Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wednesday Blog Part 1

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Star Telegram says Romo is the guy

As much as the owner didn't want to see it, when Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe was benched Monday night it wasn't just for one quarter or one half.

According to a source, Tony Romo will be the starter when the Cowboys play the Panthers on Sunday night in Charlotte, N.C. It would be his first NFL start.

The source said Romo will be with the first-team offense when practice begins today.
But the move is one that makes Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones uneasy.

"I've thought the best chance for us to be where we wanted to be, contending in the
playoffs, was to go with the experienced quarterback in Drew, and I don't know if I've changed my mind there at all," Jones told reporters while he attended the NFL owners meetings in New Orleans on Tuesday afternoon.

Jones said he did not know who would start Sunday.

"But we have to win games," he said. "We have to give ourselves every opportunity. There is no question Romo has mobility and he can mitigate some of the problems we have with Drew's mobility. On the other hand, you saw [against the Giants] we give up some good stuff experience-wise. It'll be a tough decision."

Cowlishaw encourages Parcells to roll with Romo

If you thought Monday was bad, I fear that today is going to be even worse.
On Monday, coach Bill Parcells benched Drew Bledsoe in favor of Tony Romo. In his news conference today, I expect Parcells to go back to Bledsoe.

And that's not good news for the long-term recovery of the Dallas Cowboys.
Maybe Parcells will surprise me. Maybe he will decide that it's time to roll the dice with Romo. Maybe he will look at Bledsoe's numbers over the last 16 games – 19 touchdowns, 21 interceptions, 52 sacks, an 8-8 record – and decide that the status quo just won't cut it.

But I don't think he will.

I think Parcells will look at the downside of playing Romo and decide that the possible rewards do not justify the risks.

With Bledsoe, the Cowboys aren't going to the Super Bowl, but they aren't going 5-11, either.

With Romo, well, the Super Bowl isn't hanging out there, either. A more positive vibe on the sideline and in the Texas Stadium stands and a glimpse of a brighter future could be on display.

Then again, Romo's three-interception second half puts him on pace for 60 picks the last 10 games, so a slide in the direction of the Washington Redskins is definitely possible.

Romo represents excitement. He would be far more entertaining to watch, and that's true whether you love the Cowboys or hate them. The coaches would have to work overtime to get Romo to curb his tendency to try to make something from nothing.
But playing Romo would at least acknowledge that the organization is searching for its future at the game's most pivotal position. Bledsoe is in his 14th year. He's not going to be more mobile in 2007. He's not going to stop making mistakes.

The NFL flex schedule makes its first move: Bears – Giants moved to Sunday Night

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Chicago Bears' game against the New York Giants at the Meadowlands on Nov. 12 was switched Tuesday by the NFL from an afternoon to a night game, the first under the flexible scheduling format implemented in the new television contract.

The 8:30 p.m. EST game will be televised by NBC instead of Fox. Under the format, the Sunday night time slot had been left vacant, with CBS and Fox each allowed to protect five afternoon games over seven weeks of the season. Each has chosen four and will pick one more.

Record Ratings Monday Night

ESPN's telecast of the New York Giants' 36-22 win over the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night was viewed by the largest audience in cable history.

The network announced Tuesday that the game was seen in an average of 11,807,000 homes, based on a 12.8 rating. That translates to 16,028,000 viewers.

The previous record for cable television was the debate over NAFTA in November 1993, between then-Vice President Al Gore and Ross Perot.

A cable ratings point represents 923,000 households.

Big Halloween TV Viewing with Mike Schank and Mark Borchardt

Feature on Snoop from the Wire

Slate looks at the Office in different languages

Whatever Happened to Brian Custer?

Custer joins the SNY team having most recently worked at CBS-11 in Dallas for eight years where he served as sports anchor. Prior to that, he worked at the ABC affiliate WSYX-TV for two years, where he served as a sports anchor. Custer began his radio and television career in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, where he spent a year and a half at 610 WTVN radio. Custer, a life member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and graduate of Hampton University, currently resides in the Tri-State area.

Aaron Downey gets drilled

Walk into glass

Ms peachez


Jay Clendenin said...

