Friday, May 27, 2005

Back from the Legal World

Yesterday, I had a field trip that I will never forget. It was Jury Duty in Criminal Court #3, Denton County, for a misdemeanor theft case (more than $50 and less than $500). It was a really long day, and through the process, I learned a few things:

1) The judicial process is one of the most tedious experiences I have ever been exposed to. Somehow, you can drag anything out for hours. It makes the final 3 minutes of an NBA game look quick.

2) This whole “Jury of your peers” thing seems like a great idea, but after further review, I might have someone who has a grasp of the law (a judge) rather than a group of beaten down citizens who just want to go home sitting in a room deciding your fate.

3) I thought I was really tough on crime. Then, I was asked to lock a guy up and be Mr. Tough Guy or give him another chance at probation. After his elderly mother pled for his freedom, I turned into a bleeding heart. It is really easy to have a tough stance on everything when you don’t have to meet their mother.

Anyway, I don’t really want to do it again. It was like a field trip yesterday for a long time, but then when I realized I was actually there for an important purpose, it was no longer fun. Oh well….Now, for sports:


Rogers dominates again, Rangers finish sweep of Royals …You know, Kenny is amazing. How is he doing this? It truly is becoming one of the more remarkable stories of 2005.

The Homerism of broadcasting

Browns want money back from Kellen Knievel Winslow

Despite the May 1 motorcycle accident that will sideline tight end Kellen Winslow for the 2005 season, and which adds uncertainty to his football future, the Cleveland Browns have no intention of releasing their 2004 first-round draft pick.

The team has decided, however, to seek financial adjustments to Winslow's contract, and that move could come within the next few weeks. Once Winslow misses a mandatory team function, essentially depriving the Browns of his football services, the franchise will be able to enforce the so-called "dangerous activities" stipulations of his contract. Those are clauses that, in very clear language, preclude Winslow from putting his career, and Cleveland's investment in him, in jeopardy.

Just in case you are curious, here is a Bio for Evel Knievel ….

Favre’s house sold in Green Bay …looks like a pretty sweet pad… ….Check it out, Cowboys Fans…

NBA All-Ugly Team

Gerrard to stay with Liverpool ….

I was amazed at how much the U.S. Media covered the Liverpool win over AC Milan. I felt it was all over the place, including several minutes on Sportcenter, and ESPN 2 replayed the game Wednesday night, and ESPN Classic replayed it Thursday night. I wonder if World Soccer will ever have a place here in America. It is way too early to tell, but we must remember that World Soccer has really only been on television consistently for about 5 years. During that time, thousands of new fans have been born here in the States. I guess we shall see. But Hockey might find in a few years that there are just as many people interested in watching Manchester United play Arsenal as are interested in the NHL. Here is a column from Looking back at the biggest comeback in European Cup history


Will said...

Wow first to comment everyone must be on vacation.

How does the Famous Radio star like you not get out of Jury Duty?? I could see Dan but the nearly famous Sturminator.

What were you doing posting at 5 AM?

in DC

Steve said...

I don't understand everyone's aversion to jury duty. If for some reason you were on trial, would you want trash who don't have anything better to do deciding your future? Or, would you rather have people like Bob, who are sane, well-minded people?

I did jury duty last year for some drug dealer, and after it all ended, I kinda felt (gay alert = orange) that same type of civic/country pride that you do the first time you vote.

Anonymoose said...

Why is Brett Hull/Sturm/Favre moving? Like Mississippi is better than Wisconsinin


How was it that Steve Nash was left off the all ugly NBA team? He looks like a white version of Sam Cassell to me (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Kurt said...

Soccer (football) is gaining ground in the US without doubt. Check out the news that Everton FC (English Premier League) has partnered with a local club team for youth development and training -
Everton FC partners with Texas Youth Club

Anonymous said...

RE: Homerism in the booth

I have no problem with a local announcer openly rooting for his team. I just want them be critical of the team when criticism is due. So if a player isn't hustling or the manager makes a boneheaded move the announcers should say so.

the other Bob