Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"He is what he is. He can't play."

Yesterday, I found a great story on the life and times of Drew Henson. Basically, one of my favorite NFL writers, Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal, was a huge supporter of Green Bay going to get Henson 3 years ago. They ignored him, he was bitter, and now
he apologizes and tries to understand what went wrong

Let's briefly review Henson's career.

After backing up Tom Brady at Michigan in 1998 and '99, Henson started eight games in 2000. Using the NFL system, his passer rating was 109.4 in 2000, 92.4 for his career.

He left the Wolverines a few days into spring practice before his senior season to sign a six-year, $17 million contract to play third base for the Yankees. He hit just .248 over portions of six minor-league seasons. Sensing Henson's baseball career heading south, the Texans drafted Henson in the sixth round in 2003 for the chance to hold his rights until the start of the draft in '04.

Henson walked away from a reported $12 million in guaranteed money in January 2004 to resume his football career. With David Carr, the Texans had no use for him.
The Packers talked about taking Henson in '03 but decided against it. They were all over Henson in February 2004, sending Sherman and four of his top aides to Houston for his well-attended workout.

At about the same time, Sherman telephoned Wolf and asked him if he would evaluate tapes of Henson's final collegiate season. Wolf hunkered down at his Annapolis, Md., home, studied every game and then gave Sherman the thumbs-down.

"He was like a yo-yo," Wolf recalled last week. "He finished with a flourish against Ohio State and Auburn in a bowl game. I (concluded) that he wasn't very good. But I had to reserve that because I didn't know anything about his arm or his athleticism. I always felt the most important thing at that position was to see a guy play live."
The Packers decided Henson was a player they could live without. It turned out to be one of Sherman's best personnel moves ever.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones did fall in love with Henson and traded a third-round pick to Houston on March 12. Henson was given an eight-year contract with lucrative guarantees based on minimal playing time. He still counts $2.678 million against the Cowboys' salary cap.

That August, Wolf spent a week in the Cowboys' training camp as a guest of his pal, Parcells. Wolf said Parcells never asked him about Henson before the deal went down. However, a mutual acquaintance said Wolf tried to tell Parcells not to do it.

"He's out there in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 and some (coach) is telling him where to go with the ball and he looks outstanding," Wolf said. "I'm thinking to myself, 'Boy, I really missed this guy. It's terrible how bad I missed him.' "

Wolf visited Dallas in November, put on the exhibition tape and saw the same player that he didn't like at Michigan. His evaluation of Henson crystalized further on his week-long summer sojourns to camp in 2005 and '06.

"He's just not very good, and he got progressively worse," said Wolf. "They brought a kid (Matt Baker) in from North Carolina this year who definitely was better than Drew Henson. He is what he is. He can't play."

This summer, Parcells compared Henson to one of his former players who couldn't relax and would hyperventilate in the huddle. In 2004, Henson played the fourth quarter of one game, then started four days later on Thanksgiving and was benched at halftime. He never played again, surpassed in '05 by Burlington's Tony Romo as No. 2.

In two exhibition seasons, Henson had a passer rating of 51.5. In NFL Europe this spring, Henson started fast but fizzled down the stretch.

Henson had tryouts with Carolina, Indianapolis and Miami last month before being signed to the practice squad by Minnesota on Sept. 27. The Vikings released him Tuesday.

Henson, trim and fit at 6 feet 4 inches and 240 pounds, has a powerful arm and can make all the throws, according to coaches and scouts who have seen him work recently. Highly intelligent, Henson comes across to some as a bit arrogant and a tad resistant to hard coaching.

Although Henson can run fast in a straight line, he showed almost no scrambling ability in Dallas. "He's got baseball-player feet," said one scout, and that isn't a good thing.

During their two-week look at Henson, the Vikings came to regard him as a poor fit for their West Coast offense. They didn't like his long, deliberate release and weren't overly impressed with his accuracy.

"He just doesn't make quick decisions," former Cowboys personnel chief Gil Brandt said last year. "Rudy Bukich of the Bears was the same way. Great arm but a slow decision-maker."

While Henson was off trying to master baseball for three years, it now stands to reason that his quarterbacking skills went to seed. Brady, now of the New England Patriots, doesn't have nearly the physical gifts that Henson possesses, but he does have the poise, awareness and burning desire that Henson seems to lack.

