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Football 301: Targets and Sacks - Minnesota

Target Distribution:

Targets - Playoff vs Minnesota

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Unreal. 1 pass to Roy Williams. 8 targets for Austin for just 34 yards. What a mess. Here is an interesting number: Romo vs Eagles 23-35, Romo vs Vikings 22-35. Odd, no?

By the way, if you want to see the full regular season totals, They are here , but I didn't want to add playoff games to the totals, lest I throw off comparison numbers.

3rd Down Target Distribution:

3RD Down Targets - Playoffs - Minnesota

Table Tutorial

Holy Cow. 3 for 13 on 3rd Downs, with 4 sacks and an interception. See what I mean about the Shotgun and the importance of not relying on 3rd and long? An absolute and complete debacle. Horrible.

The Sacks this week can also be found in Decoding Garrett. I put them in both posts for continuity reasons, but they are all the same comments.


Sack #1 - 1Q - 3/14/38 S11 - Edwards

What Happened: This is the end of the 1st drive. On this particular sack, I might blame Romo for trying to wait too long. Easy for me to say, but I think you have to get the ball to Choice in the left flat here and hope he can get you some FG position. But, he tries to stay alive, and the DL closes out on him. Kosier, Adams, and Colombo hold up pretty well here, but Davis gets beat badly by Robison, and Romo must step up quickly. Once he does, Edwards gets off Colombo and hits Romo. The start of the ambush.


Sack #2 - 2Q - 2/G/8 -S02 - Edwards/Williams

What Happened: Shotgun Empty? Again? How many sacks do we have to give up in Shotgun-Empty before we stop running that package altogether? Anyway, both tackles get beat, and the play is doomed. This is 2nd and goal and the score is just 7-0. The Cowboys execute here, I am sure the game is way different. Instead, they can protect neither flank, and are over-run with no RB protection. This, just 1 play after wasting 1st and Goal with the Wildcat. Talk about not taking advantage of your rare opportunity. This will also be Flozell's 2nd to last play. 3 possessions, all go fairly deep into Minnesota territory = 3 points. Then, your Left Tackle is gone. Church.


Sack #3 - 2/11/28 - Sack Allen

What Happened: Here, Witten is in his stance late and Jared Allen blows around the corner on him in a real mismatch. How this 1-on-1 happens is a fair question as it sure seems that Doug Free isn't quite sure where he is supposed to be. Also, note the twist stunt on the other side has 96 Robison coming free up the gut. If Allen doesn't get there, Robison would 1-count later. The route is on.


Sack #4 - 1/10/46 - Edwards Sack last play of half

What Happened: This might be exhibit A as to why you still need Flozell Adams. Just watch Doug Free on this play as Jared Allen puts him on roller skates and look where 68 Free Ends up. Sure, Edwards makes the eventual sack, but this is what Free's issue seems. So susceptable to the bull rush, and at Left Tackle, you better believe they will test your strength on a regular basis. You must be able to drop your anchor. He is quick, but is he strong? Not enough.


Sack #5 - 3Q - 3/14/28 Sack Greenway S12

What Happened: I want to say this before we break down this play: For my money, Marc Colombo may have been the best member of the OL all season (when he was healthy). But, boy, did he struggle. I think he is still must be injured. This time, 52 Greenway gets the sack, but the play is destroyed again by 91 Edwards, who decides to change things up (perhaps just to keep from being monotonous) and dives inside. Colombo has no chance again, and from there, chaos ensues, and Greenway gets a sack.


Sack #6 - 4Q - 3/4/47 SACK Kennedy/Williams

What Happened: Minnesota is just toying with the Cowboys by here. 93 Williams fakes he is about to drop into coverage, and then the Cowboys block others. His pause leaves nobody accounting for him, so he then sprints right up the gut and has Romo dead to rights. Jimmy Kennedy cleans up, but again, so many breakdowns on the OL mean that players get the sack, but did not do the work to earn it.

It is over, but boy, what a mess!

The Rankings for the season in Sacks Allowed among the OL: Adams - 8, Gurode 6, Davis - 5, Colombo - 4, Free - 3, Kosier - 2.

It would sure seem to me that a Pro-Bowl Center would not be giving up this many sacks over the course of the season. We always no tackles are subject to that because of the nature of the position, but I would suggest to you that as many good things that Andre does, 6 sacks this year is not good at all.

Wk 1TampaBarberRomo awareness
Wk 3CarolinaDavisAdams?
Wk 3CarolinaBeasonFelix/Colombo
Wk 4DenverDumervilAdams
Wk 4DenverHillGarrett?
Wk 4DenverWilliamsRomo
Wk 4DenverDumervilAnderson
Wk 4DenverHolidayAdams
Wk 5Kansas CityGilberryDavis/Choice
Wk 7AtlantaDeCoudDavis/Choice
Wk 7AtlantaNicholasAnderson
Wk 8SeattleHawthorneColombo
Wk 8SeattleHawthorneGurode
Wk 9PhiladelphiaParkerWitten
Wk 9PhiladelphiaBabinKosier
Wk 9PhiladelphiaJones???
Wk 9PhiladelphiaColeAdams
Wk 10Green BayCollinsWitten
Wk 10Green BayBarnettGurode
Wk 10Green BayMatthewsAdams
Wk 10Green BayBarnettBarber
Wk 10Green BayWoodsonAdams
Wk 11WashingtonGriffinDavis
Wk 12OaklandScottDavis
Wk 12OaklandScottFree
Wk 13New YorkRouseGurode
Wk 13New YorkSintimRomo/Garrett
Wk 14San DiegoSilerFree
Wk 15New OrleansSmithRomo
Wk 15New OrleansVilmaGurode
Wk 15New OrleansSmithAdams
Wk 16WashingtonDaniels76, 70, 68
Wk 17PhiladelphiaPattersonGurode
Wk 17PhiladelphiaParkerBarber, Romo

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