Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Giants 36, Cowboys 22 (3-3)

• Let’s get this out of the way right now: The Cowboys are in complete disarray. How this happened so quickly is hard for me to put into words. I swear, around 7:30, we were talking about how they are one evening of football from being alone in first place in what we considered to be the best division in football. Then, by 8:30 we were all quite sure that this team should not be considered a favorite to win almost any game they have left on the schedule. That must be some sort of record for a team that did not lose any significant player to injury in that one hour. The entire house of cards collapsed last night, and I hate to agree with those that knee jerk, but it is hard not to agree when one of the chief knee jerkers appears to be the Head Coach of the team.

• Someone suggested that when you have 2 QBs that appear so close, then you really have none. I thought the first half and second half of the Monday Night mauling demonstrated that with perfect clarity. Where the plot twists to take us next Sunday is anyone’s guess. But, wow. I swear, they were only down 12-7 at the half. This was still a winnable game that could have made you 4-2. When you pulled your veteran QB, you pulled your season off the table. This is not to say you were going to win the Super Bowl this year, but this is to say what I believe to be obvious: As average as you may thing Bledsoe is, and as promising as you may think Romo is, you had to expect exactly what you saw out of Romo if you have ever watched pro football before yesterday. That is exactly what new QB’s do against good defenses. And if you thought that was bad, wait to see what Carolina does against him when they have a week to game plan. In one halftime strategy session, Bill Parcells removed Jerry Jones from the “All-In” hand that he promised everyone last spring when he signed Terrell Owens. They just folded before seeing the flop for 2006. I sure hope they know what they are doing.

• This offensive line is the reason why there are in this mess to begin with. Check that. This front office is the reason why the offensive line is a mess. Bobby Carpenter and Anthony Fasano are the two most pedestrian top draft picks in NFL History it would seem. To spend valuable picks on guys who make no impact, and to spend valuable dollars on Wide Receivers and Kickers when the heart of your OL looked so bad last December, you must wonder what the heck the Cowboys brain trust was thinking. It is ok for fans to live with some optimism, but your decision makers in personnel must be able to see something for what it is. This offensive line would not be suitable for pretty much any QB.

• The New York Giants are good.

• A quick message to Cowboys fans who have Romo optimism. I really like the kid. Many who see the kid play (including me) have labeled his style somewhat “Favre-like”. So, it may interest you to hear what the first few years of Favre were like: A lot of heart. A lot of interceptions. Many plays you really get excited. But through it all, you will see excitement – basically much of what you saw last night. Now, whether he is another flash in the pan gun-slinger or one of the most prolific passers in the history of the game will come down to his ability to learn very quickly. But for Cowboys fans who have not had to deal with a crazy improvisational QBs since before Troy Aikman, this could be unsettling. Gun slingers will gamble at every opportunity. Whether he is a good gun slinger or a poor one will be decided on the scoreboard.

• Drew Bledsoe took a shot at Bill Parcells last night on the way to his car. He called it a “bad decision” to pull him at the half. He has also said he would not be a backup again, after his experiences in Foxboro and Buffalo. Should we expect a retirement this week? He certainly doesn’t need the money.

• Terrell Owens cost this team mightily on that dropped 4th down pass. I certainly don’t care to see a smile on his cocky face moments later. Make no mistake: Your patience for him will likely dissipate quickly now that the season is in the tank.

• What did Bledsoe see on the pass that may have ended his career? There was no place to throw the football when Terry Glenn was totally covered by Sam Madison. He wasn’t open and the decision was brutal. If you just take the FG, you are only down 12-10 at the half. Why force it in there? Why was Owens such a small part of the game-plan again through the first 5 possessions? Why did they use Witten so little again? Well, Romo is looking for Witten and Owens at every opportunity, so now we can look ahead. I just don’t understand how we got to this point.

• I don’t believe Michael Strahan is washed up.

• Lost in all of the blame on the OL and QB is the fact that the defense has once again let down the team. They allowed several more big plays on Monday night. This Cowboys team needed domination from its defense and has gotten nothing of the kind. For all of the money and draft picks sunk into this unit, you would certainly expect more. But, alas, it is a very average defense. The Giants defense is so much better.

• Except DeMarcus Ware. He is a man-child.

