Thursday, December 16, 2010

BaD Radio - Recap - 12/16/10

Thursday 12/16/10

Episode: 2835

Location: Studio

The Mix: A lively mix with Norm as Dan serenades the radio legend with a Holiday carol; meanwhile, the guys discuss the downside of having the wives join them in the Fantasy Baseball Winter Meeting.

The Open: Hello ladies and dudes, you ready to have your minds blown apart by the most awesomest show in the Universe? There’s a buzz in the air as BaD Radio starts its last show before going on vacation (no really, what is that buzz?). The guys take the time to breakdown “The Bed Intruder Song” as performed by Liberty University, Bob’s alma mater. Hear their version here.

12:40 - Tashard Choice: In case you have been radio silent for the past week, Tashard Choice asked for Michael Vick’s autograph after the game on Sunday. Bob, Dan and Donovan dissect Tashard’s reaction to questions from the media concerning the incident. Tashard is quick to say the media is the only one making a big deal about it, the players don’t care and the fans don’t know the situation. What do you think?

1:00 - Homer Call: In this edition of Homer Call, the show picks two sports calls that either exhibits the outlandish excitement or immeasurable disappointment that overtakes a broadcaster. This Maryland Women’s Field Hockey announcer subtly moves into the playoffs. Making the cut as a wild card is this Tampa Bay Buccaneers call as the Redskins’ Hunter Smith lets the game slip through his hands and into the lap of Tampa Bay.

1:30 - Garrett Press Conference: The interim coach addresses the call that was made before the half in the Cowboys first game against the Redskins, Jesse Holley’s special teams impact, the lack of sacks and younger players competing and pushing the veterans for playing time.

1:50 - SMU Roundtable: Two former SMU Mustangs, Mitchell Glieber and Brett Kershaw, join the show to shed some light on the state of the football team before, during and after the Death Penalty. They discuss the predicament the school was in after it came clean for what it was caught for, but continued to pay the player it had previously promised money to. This is the player payroll letter from former coach Ron Meyer to booster George Owen.

2:15 - SMU Roundtable: More with Mitchell and Brett as they discuss the 1988 season, we learn that the players knew something bad was going to happen but had no idea what. They describe troubled player David Stanley and his role in the downfall. Mitchell and Brett were the only scholarship players to stick around after the Death Penalty; making them the “old men” on the team when SMU resumed football after a 2 year hiatus. “Pony Excess” is great documentary and if you have not seen it, I highly recommend it. It will re-air a handful of times within the next month. Link to air-times.

2:45 - In a mop up segment before BaD Radio goes on hiatus, Bob voices his disappointment in the MLB Network rolling news at the bottom of 1960 World Series original footage found in Bing Crosby’s basement. #FirstWorldProblems They mock the notion that SMU has 90 great football moments; the Miracle on Mockingbird being one of them.

3:00 - W.T.D.S. Chipmunks, chipmunks and more chipmunks!

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I hate this recap feature. I really, really do. I hate it more than the fact that Bob only talks about Football on the blog anymore.