Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sacks for Game 12 vs Colts


Play #40 - 1/10/45 - "12" SACK Robert Mathis

What Happened: Marc Colombo has been beaten for sacks before, but I am not sure I remember him being bull-rushed like he was on this play. The Cowboys have the double TEs stacked to the left side, and given that it is 1st and 10, they appear to feel comfortable putting them out in a pass route rather than helping the two tackles as they would most of the day in passing situations (at least with a chip on their way out). But, on this occasion, Colombo tries to drop anchor and it is evident early that Robert Mathis is strong. Leonard Davis appears to have the job of "helping out" and he chips on Gurode's guy and plans to come back to Colombo's guy, but by that time it is too late. In fact, Colombo's last act of desperation looks like it is to throw Mathis into Kitna. Oops.

Play #47 - 3/7/35 - "S12" SACK for Frenney

What Happened: I have never like this protection tactic, but I know everyone does it. Sometimes you want your Tight End next to your left tackle to help him. Other times, like this occasion, you want him there to "appear" to be helping his tight end. The offensive thought is that maybe you can confuse coverage and the LB or S who is supposed to watch Witten will assume on 3rd and long that the Cowboys will keep him in - and maybe Witten can slip out uncovered for an easy conversion. Regardless, all I see is that Dwight Freeney is lined up wide of even Witten on this snap. The place is loud. It is the 4th Quarter. It is 3rd and long. And Freeney is going to use his "go to" move here. So, line up really wide so when the snap happens, Doug Free is scrambling to set the edge because he has to shuffle past where Witten was because Witten is offering 0 help as he is now headed out into route. Asking Free to cover all of that ground sets him up for the spin because all of his weight is going left. If it doesn't, then Freeney keeps going to the edge. But, once he senses Free is scrambling to beat him to the corner, he unleashes his Freeney spin move and this play is over. You have to wonder about no help and no chip on a key 3rd Down on the road in a loud stadium. Reminds me of no help for Alex Barron in Week 1. At least this time, the Cowboys survived it and got the win.


Season To Date Sacks
The season totals for Sacks Allowed: Davis 4.5, Free 4.5, Coverage 3.5, Colombo 3.5, Costa 2, Gurode 1, Jones 1, Witten 1, Kosier 0.

Sack #Down/DistPersonnelSackerBlame

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