• Best Line of the Morning by some guy on Sportscenter: Lucky Tony Romo is more mobile than Drew Bledsoe, it helps him run down interceptions better. Seriously, at what level of football was that screen pass interception acceptable?

• Tiki Barber looks like he could still play plenty of football. His elusive ability at this age is far superior than he seemed in his mid-20’s. I have all the respect in the world for Tiki.

• Nothing makes me more crazy than seeing Eli Manning play well at Texas Stadium. He put several passes up for grabs and the Cowboys let them slip through their fingers – kind of like the season. That QB is over-rated, but he looked just fine last night.

• What an incredible departure for Bill Parcells to look ahead. 2006 is now an elongated 2007 preseason. Is this the same coach that rode out Vinny for 16 games in 2004? I really didn’t think that Parcells had it in him to roll with a young QB. It must be an indication of what he thought Bledsoe had left.

• Nice blitz pickup on Arrington on that flea-flicker. Witten and Jones could not contain a stinking Linebacker together? I am not saying that was an automatic touchdown, but it would be nice if your QB could throw the ball without someone hitting his arm on the throw.

• Roy Williams cannot cover anyone in pass defense. No offense, but he cannot do it. He does many things well, but coverage will never be one of them.

• How would you like to be a fly on the wall in Jerry Jones office today?

• Carolina awaits in 5 days. Ouch.


J-in-H said...


Pooky said...

More importantly, Jones and Glenn cost me a win in Fantasy Football. Scumbags!

artist form know as anon said...

thank christ we will never have to be spared to death by Drew Bledsoe again. hopefully he will retire because like bob said, he does have a lot of money which is good because he also has a big bag in which to store that money.

i would much rather see romo make stupid rookie mistakes than see Bledsoe make stupid rookie mistakes.

rip drew

Just Sayin' said...

I'm glad the move was made.

I can live with the mistakes from a guy playing in his second game. I can't live with them from a 14 year veteran.

The offensive line is terrible, the defense is highly overrated. The Cowboys are not a playoff team. Playoff teams beat good teams (especially at home) - Dallas loses to good teams and beats bad teams.

It's going to get worse before it gets better but we have all seen Drew's best and it ain't much.

Welcome back Jason Witten! It's nice to be thrown to isn't it.

MrSimic said...

Because Bob didn't say it himself (in as many words), I'll say it: Bob was 100% right on the Bledsoe-Romo issue.

He had been saying that (1) if you see Romo in a game, other than mop-up duty, the season isn't going as planned, and (2) Romo has potential, but he's not as good an option as Bledsoe b/c Bledsoe will make the veteran decision and Romo will make the rookie decision.

That said, the offensive line wouldn't have given many quarterbacks an opportunity to succeed. Romo had flashes of competence, but nothing spectacular.

Dammit I'm pissed. At least the Stars keep winning. Last night's finish in Vancouver was exciting hockey. In the final seconds, the puck snuck past Turco and dribbled onto the goal line. Zubov got his stick on the line and kept it from going over to save the game.

monal said...

while I agree with Bob and Dan that Romo will not allow you to achieve your goals this year it is time to put him. The O-Line can't be rehauled midseason so the only choice is to goto the more mobile QB and get him some experience. This season is now a wash anyways......

artist form know as anon said...

mr. simic,

was the interception at the goal line this week, and last week for that matter, the "veteran decision".

someone please point out the "veteran decisions" that Bledsoe has made.

sure, bob is a master of the obvious by stating that someting would have to go awry if Romo became starter this season but we as cowboy fans are better off as the cowboys can either see that Romo is the answer or he is not then move on. remaining with bledsoe as the starter would have only delayed this inevitable choice and would have delayed the cowboys rebuilding.

Fake Sturm said...

Parcells panicked and went with the rookie QB in a 12-7 game, at halftime??? Are you freaking kidding me? I came completely off the couch when they made this annoucement. This season is over. You cant go back to Bledsoe after that nationally televised slap in the face.

Bledsoe is a servicable QB if you get him some protection. Not a QB in the league could have done much when Strahan is running into the backfield UNBLOCKED.

This team COULD win the division with Bledsoe at QB. And anything can happen once you get to the playoffs. You might not win another game this year with Romo as your QB. This is a freaking disaster.

When do the Mavs start?

p1dean said...

welp...see ya later!!