Henson remains a 26-year-old project. Another team will sign him. Maybe he'll hook on and play for a year or two. Worse quarterbacks dot NFL depth charts.

I generally don’t paste so much of a column, but since I believe it is a subscription link, I wanted you to read as much as you could. So, the next time you think the backup QB is the next star in this league…and how come those guys on the team can’t see what you can see from your couch…think Drew Henson.

And now, this email from Brad:

Obviously you saw the brawl between Fla Atlantic and Miami.

Did you know that Lamar Thomas was doing the radio play by play for the Comcast Hurricane Network? The same Lamar Thomas that beat up his preggers girlfriend for showering in the wrong bathroom.

You really should get the audio of you can because he starts talking all sorts of smack about how Fla Atl can't come into the "OB" and talk noise at the 'Canes because their gonna get smacked. It's pretty funny in a really sad sort of way. How does that pile of crap get a job in radio?

NYCP1 Brad

Here is the fight audio that got Lamar fired:

Lamar Fired

Saturday's mid-game brawl between the University of Miami and Florida International University claimed its first off-the-field victim Monday when Lamar Thomas, a former Miami player who cheered the fight on from a broadcasting booth and even threatened to join it, was fired from his announcing job.

Comcast Sports Southeast fired Thomas from his job doing color commentary on Hurricanes games and will edit his fiery remarks during the brawl from a replay of the telecast Wednesday.

''We don't condone Lamar's statements,'' CSS general manager Mark Fuhrman said. ``He unfortunately got caught in the emotion of it. He blurred the line between what takes place as a participant and your role as a broadcaster.''

When the head-stomping, helmet-swinging brawl erupted during the third quarter, Thomas not only repeatedly cheered UM on, but said he wanted to join them in taking a shot at the FIU team.

''You come into our house, you should get your behind kicked,'' Thomas told viewers. ``You don't come into the Orange Bowl playing that stuff. You're across the ocean over there. You're across the city over there. You can't come over to our place talking noise like that. You'll get your butt kicked. I was about to go down the elevator and get into that thing.''

He even seemed disappointed when the referees finally got control. ''Why don't they just meet outside in the tunnel after the ball game and get it on some more?'' he urged. ``You don't come into the Orange Bowl, baby -- we've had a down couple of years -- but you don't come in here talking trash. . . .

``You come in here talking smack, it's time to get it on. We let you play in our stadium -- they play well, I gotta give it to FIU, they played well so far -- but you cross the line at some point.''

And here is a taste of Lamar’s past

Jul 28, 1996: -- Lamar Thomas and Mel Agee signed --

The Dolphins announced yesterday that they have signed former Tampa Bay Wide Receiver Lamar Thomas to a contract for undisclosed terms. Thomas, who played for the University of Miami before joining the Bucs, was waived by the Buccaneers after being arrested for allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend during a July 4th party.

During 3 years with the Bucs, the 6'2", 173 lb receiver caught 25 passes for 386 yards and 2 TDs.

And then here is what I remember of Lamar Thomas. As George Teague makes one of the greatest plays I can ever remember…

Teague’s Got the Ball!!

Other Links:

Who does Vegas list as the favorite to win the NBA Title? The Dallas Mavericks

In hockey, the Stars are in San Jose tonight. This sets up for a loss, as the Stars are at the end of a long road-trip and San Jose is really, really good. We shall see.

Marty Turco – player of the week & tv star

Marty Turco has been one of the revelations of this early NHL season.

The Dallas Stars goalie has been in the crease for each of his team's first five games, earning five wins as the Stars have stormed to the top of the Western Conference charts. Dallas, along with Buffalo and Minnesota have a League-best 10 points.

Turco has been a big part of Dallas' early success, posting a 1.56 goals-against average and a .948 save percentage -- both those marks good for second in the League.

Not surprisingly, Turco was named the NHL's First Star for the week ending Oct. 15. The NHL has revamped its weekly awards this season, going to the three-star format, a staple of hockey games at the pro level, in place of the Offensive and Defensive Player of the Week awards that existed in the past.

Chicago's Martin Havlat, who has 10 points, was named Second Star and Toronto's Mats Sundin, who reached the 500-goal tally for his career this week, was tabbed as Third Star.

