Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Big Rangers Win in Chicago

Kevin Mench cracks me up. Whether he is tossing a ball in the crowd when there is only 2 outs, or knocking the catcher’s mask off with a practice swing, he brings a level of comedy to the game that is seldom seen.

But, I think what cracks me up the most about Kevin Mench is that he performs despite the fact that his team has been trying to replace him for his entire career. He has never appeared to be part of the big picture, never a part of Showalter’s grand scheme.

And yet, despite the fact that they never seem to buy into him, nor show much appreciation to him, he just continues to rake. He might be the hottest hitter on the team right now, even though they saw him as a part-time player when the season began.

So from all of us in the world who feel like our boss is looking for a better option at every turn despite the performance on the field, keep proving them wrong, Mench.

Mench homers in 1st, 9th; Rangers win 7-6


Off-Day in series? Time for thought-provoking feature stories on Amare Stoudamire

And, Where is Don Nelson now?

And, Josh Howard

"He's our energizer out there," Nowitzki said. "He's all over the place. He's probably our best defender. He's been aggressive around the boards and keeps a lot of balls alive for us. He's worked on his shot a lot. He's got that in-between game now."

The Mavs can never get too many scoring chances in this series. It's impossible, if they hope to keep pace with the NBA's No. 1 offense.

"Josh is always guarding the best offensive player on the opponents," said Nowitzki, referring to Tracy McGrady of the Rockets and now Nash in this series.

United Fans fighting a battle they can’t win versus Glazer

Mac Engle on Sergio Garcia , and since Mac won’t say it, I will: Sergio is the most over-rated golfer in the sport today…Let’s try making the cut for a major, before we talk about winning a major. Sergio’s last 3 majors? Cut---Cut---Cut.

Rex Champman claims UK were not into inter-racial dating

Former Kentucky star Rex Chapman told a newspaper that school officials tried to stop him from dating black women or at least "hide it" rather than inflame fans.

"There were certain aspects of my time there that were really ugly," Chapman, who is white, said in a story published by The Courier-Journal on Monday. "I don't know how it is today, but that's how it was 20 years ago."

Richard Justice blames Astros Owner

Peter King’s MMQB

Hate to see this: FC Dallas midfield leader, Richard Mulrooney done with ACL …They did not need that…

Dantzler in NFL Europe


AttnyDan said...

My wife agrees with the e-mailer on yesterdays show who said Bob has a sexy voice (kinda like Barry White). I think Bob needs to make a CD of him just talking about soccer or hockey. Maybe if I play it, it will put her in the mood!!!

By the way, I didn't even notice Gribble was gone yesterday...that can't be good.

Anonymous said...


ESPN is reporting rumors that Patriots owner Bob Kraft is making moves to take over ownership of Liverpool FC........ he already owns the MSL New England Revolution...

Gifted in Mansfield

Norm said...


Very average blog today. Let's do better tomorrow.


JIM said...


If you think that yesterday's blog was average, get your own f---ing blog. Or, read these articles on your own and come up your own opinions.

On second thought, don't create your own blog....

Your opinions are probably crap anyway......

Now, For FC Dallas, the Mulrooney Injury Hurts dramatically....

He was a catalyst that helped this team win games at home when he scored goals before the 5 minute mark.

Thanks to those goals and the offense firepower of this team, the Chicago Fire and Real Salt Lake (Where the Hell is the King in Utah that this team is refering to?) never had a chance......

Only now will this team see how their young players will perform. Reserve Division matches are okay, but you can't identify talent unless you put them in the games that matter....

If you are an FC Dallas fan, you must hope that Young players like Nunez and Moor step up and deliver....

Otherwise, this team could become average and with all the road games coming up, that could give them an unfavorable matchup in the 1st round of the playoffs.

Sam in Arlington said...


A little touchy today aren't we? Maybe it's because no one cares about your soccer CRAP, and that hurts your gay feelings. GET A LIFE, and let Bob be a big boy and defend himself!