I'm a Bledsoe apologist. I think he's old Troy. I think that if the O-line had some skill, and could protect him, Bledsoe could pick apart almost any team. But when you have to have one of your biggest threats blocking (Whitten), then you're screwed. Obviously Blesoe's weakness is his inability to play with pressure (sacks, ints, dumb decisions). With the below poor performance of the line, I'm willing to admit that Bledsoe stands no chance this year.

As for things going wrong...this team is Texas Tech. This is what Pirate Captain called a bunch of posers and wanna be's. This defense sucks. They're the bully who steals the little kids lunch money, but runs away when challenged. ROY WILLIAMS...Mr. Highlight reel himself got knocked back by a third down back last night!! I thought he was Gold around the line??

You can live with a subpar defense if you have a great offense...well, we've got the greatest threat in the game (TO)...and he's dropping critical balls and falling down.

You can live with a subpar offense if you have a great defense. 6 first round picks and the freakin' Giants hang 30+ points?!!

At least we have a kick ass punter (he'd better be with all the work he's going to get this year!)

artist form know as anon said...

fake sturm,

sorry but a serviceable QB does not throw goal line picks back to back weeks.

if you look at the bledsoe led cowboys offense and think this team could win a playoff game or even get to the playoffs then you are living in a dream world.

artist form know as anon said...

p1 dean,

Bledsoe was not pressured in anyway on the interception at the goal line. So what is the Bledsoe excuse there?

artist form know as anon said...

p1 dean,

Bledsoe was not pressured in anyway on the interception at the goal line. So what is the Bledsoe excuse there?

Itzadavey said...

Right when Romo came out I told my friends, "I don't have a good feeling about this" What happened? Interception. I don't understand people that are saying the season is a wash now, but it truly is insane to think that you are done in a 12-7 game. Bledsoe made 2 bad decisions in the first half: the interception at the goal line, and holding on to the ball too long on ONE of the sacks. The offensive line was atrocious. Julius couldn't run the ball either. Dallas is still just a game out of first right? The only way to stay in it is to have a veteran there.

I beleive that the ship can still be righted by putting Bledsoe back in. I understand this is highly unlikely, but hey, the mavs just couldn't lose the NBA Finals being up 2-0....right? Too soon?

Fake Sturm said...


I think a Bledsoe led team went 9-7 and missed the playoffs by one game last year, and that was without the best wide receiver in football. And that was also with a banged up Jules Jones and Flozell Adams. And the D should be much improved.

PHE said...

Artist (and other Bledsoe-haters) - there is no excuse for the goal-line INT. It was terrible, and a terrible mistake.

But, does ANYONE really think Romo is the answer? He's got more mobility, sure. But who cares? What does that really get you?

Maybe he has more upside than Bledsoe. It's possible, but I doubt it. I thik we're gonna go into this offseason asking what the Cowboys are going to do at QB.

And what are the Cowboys going to at QB?

The Pear Shaped Football Genius admitted the season is over last night. Good luck keeping a lid on the TO Owens cauldron now. Good luck selling the garbage we've been handed for years - we've got a QB, we've got a great D, we've got the best receivers in the league, Julius Jones is the next Gale Sayers, etc.

Prepare for a return to the QCar, Chutch, Ryan Leaf, QB of the month revolving door.

And then, at the end of the year, when the Pear Shaped Football Genius goes off into the sunset to do whatever it is he does, prepare for the return to the Campo, Gailey, spare coach-o-rama.

This is so delicious.

artist form know as anon said...

fake sturm,

again, does a serviceable QB make those mistakes back to back weeks at the goal line?...and i dont want to hear about the o-line because he had plenty of time to make those poor decisions.

if anyone looks at this team with bledsoe and thinks they can get to the playoffs then i can't help you, you just have to wake up.

Wes Mantooth said...

Artist, did Bledsoe sleep with your wife or something? Why so much hate for Drew? He cannot succeed behind this O-line, true. But Tony Romo is a freaking undrafted free agent! The positive signs we saw last night were because he is young and energetic, not because he is the next Favre. Romo will be a solid backup qb in the league, but we are going to have to go out and find the next Staubach, Aikman, etc.

My only questions now are:

1. What quarterbacks are available in the draft next year?
2. Can we lose enough games this year to get a good qb in the draft?
3. Why didn't we go after Drew Brees? All it took was money to get a solid young qb in here.