Turco's profile should get even bigger in the next couple days as a commercial prominently featuring him hits the airwaves this week, debuting Oct. 18 on national TV outlets Versus and TSN. Turco was chosen to take part in the 30-second humorous spots that have NHL players reminding average people who are going about their daily activities that the season has started.

Similar bits involving Philadelphia's Peter Forsberg and San Jose's Jonathan Cheechoo already have aired. A spot featuring Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby also will debut Oct. 18.

Not only did the Avalanche lose a home game to the Blackhawks, but they also Received a message from their fans

The Avalanche's 487-game sellout streak ended Monday night. It was the longest recorded string in NHL history. The last time Colorado didn't have a sellout was Nov. 1, 1995, against Calgary.

FC Dallas prepares for playoffs versus old foe

Colorado and Dallas have done battle three times in the 10 editions of the MLS Cup playoffs. Dallas has yet to come out on top.

A highly motivated FC Dallas has another chance for payback beginning Saturday, when it visits Colorado in the first leg of an aggregate-format first-round series.
"I don't think we just want to go out there and get a tie," said defender Bobby Rhine, a casualty of two eliminations, in 2002 and '05, to the Rapids. "We want to win."

Last season, FC Dallas was the Western Conference's second seed and the favorite against a Colorado club that it did not lose to in the regular season. FC Dallas escaped the first leg in Denver with a scoreless tie. In Frisco, FC Dallas let precious opportunities slip away in a match that, to the home team's dismay, finished in a shootout. Ahead 2-1 and with a man advantage in overtime, FC Dallas allowed a goal and was on the short end of the shootout, losing 5-4.

Texas Tech is not good

It's not such a stretch, however, to say that this is the worst Tech offense in Leach's seven-year tenure.

The Red Raiders have failed to score in double figures in two of the last five games, including Saturday's 30-6 loss to previously winless Colorado. The scoring drought happened twice during Leach's first six seasons. It hadn't happened in 75 games before the 12-3 loss to the Horned Frogs.

Tech's production in four major offensive categories – total yards (413.7 per game), rushing yards (76.4), passing yards (337.3) and scoring (28 points) – is the lowest since Leach's first season in 2000. And those numbers are inflated by a 62-0 rout of Division I-AA Southeastern Louisiana. The Red Raiders, who had eight returning offensive starters, are averaging a pedestrian 22.3 points per game against I-A competition.

Every Leach-coached Tech team except the 2000 squad has averaged at least 35 points. There is one obvious similarity between Leach's first Tech team and this one: sophomore quarterbacks.

Graham Harrell, like Kliff Kingsbury in 2000, has struggled at times despite being the Big 12's leading passer. Kingsbury, of course, went on to rewrite the school's passing record book.

The Japanese pitcher everyone wants ….

Six years ago, as the major league playoffs dominated the attention of American baseball fans, Bobby Valentine was asked about the potential impact of a player from Japan. Valentine, then managing the Mets, said he believed the player was already one of the five best in the world.

That player was Ichiro Suzuki, who quickly proved Valentine right by winning the American League Most Valuable Player award for Seattle the next season.

Now, as the manager of the Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan, Valentine has a more intimate knowledge of Japanese talent. If his instincts are the same, then Daisuke Matsuzaka will be the next big star in the majors. “This guy is the real deal,” Valentine said last week in an e-mail message. “He has the ability to be one of the top starters in M.L.B.”

Matsuzaka, a 26-year-old right-hander, was the most valuable player of the World Baseball Classic in March. His team, the Seibu Lions, gave him permission last week to pursue a career in the majors, and the Yankees are among the teams expected to show strong interest.

Japanese players need nine seasons before becoming eligible for free agency, but Matsuzaka will be using the loophole Suzuki and others have used. The Lions will post him for blind bids by major league teams.

The team that bids the highest will get exclusive negotiating rights with Matsuzaka for 30 days. If there is no deal within that window, the team’s buy-in is returned and Matsuzaka continues to play in Japan. Teams can begin bidding around Nov. 1.

Peter King MMQB

Weekly Buccigross Hockey column …good reading…

Good email:

Uncle Bob,

Please help me understand something here. Watching the Tito vs.Shamrock III, I noticed that even glancing blows incur an appreciable amount of damage if continuous. However, watching Triple H vs. Randy Orton on WWE, Triple H rains down about 6-7 undefended blows to the chin, and after about the 8th, Randy Orton starts to teeter and then falls on his face... and not even a swollen eye. Do these UFCers just have glass jaws or are the WWEers just that badass and are able to take blows.

