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BaD Radio - Recap - 4/5/11

Tuesday 4/5/11

Episode: 2907

Location: Studio

The Mix: Donovan can’t chime in with this Master’s hypothetical; he’d be outside the gates.

The Open: “Bob………does it hurt?” Going into last night, Elvis Andrus had not hit a home run in 705 at bats. He hit one in the first inning and was expecting his teammates to greet him with head slaps and high-fives. When he got to the dugout, he got the silent treatment. Then after a few seconds everyone mobbed him. It was genius. Nelson Cruz has his Boomstick locked and loaded, hitting 4 home runs in his first 4 games.

12:40 – NCAA Basketball: The game between Butler and UConn was ugly to say the least. Butler went 2 for 31 from 2-point range and didn’t get their first points in the paint until the end of the game. UConn didn’t look much better but their length and athleticism completely shut down Butler. It’s not that the defenses were that great, it’s that the offenses were inept. It was an 8 seed versus the 9th place team in the Big East. So, yeah.

1:00 – NCAA Basketball Audio: Jim Calhoun gave an “inspiring” pre-game speech. It ended with one player clapping. Clark Kellogg said that the players needed to bring their “strong hats and vice grips” in this game. Some more Kellogg, “I think that they are going to be shots made in this half.” Also, there was an audible “What the ****!” that made the air last night.

1:20 – More NCAA Basketball: Jim Nantz audio. Jim kept referring to last year’s game as a great ending, Dan has a problem with this because the shot didn’t go in. In the middle of play, Jim has to read a liner about the Big Band Theory. Dan has a problem with this as well. Now to Jim Nantz’ puns: “Kemba Walker Texas Ranger” “Opened with a run in Maui, and found Paradise in Houston” “The Huskies are the Top Dog in 2011!” “Connecticut wins Best in Show!”

1:40 – The Tom Grieve Show: Right off the bat, Bob asks Tom to talk about Sister Francis and Sister Maggie, the two Matriarchs of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. He tells a story of how they went to see the Rangers in New York and were surrounded by Yankees fan who threw dropped some linguistic bombs around them. They’ve been fans for decades and are die-hard to the very end. Tom thinks that the fans were cautious at first about being fully invested in the Rangers going into the playoffs last year; now there is zero trepidation! Ranger fever has carried over into this year will full force; this is the most likeable team (the play and the players) in franchise history. There’s no doubt in Tom’s mind that this team wouldn’t be the team that they are today if it weren’t for Ron Washington. It was good to see Wash stick with Matt Harrison when he got into some trouble and allowed him to get out of the jam. That will have immeasurable impact on Harrison’s confidence moving forward this season. Tom loves that Ron Washington doesn’t bottle up his emotions. Dan asks when the last time Tom took batting practice; Tom says it’s been about 7 years.

2:00 – Steve Ott Jersey Giveaway: Bob and Dan are giving away Steve Ott’s jersey to a listener who is a hardcore Steve Ott P1 who has heard every Steve Ott show throughout the season. There are 3 questions: Name the NHL Broadcaster who Steve Ott thinks is a coward. Name Steve Ott’s favorite adult drink. Name Steve Ott’s most excruciating bodily pain he’s experienced. You then must find Tom at the AAC on Thursday at the game by following clues on Bob and Dan’s Twitter feed.

2:20 – Gay Not Gay: Gay or Canadian? Steve Ott refers to the person who cuts his hair as his hairdresser. Pro athlete exemption. Is it gay to wear a team’s full uniform to a game? Yes. Is it gay to share an umbrella with a guy, it’s a sun umbrella? Yes. What is the age limit when bringing a baseball glove to a game? Bob says marriage, Tom says High School, Dan says when you turn 21. Is it gay to hand someone a cheese stick from across the table but also dip it in sauce for them as well? Yes. Is it gay to think that the Rangers have the best looking team in baseball? Donovan is going to report on this in the future. Is it gay to post a picture of the replica AL Championship ring on Facebook? Yes.

2:40 – Mavs Rant: Bob is not a believer. The focus of this rant is the Lakers game. There was some Phil Jackson audio in which he told a national audience that the Lakers should step out on screens, eliminate penetration AND let Terry have open looks. Dan thinks that he said “don’t” let Terry have open looks. Corby calls in and says it’s “don’t”. Matt Barnes said “Me and the golden state boys showed the blueprint on how to beat Dallas. Punk ‘em!” Bob feels more uncomfortable about this team than any team since the Reunion Arena days.

3:00 – WTDS: In 1614, Pocahontas married John Rolfe. Happy Birthday to Ike Hilliard, Jane Asher, Tommy Cash, Muff Bumpers 3, Max Gale, Michael Moriarty and Colin Powell. Spares include Brad Van Pelt, Andy McPhail, Billy Ray Brown, Scott Dill and Tony Banks. RIP to Gregory Peck, Douglas MacArthur, Howard Hughes, Charleston Heston and Kurt Cobain.

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