Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Out for the Series

Game 5 is tonight in Phoenix. Joe Johnson, above, and Keith Van Horn are not expected to be a part of the rosters tonight. In Johnson’s case, any appearance in the rest of this series seems pretty unlikely.

Another critical game with a critical consequence to its loser. It would be significantly easier for the Mavericks to win this game tonight, than it would to win a Game 7 back in Phoenix on Sunday. But, the Mavericks have demonstrated a very poor track record of playing without urgency. It seems they need a gun to their head, but perhaps they have turned the corner after Game 4. Cannot wait.


Joe Johnson speaks to the media

Run Nash to exhaustion

Galloway on the Mavericks ratings

Astacio moves to 1-5, Rangers dropped in Chicago, 5-2

Star Telegram Soccer Insider discusses the loss of Mulrooney…

Culpepper and Moss feud

"Once you grow to love a person, a breakup is kind of hard," Moss said. "I thought Culpepper was (my friend), but now that everything's happened, it seems to me I lost a friend.

"I used to go over to Daunte's all the time. I'd call him up after practice and ask him what he was doing. He'd say 'You know we are doing it big. Come on over.' I thought I had a friend in Daunte, but obviously I didn't."

Culpepper, in town for the team's developmental camp at Winter Park, was clearly puzzled by the remarks.

"My phone number hasn't changed," Culpepper said, implying that Moss has not contacted him. "If you're my friend, why haven't you talked to me? Know what I'm saying?"

Our boy, Gabe Kapler, shows his ring in Japan:

P1 Jam sent this Seperated at Birth in today:

Steve Nash – Napoleon Dynamite’s sketch of Trisha
(He spent like 3 hours on the shading of her upper lip)

ESPN Racing writer arrested for drunk driving...


AttnyDan said...

Please Lord, let there be LOTS of pictures of the show posted on this blog from todays grand Stars Wars themed BaD Radio!!

Go Mavs!

Mike said...

Gabes in Japan because they don't test for steroids there, right?

Anonymous said...


Anonymoose said...

I would pay a million somethings for The Ticket to fire Gribble. Use the force, real hard.

Disturbed P1 said...

I plan on rubbing one out to BaD radio in Sturmtrooper gear. If only there was pictures of Friedo in Sturmtrooper gear.

JIM said...


The great Mike Haynes will be calling tonights Colorado/FCD game for the Rapids at the Cotton Bowl.

Sadly, neither The Fan in Denver or the MLS has a link that allows you to listen to his call....