Monday, October 02, 2006

Game 3: Cowboys 45, Titans 14 (2-1)

And now, a list of random observations from the Cowboys 45-14 route of the Tennessee Titans.

• This offers further evidence to the premise that the Dallas Cowboys are an elite team. Elite teams have the ability to blow teams out of the water on both sides of the ball. Over 60 minutes yesterday, and over 60 minutes versus the Washington Redskins a few weeks ago, the Cowboys proved to be a team that can obliterate its opponent. This is a very good sign.

• Both are over the top in their conduct, but I must admit that watching Terrell Owens and Pac Man Jones battle yesterday was enjoyable. Neither takes a play off and both compete as hard as anyone. To find out this morning that they had a bet on Saturday that would end up giving Jones the shoes of Owens’ feet, certainly tells us these aren’t the good old days anymore, but I enjoyed the proceedings nevertheless.

• Vince Young will be awesome, I believe. But, I trust fans in Tennessee are not negative today. You wanted the young QB, and now you have him. He is not ready to play. Across the league, there is such a hurry to get the kid out there, whoever he may be. But there is no good reason to send a kid out there when you could still have Steve McNair as your QB. McNair’s exit from Tennessee was embarrassing and he is proving he can still play a little bit. But, in this league, fans want the future to get here so fast that they are willing to tell their current QB to get out of town. Be careful what you wish for.

• If I ever put together an “All British Cigarette” Team, Albert Haynesworth will be my starting DT. That was the biggest pansy move I have seen in some time when he stomped the head of a helmetless Andre Gurode twice on Sunday. I think the suspension should be harsh and send a strong message to anyone who wants to try that again. Gurode is lucky he is not blinded this morning, and I am sure he will always have some nice scars to remind him of his day in Nashville. I can’t remember anything quite like that stunt.

• The Cowboys passing game was very sharp in the first half. Drew Bledsoe shook off a very poor early interception to dazzle the rest of the half with beautiful hookups in the end zone with Terry Glenn twice. He also had a near touchdown with Terrell Owens right before the half. The 2nd half got out of hand so quickly that Bledsoe only attempted 5 passes in the half. But the damage was surely already done. With Witten, Glenn, Owens, and Fasano, this passing game appears dangerous for anyone to defend. Owens demands a double team, and that makes everyone else’s job so much easier.

• Just so we don’t get too positive this morning, I was annoyed by the ability for the Titans to run the ball early in the game. Figuring that the Cowboys knew it was going to be the running of Chris Brown more often than not with Vince making his first start, it was bothersome that the Titans still drove right down the field in that first drive. After that it appeared that they improved in stopping the run, but the key to this thing going where they want it to go will be having a defense who can stack up the run.

• Is Terry Glenn the most underrated receiver in football? I am surely biased, but I think he gets my consideration.

• Despite being on the scene when Ben Troupe caught his touchdown, I thought
Roy Williams was really good again yesterday. He blew up a reverse, destroyed David Givens, and when Vince Young wanted to run the keeper, Roy was there. He is a lightning rod on this blog and all around the Cowboys nation, but it is only fair to recognize his good play and lately he has been real solid.

• Much like many of these observations, the true test will be Sunday in Philadelphia, but the offensive line has stacked up a few real nice performances together. Bledsoe is not getting hit much and the running game is making strides with Julius Jones having holes to work with. His production is dependent on the boys up front, and for the most part, their play has shocked the heck out of me.

• Drew Bledsoe’s block (or lack thereof) on the reverse to Terry Glenn in the 3rd Quarter is enough to make you giggle. Check it out.

• Maybe Flozell Adams is that good.

• So Sam Hurd broke up a catch by Jason Witten, and Kevin Burnett had a perfect form tackle on Terrence Newman’s punt return. These incidents get laughs on Monday during the film review provided you win by 31.

• I believe as a whole, the Cowboys secondary is very good. That goes for Henry, Newman, Williams, Watkins, and Glenn. They really have more quality and depth than nearly anyone in the NFL. That cannot be overestimated.

• Mike Vanderjagt missed a crucial field goal from 26 yards late in the 2nd Quarter. Just when you thought you had nothing to worry about, this guy allows the Titans to remain in the game. Why do I think that this guy will be a roller-coaster ride all season long?

• Tony Siragusa did us all a favor yesterday by not eating any of the Dallas players. Thank you, Tony.

• Tony Romo fans rejoice! He got to play!

• Well, let’s get this thing rolling to Philadelphia. If they win this game, I will forgive the homers for making plans for February. Everything points to a big Philly win, based on the blood-letting theory. If Owens can lead the Cowboys in and out of there with a W, I will be amazingly impressed.


p1dean said...

1st and gay as Gribble

Kipster198 said...

Apparently, I'm the only person on the planet to notice this, but...

Did anyone else notice Woodson's hit late in the game on the sideline? A Titan's receiver dropped a pass, and it looked like Woodson came in helmet-to-helmet and punished him-- HARD!

No one mentioned anyhting about during the broadcast, and I missed most of the post-game comments. But, when I saw it I was shocked that it didn't draw a flag. Now, I'm wondering if a fine could come as a result.

But, then again, since no one else has said anything, maybe it's just me. In any case, it could be HUGE if he were to get fined (or suspended) for the Eagles game this week.

If anyone has the game on Tivo, go back to midway through the 4th quarter and check the play out. I'd love to see it again.

slightly less gay than usual said...

2nd, and not quite as gay as I would be had I been first.

Early blog today Bob, I'm loving it! said...

Woodson's hit?
That's the shocker, mostly since he's been retired for a few years now.
I'm confounded.

Kipster198 said...

My apologies.......

Roy Williams' hit....

Monday morning... early... and already my wheels are OFF!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Alright, gotta give Sturm credit. His Tech/A&M prediction was way closer than mine(though I didn't post it here, but still). I thought - still do actually - Tech should have won that game by 20. The Aggies are pretty horrible, and for the better part of 3 quarters they showed as much. Tech went to sleep for most of the 2nd half and still came out with a win. I hope the Aggies enjoyed their brief lead, because I don't think they'll win more than 1 conference game this year. That's what you get when you try to improve the D by hiring Mackovic's old DC.


Cap It said...

Listened to the game on the way back from west Texas yesterday. Two observations:

1. Whoever is the 'color guy' absolutely sucks. they need to get him off the air.

2. In the 3rd quarter Brad Sham reported that "...Jones comes hard behind the right guard." I nearly wrecked my truck.

JY said...

The color guy is one Charlie Waters, and although it pains me to say it, him being a Cowboys legend and me being a Cowboys homer, I have to agree, he is not that good....

Anonymous said...

Charlie Waters is horrible. It takes a special kind of broadcaster to make you wish for more Babe Laughenberg. I purposely avoid the radio broadcast because of him, even if it means listening to Joe Buck break his shoulder patting himself on the back.


TheDude said...

"Gurode is lucky he is not blinded this morning." Geez Bob, got drama? That's almost as bad as the ubiquitous, "Hey I gotta defend myself!"

Rick Bentley said...

Um...when a giant man stomps on your face with metal cleets on pretty close to your eye, I'd say that fits the definition of "...lucky he's not blinded."