( . Y . )

Brad said...

well said Jay.

Bob, live from Orlando (on business) I've been listening to South Floridas finest talk about Romo and the Cowboys....

their spin is, "well which quarterback can get the ball to T.O. the best?"

"why doesnt Parcells use T.O. more?"

and "didnt T.O. know this was how it was going to be?"

oh and I think they mention Tony Romo sometimes...

Go Stars.

Evie said...
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p1dean said...

I just read the Telegram...and I think it's very interesting that Jerry is sounding doubtful on the ToMo move (ToMo...that's mine!!!). All along, I thought that Jerry was chomping at the ToMo bit, and Purcells was holding him it is revealed that Jones was pushing for the old vet...not the new boytoy? Didn't see that one coming...

BTW...along with ToMo and ToRo, I've come up with RoHo...

RoHo (n)...short for RomoHomo. 1) A person believing in the following syllogism...a)Drew Bledsoe is not the future of the Cowboys, b)Tony Romo is not Drew Bledsoe, therefore, c)Tony Romo is the future of the Cowboys. 2)Because of the mistaken belief that Romo is the second coming of Staubach, (meaning he is like Quincy, but white), RoHo's hope to bed Romo now, so that when he leads the Cowboys to the Superbowl this season and is immediately enshrined in Canton they will have a stained blue dress to sell on Ebay.


Fake Sturm said...

P1 Dean gets the todays trophy for post of the day. No point in even trying after that.

p1dean said...

thanks dude. I've never gotten a trophy before! I only wish my Dad was still around...maybe he...well, maybe he would say he was proud of me.


artist form know as anon said...

fake sturm,

thanks for your applause of p1 dean's post. once i read it i immediately wondered "how is fake sturm going to react?"

Just Sayin' said...

In case anyone was wondering, here are the offensive linemen drafted after Bobby Carpenter (pick # 18)and before Anthony Fasano (pick # 53).

23. Davin Joseph, G, Bucs - Starter
29. Nick Mangold, C, Jets - Starter
39. Winston Justice, T, Eagles - Backup
41. Deuce Lutui, G, Cardinals - Backup
47. Daryn Colledge, T, Packers - Backup
50. Marcus McNeil, T, Chargers - Starter
51. Ryan Cook, C, Vikings - Backup

p1dean said...

yeah...that's great and all just sayin', but how many of those linemen were Italian?

Just Sayin' said...

have to get back to you on that but I think a couple were from Jersey and one is the son of a former Giants assistant equipment manager.

artist form know as anon said...

"yeah...that's great and all just sayin', but how many of those linemen were Italian?"

fake sturm just soiled his pants at the greatness of this post.

bug up artist form know as anon's ass said...

At this point, all Parcells is missing is Landry's fedora because it is painfully obvious that Parcells has reached that point of his coaching career.

bug out

artist form know as anon said...

bug up my ass,

hey, get out of there!!!!

p1dean said... do you know what's in fake sturm's pants?

I agree with your heresy, BugUpAss...Parcells hasn't proved he's anything more than a name. What if Sean Peyton had taken over the reigns this year? (just asking) Would he have had success, or is a lot of that due to the emotional aspect of the Saints?

p1dean said...

reigns (?!) I'm a retard

artist form know as anon said...

" do you know what's in fake sturm's pants?

I agree with your heresy, BugUpAss...Parcells hasn't proved he's anything more than a name. What if Sean Peyton had taken over the reigns this year? (just asking) Would he have had success, or is a lot of that due to the emotional aspect of the Saints?"

oh no, fake sturm just lost his bowls!!!

reporting from fake sturms pants..

Fake Sturm said...

"thanks for your applause of p1 dean's post. once i read it i immediately wondered "how is fake sturm going to react?""

You are welcome.

"fake sturm just soiled his pants at the greatness of this post."

It was kinda funny. Not funny enough to soil my pants though.

"oh no, fake sturm just lost his bowls!!!
reporting from fake sturms pants."

I always keep multiple bowls in my pants, but I never lose them.

Fake Sturm said...

Geez...I think someone is a little obsessed with Fake Sturm and his pants.

artist form know as anon said...

