Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Short Links

The following is a short bunch of links. Scroll down to the Cowboys notes below:

Bledsoe better at home

Home sweet home
Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe has found the solution to success. Play at home. Here are his stats on the road compared to at home.
Road Rec. C-A Yds. TD Int. Sacks
1-2 47-91 648 3 7 9
Home Rec. C-A Yds. TD Int. Sacks
2-0 36-66 405 4 0 3

Franklin destroyed by the dangerous Silva

UFC 64 was dubbed “Unstoppable” and after witnessing Franklin get clobbered and knocked out in just under four minutes, it appeared Silva was deserving of the moniker.

Franklin said before the bout that he was going to trade with Silva, even if it meant fighting him in the clinch. Franklin did just that and he paid for it dearly.

Silva avoided virtually everything Franklin threw his way and shook off the few solid straight lefts that “Ace” was able to land. But once Silva entrapped Franklin within his vaunted Thai clinch, the end was just around the corner.

Silva refused to allow Franklin, a veteran of over 20 fights, to escape; the champion appeared to have no idea to how to break free of Silva’s clinch. Sensing that his foe was in deep trouble, Silva unfurled his attacks and immediately began firing knees to both Franklin’s body and face.

The Cincinnati-based middleweight withstood the first few knees that infiltrated his defense, but with an expert striker the caliber of Silva teeing off it was only a matter of time before the lights were turned out.

And turned out Franklin’s lights Silva did.

How Bout them Stars??? 10 points out of 10 points to open the season!

The Stars have come from behind to win in overtime, dominated from the start and have now blown a lead only to come back and win in a shootout.

It's been a mixed bag to start the season, but the end result is Dallas is 5-0-0 after a 4-3 shootout win against the Anaheim Ducks on Sunday.

"We're really getting a firm grip on the identity of our team and how we need to play," center Mike Modano said. "So far, we've found different ways to win games – getting strong leads, shootouts, coming from behind. That's a good thing. Find ways to win games and worry about the X's and O's later."

It's especially good if those wins are coming on the road against Pacific Division opponents. Dallas will end a four-game California road trip in San Jose on Tuesday, but the trip already has been a success. The Stars marched into Los Angeles and swept two 4-1 games and then came into the Honda Center in a back-to-back situation while the Ducks had been waiting for three days.

"It is what it is," Tippett said with a shrug. "That's the Pacific Division. You get used to it."

Zumaya goes Yogi

Tigers setup man Joel Zumaya didn't pitch Saturday because of tendinitis in his right wrist. While playing catch before Game 2, he felt a snap near his wrist and a "deep shock of pain." Zumaya, 21, was convinced he had torn a ligament. But after an MRI and visits to a hand specialist, he was diagnosed with tendinitis.

A colorful character, Zumaya does yoga, but has been more Yogi in this series. He referred to his wrist as "inflammated," topped only by the next exchange. Asked about his bloodshot right eye, he said: "It's allergies." So what are you allergic to, Joel? "I am not allergic to anything."

Cowboys Dark Side Correspondent - this week's offering

Tony Blair does the Clash

Mr T 4:00


Anonymous said...


and gay as greggo

Anonymous said...

wow, bledsoe really showed all his critics...168 yards passing, take that last place Texans defense!!!!

even the ticket's own "froghorn leghorn" george dunham was defending his boy bledsoe this morning....

Anonymous said...

bledsoe plays great at home if only we could play every game at home and against defenses as bad as washington and houston

Anonymous said...

anon at 10:42 am

guess bob and dan wont have to ask the hard questions for bledsoe this week???

Anonymous said...

anon @ 10:42

back to kissing but indeed

Anonymous said...

When is Vegas going to open the line on "Cowboys draft Peterson and switch to wishbone offense"?


Anonymous said...

love to see bledsoe run wishbone.


Brad said...

I loved that huge duck Romo threw as his first NFL pass, that everyone will point to now and say, "see, he has thrown an NFL pass!!!"

stay with bledsoe.

Speaking of Ducks. the Stars obviously were tired last night, but they got it done. I love it.

Anonymous said...

bledsoe could not have made the touchdown pass near the endzone with the defender in his face though...stay with bledsoe and you'll have a whole flock of ducks and the cowboys will be the ones flying south this winter....

i love how bledsoe defenders are now beating their chests now that bledsoe scorched the 30th ranked pass defense for 168 yards passing.

PHE said...

YES! I love it! Welcome to the Dark Side, one and all! We're happy to have you.

Brad said...

well if you dont like bledsoe defending, just let it go like water off a ducks back...

are we done with the duck humor yet?


Brandon at GSR said...

Concerning the Stars...

A win is a win is a win and I'll take it. But it's still October.

As for Bledsoe and his waddling feet...

Ahhh, I got nuthin.

Anonymous said...

The only 2 QB's in the NFC with lower passer ratings than Drew are Michael Vick and Chris Simms...

That sucks.

Brad said...

Comparing anyone to michael vick is unfortunate.

doesnt he play running back?


The Stars have me cautiously optimistic. I know expecting a win on tuesday is foolish though. Chances are Mike Smith might see his first action. though if it were me I'd try to save him for chicago. San Jose is a hell of a tough place to play your first game.

Anonymous said...

you do have to like the Chris Simms comparision...when i see Bledsoe play the first thing that comes to my mind is a ruptured spleen...

Brandon at GSR said...

Save Smith for Friday night against the Dollar Bill's.

BTW, Bob, I don't think you're a hypocrite for cheering a good ol' hockey fight while cringing during a fight between Thug U and FIU.

For the most part, hockey players use their fists, and not helmets, as weapons.

Anonymous said...

Has Bledsoe ever won any of those quarterback competitions in Hawaii?

You know the ones where you have to be accurate,have a strong arm, hit moving targets that can't adjust to underthrown balls and there is no pass rush.