And another thing, what is the deal with those referees. Why doesn't Matt Hughes get a nookie girl manager to stand in his corner. That way, she can crawl up on the octagon apron and distract the referee so Matt Hughes can hit his opponent with his championship belt. Either that, or move out of the way so his opponent knocks out the referee, and then Hughes can hit him with a chair that is thrown in.

I would love to see the biggest WWE star climb into the octagon with someone like Arlovski or the Iceman or even one of the middle tier UFC guys. Can you imagine the pay per view sales? The WWE supporters that don't recognize "sports" entertainment, and the overzealous UFC enthusiasts that feel the need to further legitimize the business... The slaughter of UFC vs. WWE would be one of the biggest pay per views ever...

Russ "the doo doo maker" P1

Pretty Freakin Bizarre workout

Are you Retarded?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


what has Drew Henson got to do with Tony Romo?... because Drew Henson sucked the cowboys should not give Romo a chance? solid sports logic...

if Romo does ever get the chance to play and has success, i don't want to hear a peep from you.

if henson has "baseball feet", then what kind of "feet" does drew bledsoe have...quadrapalegic feet??

retarded dip said...

No really....

Are you retarded?

Brad said...

I wish they'd just put romo in so we can watch him get killed and everyone will shutup...

but how much of a stud did Matt Leinart look last night?

Anonymous said...

Leinart looked OK last night, but that had to be one of the most bizarre games in NFL history. The winning QB goes 14-37 with 0 TDs and 4 INTs! Geez, Grossman's performance last night made Bledsoe's outing in Philly look like a Hall of Fame performance.

And wow, I've never seen a RB look worse than Edge did last night. Only 55 yards on 36 carries!?! You've gotta be kidding me.

Brandon at GSR said...

So was this a bump in the road for the Bears offense?

Or proof they still have a bag?

Anonymous said...


if romo sucks then fine, he has definitely not proven anything as he has only thrown 2 passes in his career. the problem is that we know what a spare bledsoe is so why not at least see what Romo has, worse case scenerio he is a disaster and the cowboys know they can't rely on him for the future...sooner or later they are going to have to figure that out.

Cap It said...

Vegas picking Mavs to win it all = Kiss of death.

Fake Gribble said...

I'm not a Leinart fan but I was impressed by his poise in being able to lead his team to field goal position after the air had been taken out of the stadium by the Bears. And he handled the loss a lot better than his coach did! I guess that's what dating Paris Hilton will do for you. :)

Anonymous said...

dennis green is dating paris hilton??!?!!

Fake Gribble said...

Hasn't everyone dated Paris Hilton at least once?

Anonymous said...

Henson can make all the throws but can't scramble. Henson makes slow decisions. Glad quarterback play like that is not accepted here anymore.

career stats - 10/18 78 yards, 1td, 1int 61.8 qb rating.

and he did that in 3 quarters as a rookie. Doesn't seem like quite the massive failure as the column would appear to indicate.

I'm not saying he was the answer but it was hardly an evaluation. Of course it's always hard to evaluate a young quarterback when a former Parcells QB is at the helm.

The Cowboys can't play this card with Romo. They resigned him which means they see something there. Romo vs. Bledsoe is not going away. There will be more games like Philly and now that fans have finally seen Romo in an NFL game there will be no excuse not to put him in when the offense is stalled. It really would have been nice to see Romo start the meaningless St. Louis game last year.

Poor Bobby Carpenter. Looks like it's starting to happen to him too.

Brad said...

That's fine. Put Romo in. See what he has. I'm all for that.

I'm just saying, if you put him in, you're giving up on the season. You're saying, "OK, this season we're not doing anything." No ifs ands or butts about it. Putting in Romo is giving up on the season. The Cardinals did it, and the Titans did it.

Is that really the message you want to send to all the players on your team?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hell she even "dated" that oversized troll doll head looking Urlacher for a while too. She's probably done at least half of the NFL by now. No wonder Rhyner loves her so much.

p1dean said...

I think Bob's point here is to refute the idea that we armchair GMs are able to identify the next Aikman or Staubach. Just tap the brakes on Romo a little. When everyone was going ga-ga on Henson, Parcells actually had a reason for not plugging him in there.

