Thursday, January 14, 2010

Which Game is Which?

Game Plan Friday is being prepared, but how about a little game of which is which?

Here we go where each game in the NFC Semi-Finals has a QB who has been here quite a few times versus a QB who is a bit wet behind the ears.

GAME ARecordTDsINTsRating
QB 112-10392885.2
QB 21-24186.0

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GAME BRecordTDsINTsRating
QB 19-33113104.6
QB 21-25292.7

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So, which game is which?

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Game A is Dallas-Minnesota, Game B is New Orleans-Arizona.

Bet you didn't know Kurt Warner was that far superior to Favre in the playoffs.

Also, bet you didn't know Drew Brees had just 1 playoff win.


How do we decide what makes a good running team? Is it Attempts per game?

Here is the Top 10 in that category:

TeamRushing Att/G
1 - NY Jets37.9
2 - Carolina32.8
3 - Miami31.8
4 - Cincinnati31.6
5 - Tennessee31.2
6 - Cleveland31.1
7 - Baltimore29.2
7 - New Orleans29.2
9 - Minnesota29.1
10 - New England29.1

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Is it total yardage on the ground?

That Top 10:

TeamRushing Yards
1 - NY Jets2,756
2 - Tennessee2,592
3 - Carolina2,498
4 - Miami2,231
5 - Baltimore2,200
6 - New Orleans2,106
7 - Dallas2,103
8 - Cleveland2,087
9 - Cincinnati2,056
10 - Jacksonville2,029

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Or, perhaps it is explosive runs? The Top 10:

TeamRuns of 20+
1 - Tennessee24
2 - Carolina19
2 - NY Jets19
4 - Atlanta17
4 - Cincinnati17
6 - Baltimore16
7 - Minnesota15
8 - Dallas14
9 - New Orleans14
10 - Pittsburgh13

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Well, regardless of how we judge what makes a team a "great running team", one thing we can see is that all 3 of these lists have 1 thing very much in common: None of them seem to have any Cowboys opponents, right? Only the teams in Bold were on the Cowboys schedule this year.

So, we think the Cowboys can stop the run, but do we really know? Yes, they are one of only 5 teams to allow fewer than 1500 yards on the ground this season, but when nobody on your schedule tries to run it (Even New Orleans, who is on the list as a fine running team was down 14 points and never had a chance to run against Dallas) it is tough to see much in the evidence.

Now, at the same time, these charts also point out that the Vikings are not the running power statistically that we might believe they are conceptually in a 1-game playoff.

I think that they will try to slow down the Cowboys pass rush by pounding the rock with Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor with runs and swing passes to the flat. If this happens, are the Cowboys as good as we think?

The game could hinge on the ability to slow down the big Vikings running game. Whether the stats for the season say it or not, I belive this is an early playoff objective for the Minnesota Vikings.

Let's see if the Cowboys are up to the task.


Sean Schniederjan RKC said...


It is interesting to note that although vikes are top 10 in attempts and explosive runs, they are not in top 10 in total yards, which is surprising. I still think your point still stands that this defense does not have much experience with run happy teams.

I'm in MN and have been listening to the Common Man talk some serious trash. I enjoy his show and have noticed his big weakness is women callers. You can tell he starts getting pretty nervous and isn't his usual spry self when a lady calls in.

Big Jim said...

How about yards per rushing attempt? The Cowboys lead all playoff teams in this category at 4.8. The Vikings are third from the bottom, ahead of only IND and NO.

Mavs Man said...

Looking at the top 10 rushing lists, it appears that Dallas has not been "tested against the run" because they did not play the AFC East or AFC North divisions this season.

They played all of the top running teams in the NFC except for Minnesota, and unless the Ravens or Jets make it to the big dance, Dallas will not have to play any top AFC rushing teams this year.

K5 said...

Another reason might that tea,s ddn't make the list because the Cowboys held them back?

A ray of hope....?

(I know I know just one game against the Cowboys wouldn't skew the stats that much, but still I can hope can't I)

I do hope for a Game Plan next Friday!!!!!!!!! Go Cowboys