Friday, May 20, 2005

Time to show what you are made of

Hopefully, after five games in a best of seven series, both teams are pretty comfortable with what the other team likes to do. Not comfortable in the sense that they can handle it, but comfortable in that there are no more surprises or strategies to be offered. Both teams by this point of a series have thrown their best punches. Now, it comes down to grit and guts.

Who wants it more? Who gives in first? Which guy on the floor will consider how cool it would be to start vacation in the morning? The Mavericks need it more tonight, and therefore most expect this series goes back to Phoenix. Of course, the Sonics never made it that far, nor did the Pacers. Both teams had home games in Game 6 last night, and yet their off-season is already underway.

This is “the team that has to do it the hard way”. That is usually a nice way of saying, “this team is not good enough to win 4 series. But, the Mavericks have yet to write the end of their 2005 story. I am anxious to find out if they have the guts necessary to stay alive past Sunday. If they do, then they will play the rest of the season with the casino’s money. If they get eliminated tonight or even Sunday, we will again ponder what exactly needs to be changed about the roster by training camp.

Let’s see what we got.


Rogers to extend to streak

Hershiser, now the Rangers' pitching coach, won't even try to quantify what Rogers' 30 innings in 2005 might equate to in 1988 numbers. But he can quickly enumerate the circumstances that make the current streak more impressive.

Rogers is doing this at an advanced age (40), in a league that features an extra hitter in the lineup, at a home park that is notoriously unfriendly to pitchers and in an era of unbridled offense.

"After the second start, it becomes a big deal, no matter what era you are talking about," Hershiser said. "That's back-to-back shutouts, and it doesn't happen much. You get to a third start, and that's pretty rare air. You go farther than that and you are in the stratosphere.

"What Kenny's doing is harder because this is such an offensive-oriented era. You have to weigh all those factors accordingly."

Fraley says Stros have no chance

Rex Chapman and Steve Nash …Friends Forever…

Spurs move on, Duncan with winner

Steve Stone vs. Dusty Baker, revisited

The Race formerly known as, The Winston, the Nextel All-Star Challenge is Saturday Night

Kenseth still has time to bounce back

Sir Alex to manage ManU for 3 more years …Nuts!

Liverpool’s Rafa Benitez prepares for European Cup Final on Wednesday


Anonymous said...

Bob, I love your blog. Thanks.


Steve said...


Thanks for the early posting...I still have three minutes to waste before my boss gets here!! I will use this time to poo.


Mark D. said...
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Mark D. said...

Bob, yesterday on the show you called Eric "Hands of Stone" Dampier the most unathlethic black man in the league. While I agree he is very unathletic, I have one name for ya......Calvin Booth. Booth makes Bradley look athletic!

Anonymous said...

I BELIEVE!!!!!!!

Chris said...

such greatness, sometime next week we will be discussing the Rangers, the new NHL CBA, and free agents! Yea!

Captain Fubar said...

I BELIEVE!!!!!!! ( In Captain DooDoo)

Anonymous said...

I saw the Revenge of the Sith last night. The best of the last three for sure. However, I am really weary of the computer generated everythings in movies today. Nothing is real not even the furniture. I am having good ole day syndrome about the old Star War movies. They were not as intricate or perfect but they had soul. Some of the best scenes in the old movies would have been ruined by computer graphics today. The bar scene in the first, the swamp scenes in Empire, the trash compactor scene in the first would have been ruined today. The actors in the recent movies work in front of a green sheet with no real sets. Even the stormtroopers are computer generated. It's like watching a video game. But cgi is cheaper, easier to use, and more flexible so the old ways will never come back. I miss puppet Yoda.

Old man "Disco" Stu

Anonymous said...

Was that guy any relation to Jon Berry? If so, why was he on the show? He clearly has never seen Erick Dampier play, the only conclusion that I could come up with.


Lew said...


I think Matt Kenseth will finish in the top 10 in points.
The "Cat in the Hat" has a huge stable of good young drivers along with Busch, Edwards, and under the leadership of Mark Martin. This team seems to have it going their way. It doesn't hurt that Kenseth is from Wisconsinin either. Enjoy the blog.


Anonymous said...

Bob when are you going to give props to Barcelona for winning La Liga? I know they are not your beloved Liverpool, but they've won their league with more points than any team in La Liga has ever had before, plus they had the leading goal scorer (Eto'o) and best goalkeeper (Valdes).

Barca Fan

Anonymous said...

Hey quit picking on Diabetics. I is one.

JIM said...

Four Problems with the Mavs in their failure to defeat the Suns.....

1. Failure to Stop Nash
2. Failure to Stop Stoudemire
3. Failure to consistenly score points in the 4th Quarter/OT
4. When Dampier wasn't on the floor, the Mav's collapsed......

Let's find a replacement for Finley before we go crazy for replacing Dampier.....

Rick Bentley said...

Dirk is just not as good as we think he is. He certainly isn't average or below-average, but an MVP candidate, first-team NBA player he is not. Nice wild-ass turnaround 3 point shot with 12 seconds left with the long Marion arm in your face. Nice defense the entire post-season. Nice shooting below 45%. Nice unwillingness to use your size and get near the basket and post-up/cause the player guarding you to get into foul trouble.