Friday, January 29, 2010

Links For You

Here are a few old posts I wanted to run by you:

1) - With the Rangers finishing 2nd this year in the Baseball America Farm System rankings, I wanted to show you the study done from last January when the Rangers finished 1st and the question was whether there was a correlation between system rankings and future major league wins. Click on the link for my findings.

2) - And then here is the idea that I am pretty sure we did here first almost a decade ago (seriously), our objective NFL Franchise Rankings, v 8.0 that we released last year after the Super Bowl was completed. Of course, I will be working on this year's version for next week, but you can add up the numbers on your own if your job is really, really beating you down.

Beyond that, the blogging career is admittedly taking a lighter work load these days for a while. Call it post-Cowboys grind recharge. I am sure the hamsters in my head will be back to their normal work load soon.

Also, we have offered Tori Holt a platform for his random sports thoughts - whether he posts once a month or once a day is up to him. So, please make him feel welcome.

Happy Friday.

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