I've become a Bledsoe apologist. He's a good dude with a couple of flaws. He reminds me a lot of late Aikman...the one who seemed frustrated because he knew he was one hit away from another concussion. I think this is a good year for Bledsoe to manage the Cowboys to the playoffs and then turn it over to the next QB (Quincy).

That exercise vid was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. I'm glad it ended when it did...could have taken a very dark turn.

Speaking of dark turn...has Star Wars Bob commented on the Simpson's lightsaber parody yet?

Sturminator said...


First off, I have said I expect Romo to be pretty good when he gets the chance, so I don't think you get exclusive rights to supporting him. Romo is a cheesehead and a Favre fan, so we have always had that in common.

Second, I am not saying Henson and Romo are the same. But, I am saying the generic Cowboys fan who always thinks the backup is the answer (Garrett, Wright, Carter, Chutch, Leaf, Henson, Romo) is tired. As soon as Romo gets in, we will hear Matt Baker is the next great QB and let's get him in there. If you can honestly tell me that you didn't think Henson was the answer when Vinny was out there, then consider yourself not the target of my rant.



what has Drew Henson got to do with Tony Romo?... because Drew Henson sucked the cowboys should not give Romo a chance? solid sports logic...

if Romo does ever get the chance to play and has success, i don't want to hear a peep from you.

if henson has "baseball feet", then what kind of "feet" does drew bledsoe have...quadrapalegic feet??

p1dean said...

George Carlin's dirty words from 1983...Merkin at 2:26 (dirt words warning!--could you "bleep" this and put it on the air?)

God I wish we could go back in time and stick with Steve Beuerline instead of that spare Aikman!

If you think about, Cowboy fans are screwed...Hall of Fame QB, RB, and WR...that's hard to replace. It shows how great we had it.

Barry Melrose's Mullet said...

John Buccigross is a spare. And so are Razor's scatalogical/homosexual/anatomical references. The summer radio ads for "man-on-man" action turned both men and women off to hockey. His color is good, his word choice is not.

Worn out phrase of 2006: It is what it is.

Anonymous said...


so you are saying the playing vinnie was the right decision when they could have played Henson and seen he has a bag and gotten rid of him sooner rather than sending him to NFL Europe.

sounds like you are successfully riding the fence on this one...point is that bledsoe is not the answer and the cowboys have invested money in Romo so apparently they see something.
give Romo a chance, you may sacrifice this year but in the long run you are putting your franchise in a better position.

Brandon at GSR said...

Why sacrifice this year 5 games in? What kind of a message does that send to the rest of the team that's sitting a half game out right now?

FWIW, I think it was right for Cowboy fan to ask Parcells 'why not throw Henson out there?' back in 2004 when it was fairly apparent we weren't going anywhere that year.

This team can still go somewhere with Bledsoe as quarterback. With Romo, you have an unknown quantity.

Anonymous said...


you think romo will be good once he gets the chance to play but you don't want him to start as long as the great Drew Bledsoe is available???

when exactly would you be in favor of him playing..if you say next year then be advised you will be passing on the opportunity to sign Joe Ferguson as a free agent in the offseason...

thank you for clarifying....

your email nemisis

looking forward to your brother being on the show and props to him for fighting for this country. hope he returns home safe.

Anonymous said...


that was the same logic with Vinnie. let me ask you this, why sacrifice the cowboys future for what amounts to a very very small chance of winning a playoff game.

i've been a cowboy fan for years and will continue to be so my main focus is for the franchise in years to come, provided i do not succomb to the temptation of my own suicide.

Anonymous said...


that was the logic with starting vinnie. i would rather see the franchise move forward and yes, i would sacrifice this year which amount to a very very small chance of winning one playoff game to see what we have for Romo because if Romo is not the answer then the cowboys are in trouble at the qb position and putting off getting Romo in is not in the long term best interests of the dallas cowboys.

p1dean said...

You just violated the Golden Rule of Valley Ranch dude...never put off a chance (however slim) to win a superbowl for the opportunity to build a team later on down the road.

You've forgotten the most important factor....$$$$. If the Cowboys go with Romo and stink up the next 11 games, Jerry is losing a chance to pull in a couple million bucks this post season, not to mention losing the bandwagon fans that will show up for a winning team later this year. Next year is next year...in the NFL you worry about next week.

