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Football 301: Targets and Sacks - Eagles Playoffs

Target Distribution:

Targets - Playoff vs Philadelphia

Table Tutorial

Interesting numbers this week in that there is nothing gaudy or eye catching. Nobody "went off" if we think Austin's 7 catches for 82 yards is what he does in a normal outing.

Just matter-of-fact, move-the-chains excecution from the offense and its QB.

By the way, if you want to see the full regular season totals, They are here , but I didn't want to add playoff games to the totals, lest I throw off comparison numbers.

3rd Down Target Distribution:

3RD Down Targets - Playoffs - Philadelphia

Table Tutorial

I think those target numbers on 3rd Down demonstrate what we have been talking about with the way Jason Garrett and Tony Romo have been calm in "taking what is given", rather than trying to force the ball into a tight spot to go to a more reliable option. Don't always go to Witten and Austin, because they are drawing a crowd. Now, go to Williams, Crayton, and Ogletree on 3rd Down who is matched up against a relatively weak defender.


Sack #1 - 2/23/27 Sack by 91 Clemons

What Happened: 52 White and 91 Clemons meet at the QB after the Cowboys do them a favor and make my head ache by calling the S01 package on 2nd and 23. The S01, of course, means "empty backfield". S01 makes me crazy because it is such a wild invitation to send the blitz, but I suppose that is the cat and mouse game that the Cowboys are playing. They want you to blitz, so they can burn it. But, sometimes it doesn't work. Twice on Saturday to be exact. This play, and the play that was nearly an interception early in the 2Q. 52 White is part of a Double-A blitz look at presnap, and then he is the only one who actually comes. 65 Gurode blocks the wrong guy, and ends up with nobody, as White shoots through and blows up the play. I have no idea what the scheme would have called for if they both come. Gurode can't block them both and with nobody in the backfield, what was the plan???


Sack #2 - 1/10/31 Sack by 57 Gocong

What Happened: "12" personnel, and perhaps another case of getting a little cute on the call on a 1st and 10 at the opponent's 31. You try the bootleg that is fully dependent on the LB either running with 82 Witten out in route, or biting on the play action fake to Felix. If he does neither, which he did, then your QB gets smashed without a chance. Here, this might fall to scheme, as there was no chance for Romo to get rid of this ball in time.

The Rankings for the season in Sacks Allowed among the OL: Adams - 7, Gurode 6, Davis - 4, Colombo - 2, Free - 2, Kosier - 1.

It would sure seem to me that a Pro-Bowl Center would not be giving up this many sacks over the course of the season. We always no tackles are subject to that because of the nature of the position, but I would suggest to you that as many good things that Andre does, 6 sacks this year is not good at all.

Wk 1TampaBarberRomo awareness
Wk 3CarolinaDavisAdams?
Wk 3CarolinaBeasonFelix/Colombo
Wk 4DenverDumervilAdams
Wk 4DenverHillGarrett?
Wk 4DenverWilliamsRomo
Wk 4DenverDumervilAnderson
Wk 4DenverHolidayAdams
Wk 5Kansas CityGilberryDavis/Choice
Wk 7AtlantaDeCoudDavis/Choice
Wk 7AtlantaNicholasAnderson
Wk 8SeattleHawthorneColombo
Wk 8SeattleHawthorneGurode
Wk 9PhiladelphiaParkerWitten
Wk 9PhiladelphiaBabinKosier
Wk 9PhiladelphiaJones???
Wk 9PhiladelphiaColeAdams
Wk 10Green BayCollinsWitten
Wk 10Green BayBarnettGurode
Wk 10Green BayMatthewsAdams
Wk 10Green BayBarnettBarber
Wk 10Green BayWoodsonAdams
Wk 11WashingtonGriffinDavis
Wk 12OaklandScottDavis
Wk 12OaklandScottFree
Wk 13New YorkRouseGurode
Wk 13New YorkSintimRomo/Garrett
Wk 14San DiegoSilerFree
Wk 15New OrleansSmithRomo
Wk 15New OrleansVilmaGurode
Wk 15New OrleansSmithAdams
Wk 16WashingtonDaniels76, 70, 68
Wk 17PhiladelphiaPattersonGurode
Wk 17PhiladelphiaParkerBarber, Romo

Table Tutorial


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