"Geez...I think someone is a little obsessed with Fake Sturm and his pants."

p1 dean, prepare to give that trophy back, i think we have a new winner. best follow up to one's own post!!

i know it must be hard for you guys knowing that the cowboys just threw in the towel on a sure super bowl appearance by benching the greatest QB ever, Drew Bledsoe, but remember....Merkin...

thanks for your courage

p1dean said...

I'm happy to share my trophy with all my friends. I learned that from VeggieTales!!


ps Jesus loves you fakesturm

cracker1743 said...

We could've had Holly Mangold's brother? Fuuuuuuuuuuuudge...

cracker1743 said...

Fake Sturm is holdin'...and it's a lot cooler that he is.

Matt in Mesquite said...

Any thoughts on drafting the ENTIRE Longhorn's offensive line during next year's draft? I believe that most of them will be headed to the NFL next season.

Just Sayin' said...

I think it would be difficult to get all 5 AND Paul Thompson.

p1dean said...

Jones will trade first round pick for 5 seventh round picks and replace the entire line in the seventh round (after drafting two tight ends and three wide receivers in the previous rounds)

Andy Douthitt said...

This is really unbelievable...

BAD Radio linked with failed players is unheard of.

The timeline is creepy...

Van Exel

There is no stopping the Bob and Dan curse. It's a thing of beauty.

Who's next? Dirk? I hope not.

Who wants to hear the thoughts of a backup quarterback now week after week? I don't. Cancel the show because he serves no purpose now. Wow.

Rick Bentley said...

Let's all see if we can get "artist formerly known as anon" to post more often.

Formerly Anonymous SOONER said...

I dont think its a good idea to draft the Longhors whole overrated line -- besides there not all seniors anyway. Blaylock can play -- thats about it the others just live off the reputation of Lenard Davis and other guys who arent there anymore.

As far as the sarcasim about drafting Paul Thompson goes I know it is directed at me. Talk to me in three years when he is on the field in the NFL making plays and leading a team. I am not saying he will be a Pro Bowl guy from day one but I do say he has as much potential as anybody. And his arm strength is off the charts -- he can heave it like Jeff George (but with good intangabels). Dont get me wrong Im sure there are 5 or more guys out there with similar potential -- I do NOT claim he is the best QB in the country.

Oh and Jerry will soon regret the day he didnt draft Davin Joseph -- if he doesnt already.

bigdickdaddyfromcincinatti said...


Paul Thompson will never take a snap on any NFL field as a starting QB.

Andy Douthitt said...

Formerly Anon SOONER...

I need you to state your affiliation...

How old are you?

How long have you followed OU football?

I will hold my comments until you respond.

Fake Sturm said...

wow...just wow.

Maybe we should let all our "Formerly Anonymous" posters stay anonymous.

Fake Sturm said...

They have posted Bledsoe's blog on Deadspin.

It might be the Fake Drew Bledsoe.

Bone of Death said...

Talk to us in 3 years when shift mangager Quincy Carter is ordering Paul Thompson to get the fries ready at Burger King branch #2413.

cracker1743 said...

dont its Longhors there thats
Lenard arent sarcasim intangabels
dont Im didnt doesnt

That's quite impressive, even for the Fake Formerly Anonymous SOONER. The third-grade grammar is strangely hypnotic, his ramblings almost haiku-ish in their own inscrutable manner. Please don't strip his posting rights.

Oh, by the way, if you're serious about this Paul Thompson-as-NFL-quarterback bit, I've got some more bad news...Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny don't exist, either.

Robert Bentley said...

Or talk to us in ten years when J.D. Runnels is supplanting Emmitt as the NFL's all-time leading rusher.

Brandon said...

I keep telling you people....

Formerly ANON Sooner is a bit.

No, he's not my bit. But he believe he is somebody's bit.

Because nobody could be that delusional.

And for the record, I wouldn't mind next April if the Cowboys drafted a few guys off that burnt orange O-line. It would be an instant improvement over what they have now.

Robert Bentley said...

If the Pokes are going to draft Texas linemen, they'd better start having their QBs taking snaps from the shotgun.
Um, why don't they do that anyway?