If you are the diehard Cowboy fan you claim, then Jerry's already got your money, and next year, when Drew retires he'll sell you on Romo as the future.

Anonymous said...


that is true and i'm not saying bledsoe is the only thing standing between them and a superbowl. i think the offensive line is a problem, the defense if great but has a few holes and i think romo will struggle as most young qbs do.

also let me make this clear, the main reason i'm calling for romo is the financial commitment the cowboys made to him.

the only reason ive heard to not start bledsoe is for this season...i just don't see the cowboys going anywhere this year, they have 3 wins against 3 very poor teams...i just don't think they have the offensive line and qb play (with bledsoe or romo) to make a run this year.

David said...

The dumbest argument in all of sports is "We're not going to win a playoff game, so why not spare the team, coaches, management, and fans to death and lose a bunch of games just to prepare for next year when we'll start out 3-2 and everyone will be unhappy and we'll start preparing for the year after that."

The name of the game is winning, making the playoffs and if all goes well, going to the Super Bowl. Why did the Steelers even try to make it to the playoffs last year? I mean, they were the 6th seed and they got blown out by all-powerful Indy.

Oh wait....

Anonymous said...

This is Drew's last year with the Cowboys and I hope it's Parcells last as well. If the Cowboys are hovering around .500 in 5 weeks I would really like to see Romo start 5 games. If he shows something, give him the starting job. If not, get on the phone with Atlanta and pry Matt Schaub away from them. Hopefully the Falcons will still not have figured out that Vick sucks and will part with Schaub for the right price. My point is evaluate the guy or get a veteran that still has his prime years ahead of him rather than behind him.

david cont'd said...

If the Cowboys are sitting at 4-8 in a few weeks, then make the change. But don't make it when you're 3-2.

Anonymous said...

"The dumbest argument in all of sports is "We're not going to win a playoff game, so why not spare the team, coaches, management, and fans to death and lose a bunch of games just to prepare for next year when we'll start out 3-2 and everyone will be unhappy and we'll start preparing for the year after that."

the reason is that were not talking about spares were talking about a person you've invested alot of money on and are counting on to be the qb of the future and the cowboys are in real trouble if Romo is not the answer at QB and the sooner they find out if Romo can play or not the better.

so what you are saying is that the franchise is better off going 8-8 or 7-9 than setting themselves up for the future?

Brad said...

well said Brandon at GSR

and why why why why why would someone ever have a negative word to say about Razor-boy?

that is blasphemy sir. Razor is the best.

p1dean said...

The money they've invested in Romo is chickensh&t compared to what they can earn if Bledsoe gets them into a playoff game. In today's NFL, you are in the playoffs until you've been mathematically eliminated. Once they're out--then you evaluate...not before. If they go 8-8 then you evaluate in the offseason.

Anonymous said...

The money they've invested in Romo is chickensh&t compared to what they can earn if Bledsoe gets them into a playoff game. In today's NFL, you are in the playoffs until you've been mathematically eliminated. Once they're out--then you evaluate...not before. If they go 8-8 then you evaluate in the offseason.

this is the kind of logic for the Arizona Cardinals not the Dallas Cowboys. Why risk the possibility of a 9-7 or 8-8 playoff one and done next year??

p1dean said...

One playoff game=$$$, plus one playoff game= the chance of another playoff game (esp if the opposing team has a kicker who can shank a game winning field goal...oh wait...)

It's all about the present. That's the result of the salary cap. First to Worst, Worst to First, whatever. What if they put Romo in and miss the playoffs this year...is there any evidence that as a result of playing Romo this year, they'll make the playoffs next year? No.

As long as there is a chance of winning with a known factor (Bledsoe), they're not going to risk not winning because of an unknown factor (Romo)

Anonymous said...

The Cowboys were mathematically eliminated going into the St. Louis game and Bledsoe started.

His line 18/39 242 yards, 1 td, 2 int and a fumble.

Romo never took a snap in that game. Failed oppurtunity to evaluate Romo. In the offseason they rewarded him with a contract. Parcells is the king of hypocrisy. "I don't know what the player can do so I can't put him in." Oh you've never thrown an NFL pass? - Here's a new contract. Whatever.

By the way, that was St. Louis's 2nd win against a team with a winning record.