We also need to spend some serious cash and picks on O-line help. We suck.

Dingus McDouchey said...

what about the giants defense sack celebration? the jump shot?
i am a giants fan, and even i think it's gay.

Wes Mantooth said...

1st - love the name
2nd - jump shot celebration is very gay

artist form know as anon said...

wes mantooth,

i'm not saying romo is the answer but i am saying that Bledsoe is not the answer. he didn't sleep with my wife, hell i'm not even that desparate.

plus i do put alot of stock in the TV ratings even though they do not count mulitple TV households. Today redemption is spelled R-O-M-O

Fake Sturm said...


I dont have time to go research who threw picks in back to back weeks in the red zone. But I do know that the great Donovan McNabb threw 3 picks on Sunday, and 2 of them were taken the other way for touchdowns. I am not sure what exact yard line they were on, but I know that is bad. And Andy Reid had the nerve to leave him in and let him finish the game. I am just saying, Quaterbacks make mistakes just like every other position.

artist form know as anon said...

fake sturm,

comparing McNabb to Bledose???
i think there is a shine box somewhere that now needs to be retrieved and you are the guy who needs to now go get said shinebox.

Shiffman's Blog said...

I am not a Cowboys fan, so I can look at this team objectively. They are only 3-3. Its not like they are 3-10. There is still plenty of season left. A win in Carolina and all is right in the world again.

As a Packers fan, trust me, things could be much worse...

DougDanDude said...

Didn't D-Bled say on the show last week that he is the type of QB to help out the backup?

I guess last night was a weird situation, but Drew sat there and pouted like a little bitch while Romo was failing. He probably couldn't have helped Romo anyway, but he could have at least offered a few pointers on what to expect from the Giants' D.

artist form know as anon said...

shiffman's blog,

"there is still plenty of season left" sure, i realize they are not mathematically out of it but neither are the raiders and cardinals mathematically out of it but i'll be you a number of small cambodian orphans that neither will see the playoffs.

Matt in Mesquite said...

Agree with almost your entire assessment, Bob. I thought that the move to Romo was a little premature. after all, the Cowboys were going to get the ball back to start the 2nd half.

I guess Parcells saw that an immobile QB was going to be a sitting duck.

Fake Sturm said...


I wasnt comparing McNabb to Bledsoe. You said there is no servicable QBs that make mistakes in back to back weeks. Would you say that McNabb is a servicable QB? What about losing back to back games to the Saints and the Bucs, where you throw 4 picks?

You think there are moron Philly fans at this very moment campaigning for Jeff Garcia?

Robert Bentley said...

Trade Witten and Roy for picks now, while they've still got some folks fooled.

artist form know as anon said...

fake sturm

i'm very sorry, but if you have watched Bledsoe's performance this year and think the cowboys have a chance to make the playoffs then nothing will change your mind.

What would Bledsoe have to do to warrant his benching in your eyes?

i've just seen enough of his bag and its time to move on whether or not Romo is the answer or will help them this year not withstanding.

Formerly Anonymous SOONER said...

I am not sure that either Bledsoe or Romo is the right answer at this point but I do think that Parcels had to try something. Bledsoes mistakes are costing the Cowboys too much and his 'good' plays arent doing enough. Its time to try a new direction.

If Romo doesnt pan out the Cowboys can look to the free agent market or draft in the off season. Maybe its time they spent a few of there high picks on offense for a change. I doubt they will be in positin to get Brady Quinn or anything -- but they could have JaMarcus Russell or Paul Thompson fall in there lap at the end of the first or maybe the mid second round. Some atheleticicsm at the position wouldnt hurt.

Just Sayin' said...

Paul Thompson?

Dude, take a deep breath and count to 10.

Robert Bentley said...

Pokes need to sign Cale Gundy IMMEDIATELY.

Fake Sturm said...

Just saying, I wasnt ready to give up on the year yet, and by playing Romo you have done that. Bledsoe's performance last year and the previous 14 years proves that he can do that.

Formerly Anon Sooner-
Give it up with the PT bit. But you do bring up a good point. I think Drew Stanton from Mich St. will be the 2nd QB taken in the draft and should be available when the Boys pick. Or they could wait until the 2nd and look at Troy Smith.

I'm with you on that theory.
Call the Vikings.

Krust said...

