Tuesday, May 10, 2005

That Didn't Work

Well, that wasn’t very encouraging. At the old age of 22, Amare Stoudemire was made to look last night like the greatest player since…Tracy McGrady. It is painfully clear that the Mavericks use of small ball will not apply to the Phoenix Suns. That puts you in the very difficult place that requires the Mavericks to get production from their big guys. Good luck.

The Suns had an absolute day in the park yesterday in winning game 1. All 5 starters were in double figures, and the resistance from the Mavericks was minimal.
You can only assume that the Mavericks were doing on the basketball court Monday what we were doing on the radio – still living in the Houston Series. Well, the time is past for enjoying the blowout victory on Saturday. It is now time to focus on the blowout defeat of Monday, or this series may not make it back to Phoenix in Game 5.


This series is going to allow many to live in the past about Steve Nash. Just this morning, I have already received many e-mails about why exactly Nash could not still be a part of the Mavericks.

My opinions on this are as follows: Nash is a great point guard. He is wonderful offensively, but two problems really worked against him in Dallas.

1) his defense is atrocious
2) his body has many, many miles on it.

Phoenix doesn’t worry about problem #1. They have athletic bodies behind him to help mask his deficiencies. As for #2, they are willing to take a chance that he will still be effective for several more years.

But, with the most un-athletic frontline in basketball history behind him, the Mavericks could not climb the mountain with him, unless they were going to have a Garnett, Stoudemire, or Yao behind him to clean up his mess. They weren’t. They are married to Dirk and now Dampier. Dallas’ perimeter defenders have to be able to do their own job because there is nothing behind them to help.

With that in mind, I don’t believe the Mavericks screwed up last summer.


One other thing, let us not confuse the Mavericks offense of 2003 with the Phoenix offense of 2005. Sure, they both scored a ton, and played minimal defense, but that is where it stops. The fundamental difference between the two offenses is a huge one. Phoenix can still get tough baskets in the paint at will, while the 2003 Mavericks shot 20 footers the entire game. The Suns dunk the ball 10-15 times a game, while the Mavericks took difficult shots that eventually would catch up with them in San Antonio.

I don’t think you can compare the two. They have a versatile offense, the Mavericks did not.

Dirk lets Dampier have it

When you’re starting center has just one more rebound (five) than fouls (four), when forward Dirk Nowitzki yells at Dampier longer and louder than the Phoenix fans, you’re in trouble.

"He was a step slow on everything," Nowitzki said. "He never really got involved in the game.

"He has always been in foul trouble. The first series was the same thing. He gets a quick two fouls in the first two or three minutes, and we can’t be aggressive any more. Then he gets his third one and has to sit.

"He’s got to find a way to stay out there a little longer and find his rhythm. We’ve got to have him out there and be a presence."

No points in 15 minutes? Outscored by Stoudemire, 40-0?

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has argued he didn’t let Steve Nash walk in free agency and receive nothing in return. The money he didn’t pay Nash went to acquire Dampier.
It’s easy to question the return on that investment in the first eight games of these playoffs.

"The bottom line is we’ve got to get something out of our center position," Nowitzki said. "We really haven’t gotten anything out of it in the first round.

"We found a way to win with a small lineup in the first round, but it’s not going to go on like that for the rest of the playoffs."

Dan Bickley on the Suns mission

Revo on Amare the Great

What they didn't have in Game 1 was anyone who could match up with Stoudemire. In the first half alone the Mavs ran Erick Dampier, Alan Henderson, Shawn Bradley and Dirk Nowitzki at him. None of them slowed him down.

Think Tracy McGrady, only two inches taller, stronger and better inside.

"What are you going to do to stop me?" Stoudemire had asked rhetorically at Sunday's shootaround.

It was a question the Mavs certainly couldn't answer Monday night.

Stoudemire had 15 points in the first quarter 25 by halftime, and the Suns led by 16, 63-47.

Dampier, in particular, was worthless. He showed no fire, no grit and no desire to have anything to do with Stoudemire. He was on the bench with his fourth foul before the third quarter was four minutes old.

Lack of hitting spoils a Chris Young gem …And, by the way, anyone else wondering if Cordero is as great as he was? Seems like the customary walk is starting to catch up with him…

Bob’s Blog Exclusive Research Project of the Day: The Rangers had 61 quality starts in 2004, according to Rangers’ PR guru Gregg Elkin. That comes out to about 37.6%. With Chris Young’s start last night that did in fact end up a loss, that was quality start #18 out of 33 games for 54.4%. This projects to 88 quality starts this season. If they get to 88, they may squeeze into the postseason, and they also should nominate Orel Hershiser into the HOF as a pitching coach. That is just amazing if it holds up.

