Thursday, December 23, 2010

RB Snaps - Game 14 - Redskins

A first for the Cowboys in 2010 was seen on Sunday versus the Redskins - Tashard Choice had the majority of the workload and the majority of the touches. Now, of course, Felix Jones suffered a shin contusion at some point of the contest, so it is very likely that this had nothing to do with anything but Felix's availability.

Choice had 40 snaps (20 each half) and Jones had 28 (21/7). Touches were 19 for Choice and 14 for Jones. Production, however, was in Felix's favor: 117 yards for Jones, 84 for Choice.

We will continue to monitor this with Marion Barber claiming he is fit to return on Saturday night. I am not a fan of this idea of a "3-Back attack", but I also understand that this organization is what it is. And what it is appears to be a team that has no idea how to slowly move veterans out of the way when it is clear that the time has come.

TOTAL SNAPS FOR RBs VS Redskins (70 plays)


HTML Tables


WK 1282813
Wk 231337
Wk 3301710
Wk 423511
Wk 524330
Wk 613420
Wk 722388
Wk 892713
Wk 915310
Wk 1025275
Wk 1122446
Wk 1203231
Wk 1303721
Wk 1402840
Total242 (27%)468 (53%)153 (17%)

HTML Tables

In case this is your first time to check these numbers, this is all about snaps on the field - not touches or run plays. This is merely intended to see who is on the field and who is on the sideline for the Cowboys offense.

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