Monday, December 13, 2010

BaD Radio Show Recap 12-13-10 #2832

Monday 12/13/10
Episode: 2832
Location: Studio

The Open: What better way to start off a Monday than with a good hearty laugh at people dying in explosions? Chuck Bednarik doesn’t think Deion Sanders could tackle his wife or read a very informative poem. FYI, AJ Foyt never listens to BaD Radio.
Tom channels his inner Ron Burgandy while reading the show introductions, normally handled by Donovan.
Today’s show opens with Fox News in the building, Dan is curious about Bob’s super exciting weekend, the Metrodome roof cave-in is discussed as well as Bob wanting Aaron Rogers to slide for Fantasy’s Sake!

12:45 - Richard Ray from Fox 4 News sits in with the guys as they discuss Tashard Choice asking for Michael Vick’s autograph at midfield after the game. Is the NFL now “No League for Old Men” with players constantly fraternizing with players from other teams or is there still a line that should not be crossed? Dan’s opinion, “Tashard made the wrong Choice”.

1:15 – More Cowboys. In a stat-laden rant, Bob buries the myth that the Cowboys defense is actually good. The lack of big plays, young players seeming like one hit wonders and old Pro Bowlers past their prime are some of the culprits to blame. Dan poses the question; is there anybody on this roster that can challenge these underperforming players? Rick Carlisle has the answer, “No”.

1:35 – A third helping of Cowboys talk. The guys toss around some in-game minutiae from “The” Southern California to the Eagles kick returner failing miserably to drain the clock of precious seconds. Also looked at, the calls the Cowboys did and did not get in their favor and how the sloppy play of Roy Williams is catching up to him like a Saints Defensive Back on Thanksgiving.

2:00 – Phone Calls. A caller, who sounds like he has been frequenting a bar, asks if the bar is now low enough to consider this a “good Cowboys loss”. Would the Cowboys have this same record if Romo remained healthy throughout the year? The guys discuss getting the best 22 players on the field and who really is making that decision.

2:20 – Some classic audio from some old (radio edit) named Joe Paterno. “Can you hear me now?”

2:35 – 30 for 30 “Pony Excess”. Bob, Dan and Dovovan discuss the documentary set in our own backyard. The SMU Mustangs of the early 80’s went from being one of the best college football teams in the country, to celebrating their Homecoming at a soccer game; all in a matter of 5 years. Dirty administrators, newspaper wars, a resentful former player and deep pocketed boosters combined to form a perfect storm that led the NCAA into issuing the “Death Penalty”.

3:00 – W.T.D.S. Finish vacuuming up Texas before reading any further. We have the Battle of Fredericksburg, Saddam being captured, Donovan’s non-Christmas sweater, Richard Dent, Jamie Foxx, Ted Nugent, T-Swift, Bob’s Christmas cookies and Dick van Dyke. Welcome to Tuna Town, home to birthday spare, Bob Gainey. Grandma Moses and Lamar Hunt, RIP on this day.

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Wes Bullard

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