonder why Terrell couldn’t get catches with Bledsoe? Did he not want to throw it to him? I really may never understand that.

• Roy Williams is tough to figure. It looks like he can’t cover about every other week (Philadelphia, New York). Then the other weeks (Washington, Carolina) he makes a coverage interception that might have won the game. So, can he cover or can’t he? It is tough to say he is awful when he keeps picking off passes.

• Akin Ayodele has finally made a few plays that were noticeable. Welcome.

• Mike Vanderjagt is flying under the radar right now. But somewhere he is going to be asked to win a very important game for this team. Can he do it? Also, do you think he would have made that kick at Denver yesterday that the Colts needed?

• Maybe Romo’s interception should not be forgotten. That was a rookie throw that was horrible. But, all you ask of the kid is that the good out-weighs the bad. Surely, last night it did.

• I wonder how bad Tyson Thompson’s injury is. He has been very, very good this year. That is a real shame.

• Overshadowed was all of the penalties last night. But, there were plenty of them. The offensive line and Terrell Owens had many nice plays brought back with a hold here and a hold there.

• Washington is next. Then a very bad Cardinals team. Could they possibly get to 6-3 with the Colts at Texas Stadium? Wow. Now we can dream again! Thank the football gods that the season has not been declared dead by Halloween.

• So where are we now with these guys? Are they back? Are they on their way? Or is this just another up during an up-and-down 2006. The plot has definitely thickened.


Brian said...

neener neener

DrewJ said...

Let the week of overhyping Tony Romo begin!

Look, the kid had a real good game. I was real excited. But he doesn't exactly have a body of work yet that will allow us to annoint him as the second coming. I thought Craig and Jub this morning were both going to soil their trousers in their elaborate praise of ToMo. Let's wait and see a couple three more games before we give him the keys to the city of Irving.

Andy Douthitt said...

Toneee Romo-- Si Senor!!

Wow. I will say it again. Even if you are a die-hard Cowboy fan or just an NFL fan, this team is must see TV. You can't take your eyes off this team.

It is like this team (including the coach) went to a therapist all at once, and saw positivity in playing NFL football.

Now, we don't know what we have obviously, but right now under this system and with this talent and coaching staff, Romo is the best quarterback on this roster and for this team.

Do you think Bledsoe wins this game under center? Absolutely not.

4-5 sacks were avoided because Romo looks and acts fresher and takes on more of a leadership role on the field and in the huddle than Drew did.

Finally, after all of this... the play, the players, the attitude on the sidelines, the conversation (could you believe the interaction between Owens and Romo after every series on the sideline? No one talked to Drew during the game) between players and coaches, the quarterback... what do you think Drew was thinking to himself as the team was walking off the field laughing and celebrating.

Miserable. He will never start for this team again, and he just has to wait out the year before he retires.

OL- B+
backfield- A
Secondary- B
coaching- A+

ITs great to be a Cowboy fan, and what a sports town we live in. What a season this will turn out to be if we can get on a roll!!

artist form know as anon said...

i just hope this will buy us a week with no whining from all those who could not imagine that a quarterback as great as drew bledsoe could ever be benched.

i saw romo make more plays yesterday than i've seen out of bledsoe since he's been here.

Brad said...

I was shocked at how bad the Panthers offense was.

What an over-hyped Panthers team.

Tony Romo love-fest begins all week long. Im throwing up a little in my mouth already.

Personally I'm more concerned about Steve Ott than Tony Romo.

Nice doink off the upright last night vander-shank.

Wes Mantooth said...

I am trying not to get too excited about Tony Romo. Could this be like a young pitcher who comes up from the minors during the season and dominates for a couple of games, but when everybody gets enough tape of him, he becomes far less effective? After a few games, the other teams may figure out a way to shut him down. That being said, I was impressed and thrilled with the win.

Now back to everybody's ToMo pants flying around...

Jake said...

All that sweet Cowboy stuff and gameday in College Station this week...Corso's merkin.

p1dean said...

ToMo pants are flying. I'm not admitting I was wrong...yet. But if this is what we have to look forward to in the future, then I'll happily eat crow.

If you're a Cowboys fan (as I am) even if you're a Bledsoe fan (as I am)...then I don't see how you can't be happy. Big Gay Tuna's kissing everyone, TO looking like he has 81 million reasons to be happy, Witten actually being thrown too, and VanderYackOff missing another field goal...idiot kicker!!


Cap It said...

gSo, exactly how much time is needed to anoint someone 'qb goody-good'?
Don't you think all Steeler fans are back tracking as fast as possible now, after anointing Ben as 'QB Almighty of the highest'?
Are they calling for "Batch" up in there?
So, in Romo, we've seen 6 quarters, and we're thinking we might have something-maybe.

Pittsburgh has seen a lot more in Big Ben and I, personally, think he's in a downward spiral. I predicted his demise (not with any happiness on my heart, but nevertheless), back in week 2 against JAX, when he threw the INT as they were driving to take the lead LATE in the game.
I made a mental note of that and said "self, remember that. I just witnessed the beginning of the end for Big Ben."

Since then, the Steelers are 1-4.

Such a rambling non sequitor. I'm just saying, we won't know what we have in Rony Tomo this year. We'll know enough, but not everything.

Can he lead us to the Promised Land, like Big Ben did for Pitt? Dunno, but will be interesting to watch it unfold.

He's already given me pleasure and made me cuss, so he's off to a good start.

Brad C said...

but..but..but isn't it true that if we see Romo on the field at any time this year it means the 'boys have thrown away the season???

Just Sayin' said...

We really shouldn't know what to think or how to feel until Mickey Spagnola tells us, right?

Parcells sports kissing - gay? not gay?

Wes Mantooth said...

Kissing another grown man = always gay.

There is no sports exemption for that.

p1dean said...

there's an exception if it is done in a creepy Godfather manner.

Wes Mantooth said...

I agree with the "Godfather Exemption."

bigdickdaddyfromcincinatti said...

Dear Dan MacDowell,

You are a douche bag. Give Romo his props, and stop apologizing for Bledsoe.

Jay Clendenin said...

^^^ best name ever?