Anonymous said...

Hey...Arrested Development is coming back for a third season! It's been saved! That should have made the blog today for sure.

Anonymous said...

I think Jim needs to settle down a bit...obviously watching a crap sport like soccer has given him hooliganitis.

Anonymous said...

Jim Sucks
Soccer Sucks


Anonymous said...

Seriously we need some more Mavs chatter in here. The day before the biggest game of the season and we are talking about soccer and arrested development.

Anonymous said...

Okay here's some Mavs chatter. Tomorrow night the Mav's need to make more baskets than Phoenix. This is the only way they can win tomorrow night.
Go Mavs,

P1 Stu in crazy Fort Worth.

Steve said...

I think D'Antoni rivals Cuban when it comes to whining about the refs - he even gets that annoying "what, our team fouled?!?!" look on his face when anything goes against his team and throws his hands in the air.

Personally, I like seing the jaw muscles contract in Avery's face when he's mad.

gooner said...

Steve I think that makes you gay.

It's nice to play a team that whine more than the Mavs do. I can finally see what people like Jr Miller have been saying for the past years. Its maddening to watch the Suns act as if they _never_ foul.

One soccer note: Bob I'm more than a little disapointed in you for barely mentioning the greatness that was, "The Relegation Battle." Each of the four teams was out of the 'zone' at some point during their match, only to see the Albs nut-up and stay up. Made for entertaining viewing. The EPL Review show from this weekend is Must See (IMO). They cover the relegation matches only and in a 'real-time' manner. Good stuff.

Anonymoose said...

Hey P1 Stu in Crazy Fort Worth:
What happens when the Mavs make 40 Two Point Baskets, and the Suns make 30 Three Point Baskets, nice post idiot.

Seacrest Out said...

I hate to sound like I am attacking somebody I don't know, but he has become that annoying. Anyone who has been reading Stu's comments for any length of time can easily agree that he is a moron. His opinions are crap, and lack substance.

MAVS in 6!

-Seacrest Out

Anonymous said...

Every player on every team bitches about calls during a game. The classic is Tim Duncans "both arms out, palms up in the air, confused, stupid, I dont know whats going on, is that a foul on me" look. P1 Stu is an idiot.


Anonymoose said...

See this post:

Anonymous said...

It's cool that I actually have critics for the pathetic inputs I have put in so far.
To my critics in regards to my last input : It's called sarcasm. I know that it's not as simple as I had previously stated.
To my critics in general : Love you.

There was some point to it. Dallas is going to have to Nellie style beat the Suns.
Avery, the "defensive" guy has admitted to this. Dallas is going to have to score in the 110-120's to beat Phoenix. And they are one of only a few teams capable of achieving this. In Dallas' two playoff wins they averaged 113.5. Dallas's two losses they only scored 102. Dallas is incapable to hold this team under a 100. They don't have the tools. Between the three regular season games and the four playoff games the best Dallas has done is they held them to 106 points in a game. Dallas is going to try to slow the Suns down just enough and hope they are shooting well and simply outscore them.

P1 Stu in crazy Fort Worth

Anonymous said...

Simply outscore them??? Yeah, I guess that would result in a win...

Anonymous said...

P1 Stu,
Just when I think you can't get any dumber, you say something like that....and totally redeem yourself.
I agree with the shootout philosophy, I mean who are we kidding, the Mavs don't play defense either. I think the exact same game plan because those shots aren't going to fall for Nash every night, we know that all too well.

Anonymoose said...

In addition Stuart:
Is it your honest opinion that the mavericks are going to try and slow the Suns down. How long did it take you to come up with that one? Also, critics tend to critique, we just think you are a dumbass

Chris is crime free Flower Mound said...

what is this "basketball" you speak of?

Football starts in August, and Hockey (by the will of the hockey gods) start in October.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymoose and the other gangbangers,

Thank you for the reaming today,
but can we please breakout the KY jelly, first before we get started, for now on.

P1 Stu