One full game under center for Romo would have given the team and fans a much broader picture of what kind of player he is but....here we are. I do know this - for all who say it's such a stupid idea to contemplate changing quarterbacks, the incumbents haven't reached the playoffs either.

Little Superstar said...

This blog is what it is.

Anonymous said...

This is driving me nuts. Jerry doesn't care ab playoff money as much as he does winning the superbowl.

What is with the mad-love for Romo? Is it bc the last guy to take over for Bledsoe in the middle of the season turned all-world? I'm fine with Romo taking over the helms eventually but in the mean time why are fans calling a QB change so quickly?

Do you want to watch Romo fumbling snaps and looking like a deer in the headlights week after week?

I agree with another poster that Bledsoe reminds me of a late Troy. He can make all the right throws if you give him protection. This no backfield 5 wr set crap is rediculous for someone like Bledsoe.

I hear Jimmy Johnson and all these talking heads talk ab how immobile Bledsoe is. Ya but so are plenty of other guys--like I don't know--Peyton Manning? I submit to you what Dale Hanson always says--can the guy throw the football?

I guess I haven't seen enough of Romo play, people act like he's some sort of scrambling QB.

If Bledsoe loses several games bc of dumb throws, ya throw Romo in.

The cowboys have been "building for the future" for 7 years, I want to see a playoff run. Look around fans at the signing bonuses and ages of several key players on this team, this mix of players isn't meant to last for several years. If they give up on this season, by the time Romo is ready (which could be a couple years) the entire complexion of this team will have changed.

I don't see why Bledsoe couldn't take the Cowboys deep in the playoffs if this defense is what it was built to be. We've got good talent at skill positions and Bledsoe can make all the right throws.

I still think the biggest liability it what we feared in preseason, that offensive line. Bledsoes taking the blame but I think the o-line and some questionable game day coaching by the Tuna are to blame if this team doesn't do well.

Anonymous said...

In other news, the Ravens have fired offensive coordinator Jim Fassel.

Is that a playoff caliber team making a major offensive change in the middle of the season?

Jibbs said...

Does your chain hang low?

Anonymous said...

every time i watch bledsoe play i start hearing that "space people" song in my head

Jay Clendenin said...

where's all the talk about the bears being the most balanced team in the nfl? "o what's that nfl commentator, you don't know shit about football?"

btw...that's from meet the parents.

Brandon at GSR said...

Mike Tirico + Joe Thiesmann + Tony Kornheiser = The worst sports broadcasting team in history.

big smooth said...

anon 12:58,

i agree that it would have been nice to see romo for a full game last year to evaluate him. however, i don't think it would have been fair to base any sort of opinion of romo based on him starting that last game. if you remember, they would still have had a shot at the final playoff spot if the redskins had lost to the eagles. had that happened and the cowboys beat the rams, the cowboys would have been in. it did not, and the cowboys played a lethargic, meaningless game. the players were clearly not in it having been disappointed at the fact they had nothing to play for. while they are professionals and should still be playing hard, i don't you can blame them for the lack of focus in that final game. i think it would have set romo up for failure and you would not be able to get a fair assessment of him.

if the cowboys start tanking and look like they aren't making the playoffs, i say by all means, play romo. 4-2 is not the time to be ending the season....

big smooth said...

brandon, could not agree more on the mnf crew. that was a great 4th quarter last night, but i was so defeated listening to those morons. espn has ruined monday night football with the crappy announcers and the stupid score/time graphic thing obstructing the picture.

Anonymous said...

Did Kornheiser say anything about having one of those guys on his fantasy team?

Sturminator said...

new rule:

if you are going to post 10 times in one day, what about registering so we know you as something more than "anon 10:10"? It takes about 30 seconds.



Brad said...

The power of Bob compells you

Mavs and Stars on TV on the same night tonight.

This makes Brad very happy.

Wes Mantooth said...

Bob just sturminated anon. Way to go Bob!

Dorothy Mantooth is a SAINT!

"anon 10:10" said...


Took a wee bit longer than 30 seconds though.

"anon 10:10" said...

We're having fun here, no?

I'll come up with a new name tomorrow.

btw, I didn't post 10 times today, there are many anonymouseseses but I shall heed the call Bob.


TheDude said...

Hey! I'm the rulemaker here...

Anonymous said...

new rule,

when you loose a sports argument you can't start arbitrarily bitchin about something as meaningless as whether someone logs on as anon or not.