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BaD Radio - Recap - 4/28/11

Thursday 4/28/11

Episode: 2924

Location: Studio

The Mix: “You seem to be able to whip it out pretty quickly” - Dan

The Open: “It feels like someone took my heart and put it in a bucket of boiling tears.” Today is game 6 of the Mavs/Portland series, the NFL Draft and the last episode of the Office with Michael Scott. Grubes seems to be out of the 4 man lunch rotation, and Dan thinks that TC is pocketing the extra cash because it’s only a 3 man rotation now. Bob and his son have completed a journey, the journey of Whale Wars. Early in the season, Sea Shepherd Pete Bethune had his powerboat destroyed by a Japanese whaling vessel. He boarded the ship with the intent of getting arrested so he could get his voice out in Japan against whaling. Needless to say, he feels very strongly about conserving whales. Since that time, the Japanese have ceased all whaling because the opposition is not worth it. Peyton Hillis won the vote and will be on the cover of Madden 12. This is a big win for Cleveland Brown fans and white running backs everywhere!

12:40 – Draft Talk: The first round is tonight in prime time. It’s a big day for the Cowboys as they have the #9 pick. It’s possible that they move down if they think the price is right, and it doesn’t seem prudent for them to move up. The Cowboys have a lot of needs: OT, OG, RB and Slot Receiver. On defense: 2 Defensive Lineman, CB and Safety. Bob thinks that if they want Tyron Smith, they should stay at #9. If they’re ok with Costanzo, trading down is a good idea. The problem with moving down is you have to have a partner with a need. Rumor is that New England is looking to trade up and the Cowboys might be in the mix.

1:00 – BaD Radio Reports: Dan, Grubes and Tom attended the Charlie Sheen show. Charlie Sheen was 45 minutes late. There were about 4,000 people there (high estimate), and most of the people there were to see the trainwreck. There were a handful of hardcore Sheen fans. Dan says it was a 100% white crowd. The video montage of his old movies was the highlight for Dan. It seemed like it was a very “professional wrestling” crowd. Sheen had a guy on guitar that would punctuate every joke that he told with a weird guitar riff. Kidd Kraddick “had” to MC this disaster. The crowd wasn’t really in Kidd’s listener demographic. He got booed mercilessly.

1:20 – More Sheen: In Houston, Jeff Ross came out and roasted Charlie Sheen. Last night, Chuck Zito read those same jokes in a roast manner. That was the funniest part of the whole 2 hour event. The Q and A session was a disaster. There was no ending on a high. It was a disaster.

1:40 – Playoff Talk: San Antonio hit a 3 at the end of regulation to send it to overtime against the Memphis Grizzlies; extending their playoff lives by one more game. In overtime, Tony Parker took over and Memphis never recovered from giving up the buzzer-beater 3. Now the series goes back to Memphis for game 6. Oklahoma defeated Denver after Kevin Durant completely took over in the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter. The Thunder have moved on to the second round.

2:00 – Mavs Talk: Game 6 is tonight in Portland and Dan thinks that the Mavs will close out the series tonight. His theory, he thinks that the Mavs have dominated the series except for one quarter and he doesn’t think that Portland can win 2 games in a row. He feels that the 4th quarter collapse in game 4 woke this team up. Bob isn’t too quick to jump on that theory because he’s seen this team get “wake up calls” before. The key for the Mavericks is keeping Tyson Chandler out of foul trouble. It has been pretty consistent that when they play in Dallas, he gets away with a lot but when they play in Portland, he gets fouls quickly. Keep in mind, the Mavs are 2-18 on the road in the past 20 games.

2:20 – Rangers Talk: The Rangers won last night on a home run in the 7th by Mitch Moreland; he’s proving that he really belongs on the Rangers roster. Darren Oliver got the save. Jim Knox donned the mascot costume of Davy Crockett and raced Sam Houston and Jim Bowie down the 3rd base line. He’s on top of his game. The same kid who caught a few homeruns in centerfield a week ago caught another one last night. He’s starting to become a Ballpark celebrity.

2:40 – Ranch Report: David Moore joins the show. In the draft tonight, teams are not allowed to trade players but they can trade draft picks. It doesn’t happen very often but tonight it’s against the rules because of the CBA disagreement. Trading up is highly unlikely, staying at 9 or moving down are the two big options.

3:00 – WTDS: On this day in 1789 the mutiny on the H.M.S. Bounty took place. Happy Birthday to Back Door to Buttsville, Tom Browning, John Daly, Barry Larkin, Nic Lindstrom, Jessica Alba and Jay Leno. Spares include Mark Bavaro, Ted Donato and Hal Sutton. RIP Sports Guitar.

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