Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sacks - Game 13 vs Eagles


Only 1 sack to review from Sunday, but there is a lot to look at on this one play.

Play #28 - "S11" - 1/10/43 - Fire Zone blitz Sack by Tapp, Hansen

What Happened: This one is simple in one regard and quite complex in another. First, the simple part. The Eagles are running a simple Fire Zone Blitz. We have explained this a few times this season because the Cowboys have done it and have had it done to them, but let's review the concept. A blitz is usually thought of as "outnumbering" the protectors traditionally. Over time, defenses saw that blitzing 7 players was a huge gamble for the defense, so things evolved. A fire zone doesn't do that at all. It is not the number of rushers, it is the deception of the 4 who are actually coming. In other words, an OL can protect against 4 quite easily under normal circumstances, but what if you show 4, but 2 of the 4 drop into coverage, and another 2 defenders who you did not think were rushing are sent? Then, you have OL guys with nobody to block on one side, and too many rushers to hold off on the other side.

Here, the Eagles show a simple 4 man rush. Andre Gurode and Jon Kitna in the presnap are actually trying to figure out the Eagles plan and they step right into the trap. See how occupied Kitna is with the CB to his left that he thinks is blitzing. Little does Kitna know that he is only a decoy because they are bringing the corner from the other side. Look at Felix Jones. He is offset right until they move him to the left. If he stayed right, he was there to pick up 21-Hansen. But when he was told to watch the other side, he is merely an onlooker as the Eagles storm the castle with no resistance. Then, the man over Gurode cuts way over in the direction of Doug Free to occupy LG, LT, TE, and RB almost all by himself. The man over Davis 75-Parker, cuts inside to Gurode to try to occupy RG and C. Now, 91-Tapp takes Colombo outside leaving a lane between RT and RG you could drive a truck through for 21-Hansen who comes untouched. Sometimes you lose a physical battle and other times you get fooled by the scheme. Score one for the Eagles. The good news is that this is the only sack they were able to get in 60 snaps. Below, I give this sack to Kitna because of the read he made in moving Felix. I actually believe it is Gurode's protection call, but for simplicity sake, I don't want to confuse Gurode's verbal call with his ability to pass protect.


Season To Date Sacks
The season totals for Sacks Allowed: Davis 4.5, Free 4.5, Coverage 3.5, Colombo 3.5, Costa 2, Gurode 1, Jones 1, Witten 1, Kitna 1, Kosier 0.

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