Thursday, April 28, 2011

Even More Tyron Smith Tape

Tons and tons of feedback on yesterday's post about Tyron Smith and my feelings that he is "my guy" at #9.

There are a number of issues with looking at a player on youtube that are obvious for all to see. What is particularly noteworthy from yesterday's post is that the games I watched that convinced me that Tyron was the guy were not available on youtube for you to see. Therefore, I posted what was available - and I fully understand why many have questions about his quality based on some of that.

However, thanks to our fine blog reader, Joseph, I was able to find a whole new stash of Tyron film yesterday - including the 2 games I had initially viewed that sold me on him. Here those are for you this morning. Try to lock on to USC's RT, #70.

And keep in mind he is 19 years old and 285 pounds here. Today, he is about 315 according to some reports.

USC - Washington - all snaps

USC - UCLA - all snaps

And a highlight film from the Arizona game where Joseph writes: One of my favorite plays that I've seen of Smith comes in this video against Arizona at the 1:20 mark, it's a little designed swing pass where Smith looks like a gazelle getting out to the perimeter as the lead blocker, he avoids a DB diving at his ankles, hops over him and gets downfield to block another guy, getting the RB about 5 extra yards and the 1st down:

Thanks, Joseph for all the help. I think the Washington game is his finest performance, but the UCLA game is solid, too. USC is using a ton of zone blocking so things are not applicable across the board.

Some scouts look at him and see D'Brickashaw Ferguson - a stud who needed some time to develop. Some readers yesterday saw Alex Barron - a guy who was a major disappointment.

Let me just remind you one thing. If he was a finished product and was flawless, he would not drop to #9. He would go at the top like Jake Long or Joe Thomas. Because you have to figure out where he is going, he will likely be on the board when Dallas picks.

This is what the Cowboys need to decide upon. Where is his career headed?

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gary turner said...

Well, I'm impressed. It's hard (for me) to judge the OL, since I don't know what they're supposed to be doing on a given play. But, I did see solid pass protection, and on running plays he reminded me of Michael Oher in The Blind Side, pushing the guy backwards down the field. Lord how the 'pokes need some of that!