Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday Morning of Game 4

I never had the life-force to write much about Game 3. I figured a nice Saturday away from the email/website world would be good for me.

But, in a nutshell, here is how I feel about losing Friday night:

Dirk: 8-24
Finley: 4-14
Stack: 6-18

Total: 18-56 32%

Unless your leaders, who have all of your playoff experience play with some level of offensive competence, you cannot beat a team of Phoenix’s quality. It is nice that Dirk is doing other things, and that Finley and Stackhouse provide leadership. But at the end of the day, basketball is a simple game. Put the ball in the basket. Those three need to do much, much better tonight.


Meanwhile Kenny Rogers continues his shutout streak

Rogers (4-2) ran his current scoreless streak to 30 innings. It's the longest in the majors this year, and he's now more than halfway to the all-time record set by Rangers pitching coach Orel Hershiser, who had 59 consecutive scoreless innings in 1988.

But that wasn't the only amazing feat. The shutout extended Rogers' streak of innings without allowing a homer to 39. He lowered the AL's best ERA to 1.49.

"You are getting to watch real late intersection of talent and experience," Hershiser said. "It's hard to compare 30 innings now to what I did in a different generation, but any time you get past two outings, it's pretty amazing. I think you are stepping onto hallowed ground. And when you factor in that he plays in a generation of serious offense, you have to weigh what he's done accordingly."

Simply amazing from a guy who doesn’t talk to 99% of the media anymore…

Sunday Morning Pre-Church Links:

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Andy Douthitt said...

Game 3 was just an absolute embarrasment.. I am so tired of Dirk being so flustered and uncomfortable on the court. Also, where is J. Terry this series? We will get an effort today from Stack, no doubt, but if Dirk, Damp, and Jet decide to take a day off like they did the other night, the series is all but over... have some pride Mavs... win today

Anonymous said...

I love the Mavs, and hope I am wrong, but I think Cuban and Dirk are really going to have problems sleeping tonight after going down 3-1. Amare and Nash is looking like a modern day Malone and Stockton duo except Nash is a better shooter than Stockton was and Amare is more physically vertically gifted than Malone ever was. Throw in the three point shooters they have even without Joe Johnson (Jimmy Jackson scored 17 points - that's what Joe was averaging) and Dallas has a tough road ahead. I think they go down in seven. Will Phoenix win it all? They will have a tough time with teams that can match up against Stoudemire. The Spurs have Duncan, Detroit has Ben Wallace, Indiana has Jermaine O'Neal. If they had to play Miami, Shaq probably couldn't keep up with him on the offensive side but he would make him pay physically on both ends. Dallas just can't match up to him. Dallas is Amare's bitch.

P1 Stu in crazy Fort Worth

Fruitdog said...

Did you catch that fight last night, Bob? I thought Winky looked dominating. It might be time to include him when you talk about the pound for pound best boxers.

ps go mavs

Anonymous said...

Remember in "Time Cops" when Van Damme pushes that guy into himself from the future and the guy turns into a blob that explodes. That's what is happening with Mark Cuban. Somehow he crapped in the time continuum and created the monster team in the Phoenix Suns (who wouldn't even be sniffing the 2nd round or the playoffs period without Steve Nash) when he let the Suns steal Nash away. With Steve, Damp may have been the 2nd best center in the league, Dirk would be the "impossible" match up he has been the last couple years, and the Mavs would be waiting for the San Antonio Spurs for the Western Conference finals.

Greatmondo said...

Having Nash and Damp on this team would have been impossibe. If Nash would have been signed, his contract would have double on the salary cap because the Mavs would have been over the luxury tax. So getting Damp would have been impossible unless we parted with some pieces like Howard and Quesy, which is something that shouldn't even be thought of.

As far as Phoenix, whatever. Nash has something to prove and the defense just isn't providing any answers for Amare. If Dirk would just give the same thing he did in the regular season, this series would be 2-1 Mav and the Houston series would have been over in 5. It would also help if the refs would call some fouls when Dirk goes to the hole. Amare is only in his third year and when he rolls to the cup, if he is breathed on they call a foul. What happened to playoff foul calls?

If Phoenix gets pass the Mavs, they will be exposed against the Spurs. The Spurs/Detroit/Heat will absolutely crush the Suns. They have a more athletic frontline that would defend Amare, and even give him a taste of his own medicine once in a while.

Anonymous said...

That would have been sweeeet to have Nash with the line-up Dallas has now. But you know, if Mark Cuban had a crystal ball telling him that Steve Nash was going to a team that was going beat Dallas in the playoffs he definitely would have taken a mulligan. But what's done is done and if Dallas doesn't manage to get past Phoenix, he'll have all summer to come up with a way to get Jason Kidd here. Cuban has been paying a luxury tax on this team for the past few years. I think he would have paid for Damp and Nash knowing what he knows now. He just didn't see that Nash was worth 65 mil. But Nash is proving him wrong if he takes Phoenix all the way. Nash will at least get the satisfaction of getting Cuban's crazy white man dance out of ESPN highlights after this series.

P1 Stu in Fort Worth