Rangers hold radio rights auction

The Rangers' radio rights expire at the end of this season. KRLD/ 1080 AM has held the rights since 1995, but ESPN/103.3 FM and KLIF/570 AM are pushing KRLD for the rights.

"It's a toss-up," Rangers president Jeff Cogen said. "KRLD is the incumbent. I've said that all along."

The Rangers would like to conclude the negotiations in June on what they hope will be a five-year deal. Regardless of which station gains the rights, the club plans to bring back announcers Eric Nadel and Victor Rojas. Nadel is in his 27th year broadcasting Rangers baseball.

"Eric is a staple," Cogen said. "I hope he goes into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame wearing our cap."

Over the weekend, Everton won, which all but assures they will hold off cross-town rival, Liverpool for the fourth and final Champions League berth for next fall. But, UEFA now claims Liverpool could get an exemption if they win the European Cup Final on May 25th…Just 90 minutes to glory…

Nash’s MVP defended

Great site for Movie Quotes

Houston Chronicle looks at Rockets off-season questions

Van Gundy case is closed

Rusty Wallace flips over Tony Danza …I swear…

MSNBC maps Star Wars galaxy

Get your Yoda ring-tones

Another bad idea for a hockey jersey…


Lefty said...

>> The archiving department at the ticket would like to know if anyone has a copy of Gordo's Corner from last Thursday, May 5th. <<

Is this for some sort of legal defense? What you're looking for even made it out on the internet stream. Maybe it'll be on Drop Page Radio.

Brandon said...

Nice to see somebody shoving a boot up Damp's arse. Stoudemire's going to get his points. But if we're automatically going to start down 40-0 because our starting center isn't doing a damn thing to stop Amare, then we might as well not even show up.

Time for the self-proclaimed second best center in the West to do something.

AttnyDan said...

Suns in 5 (#@$% it)

I know BaD radio is going to do several segments on the game, but they could just say, "The Mavs got their butts kicked" and do 2 hours and 45 minutes of Gay/Not Gay". It would spare us the obvious.

There was not one dang thing positive about last nights game, no moral victories, no bright spots, it was a total meltdown.

P.S. I agree with the Grubes for Producer idea. Someone needs to start a website!!

Anonymous said...


letgrubesproduce.com is available

QualityPantalooner said...

Bob, you need to set up your blog so there are message threads for each days show.

At any rate, you are so sports gay. Hugging guys at the game is gay, with a VERY SLIGHTLY possible exception for after the last game of the World Series et al. Calling your bud after the game isn't gay but hanging out on the phone for an hour watching game together is totally gay, with again the possible exception for game 7 of the world series (not the divisional series).

Brandon said...

Grubes pissed off Greggo.

Therefore, I support his campaign for producer.

Anonymous said...

Bob, did you not predict this ...


conspiracyman said...

My conspiracy weinie is going nuts !!! With all the technology that can't be embraced that sits in the bio-sphere of the little ticket...none of which "records"...

The answer is yes, the "d" made a clear appearance. And yes, they do...

Anonymous said...

There might be a dimension we may have lost when we traded Calvin Booth. Believe me, I know he is a spare. However, the guy has the closest thing to a tall semi athletic body that the Mavs have had this year. He would not be able to stop Amare but I think he would do better than anyone on the Dallas roster today. Bradley, Dampier, and Dirk don't have the foot speed to guard him. Henderson may have a little more speed but he doesn't have the height or the ups to guard him. The Phoenix Suns starting five is loaded with three point shooters. Here are the three point shooting percentages for the Suns shooters for the playoffs so far: Shawn Marion 46.7% , Joe Johnson 57%, Quentin Richardson 43.8%, Steve Nash 43.8%. So if you guard the Amare pick and roll and actually force him to pass to an open guy behind the line, they have four starters who are shooting like this. Scary. If Avery being the defensive dude he is somehow comes up with a way to slow the Suns down with the roster he has, he should automatically get the Coach of the Year from from D'Antoni. I love the Mavs but I think this will be it for our boys. On the upside if Dallas fails, will be Cuban facing the criticism of the Nash for Dampier scenario.

P1 Stu in "crazy" Fort Worth.