Can't wait to hear the Drew Bledose show on Wednesday... assuming that it's still gonna happen. I'm going to set the over/under on how soon Dan pisses him off at 2:37 into the interview.

Edge said...

Look, let's look at this the way we should. The problem is the O Line. Plain and simple. Can you have a passing game w/o a good O/Line? No, can you set up the passing game w/o a good O/Line? No. Any mediocre QB and RB can be amazing with a good O/Line and decent defense. So as we debate Drew/Tony, remember the guys in front of them are more important. Spend draft picks and free agent dollars there and watch the Cowboys turn around.


PHE said...

Jef, you are dead solid right. The O line is the root of all evil on this team.

I would throw in the over-rated defense and the obnoxious, over-rated head coach, but let's start w/ the O line.

artist form know as anon said...

fake sturm,

i see your point, i'm just a frustrated Cowboy fan today.

The Polit Burro said...

MrSimic wrote:

He had been saying that (1) if you see Romo in a game, other than mop-up duty, the season isn't going as planned, and (2) Romo has potential, but he's not as good an option as Bledsoe b/c Bledsoe will make the veteran decision and Romo will make the rookie decision.

We...Jerry, Bill, all of us in the seats watching...knew what we were getting in Drew Bledsoe coming into this season: An immobile QB with a big arm and often-poor decision-making in clutch situations.

The two things that got me last year about Bledsoe and that got me up until halftime of yesterday's game about him are first that he just flat-out won't throw the ball away. EVER. He'll make a horrible pass (ref. the pick to Terry Glenn on the goal line) before he'll throw tht ball away. That turns into turnovers.

Second, we knew that Bledsoe takes a lot of sacks because he holds onto the ball for too long. I think that this and the interception propensity both go back to his unusually long throwing motion, effectively the same problem that a pitcher with slow delivery can't pitch effectively from the wind-up once there are base runners with speed. He'll be stolen on with impunity.

Given those two things, I disagree with MrSimic's comment that Bledsoe will be better than Romo because Bledsoe will make the veteran decision. Bledsoe doesn't make veteran decisions; he makes rookie decisions! If you're going to have two QBs who are making bad decisions that end in interceptions, I'll take the mobile guy who has a chance of beating the rush over the statue waiting to be sacked.

Bob's right, though: There's no Bledsoe/Romo debate if our offensive line had been improved in the off season. The offensive line's lack of protection exacerbate's Bledsoe's lack of mobility to the point where it becomes a huge detriment and it will exacerbate Romo's urge to make hasty throws until he's more comfortable in the offense.

Job said...

The BAD Radio curse is alive and well. How about the Tom Hicks Show next year?

sturrminator said...

"Can't wait to hear the Drew Bledose show on Wednesday..."

rest assured Drew's arse will be kissed as usual, dan and i will only support romo once we have a show with him.


Just Sayin' said...


I second that.

mrowlou said...

more proof that the BAD radio curse is doing well!

(someone should have told Drew)

Itzadavey said...

I don't understand why Bledsoe can't start Sunday. Lets look at Parcells past here.

In 2004 Henson started Thanksgiving day against the Bears. Parcells can't turn back, right? Nope. Parcells goes with Testaverde in the second half and Henson never plays again....ever.

Parcells isn't driven by conventional thinking. Its a week by week decision on what gives him the best chance to win. He thought he could throw a screwball to get the Giants off-balance, but that didn't work.

Back to Bledsoe

p1dean said...

you're right itzadavey...Parcells does what Parcells does. He might well start Romo on Sunday, then pull him after the 1st quarter and stick Vandejact in as QB.

I can't help but feeling that Big Mack is on to something here...maybe sitting Bledsoe was nothing more than a nationally televised bitch slap. Both to Bledsoe (get your head straight) and to all the RomoHomos (here you go...did you like those three interceptions, I hope you did, I hope you did vera much!)

Andy Douthitt said...

Formerly anon Sooner...

You should have your blogging rights stripped from you.

Your fired.

You probably have homework to do tonight, so get on it before you go to bed.

I am so shocked about that comment I have nothing left to say.

Rick Bentley said...

And that's coming from another sooner (albeit, a realistic sooner)

Brad said...

oh im sorry i was watching the Stars game....a team that knows how to win even when they suck. who get no attention, despite early DOMINANCE

did the Cowboys play?