Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BaD Radio - Recap - 12/15/10

Wednesday 12/15/10

Episode: 2834

Location: Studio

The Mix: Norm holds onto the baton a little too long before passing it over to BaD Radio today.

The Open: Put down your pamphlet on Bird Law and get ready for more tangents than a Geometry class. Jayson Werth’s upside-down mustache, Donovan’s ice skating skills, QBs as trend setters, the resolve of children, the procreation of Wisconsin citizens and we end up at Tony Romo’s backward hat.

12:35 - Mavs Talk: Bob and Dan look back at the career of recent guest Tyson Chandler. Having been on a handful of teams in his 9 year career, the early results show that Tyson is the prototypical Center the Mavs have been looking for as an accessory to Dirk. The guys then turn their focus on the “high school to pro” leap and how that transition may or may not have affected the growth of Chandler as a young NBA player.

12:55 - TiVo Talk: Bob, Dan and Donovan touch briefly on HBO’s series 24/7, which goes behind the scenes of the days leading up to the Capitals/Penguins Winter Classic. Dan brags about getting the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas episode before anyone else, an episode that aired 2 years ago. The guys then OD on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab 4, a train wreck of a show.

1:20 - Garrett Press Conference: Garrett Top interrupts the show to answer questions at Valley Ranch. He addresses practicing in pads as a means to increasing mental toughness, the possibility of Rex Grossman starting over Donovan McNabb and how that plays into game preparation. He also answers some questions on the impact of SMU’s own Brian McCann.

1:35 - Aggressniff: Bob has a new addition for Dan’s initial report on the Mt. Everest of words, “aggressive”. Listen here and decide for yourself which mispronunciation should wear the Aggressniff Crown.

1:55 - Cliff Lee Talk: The show re-visits some of the factors that went into Cliff Lee making the decision to take his talents to Philadelphia. Dan points out that Cliff Lee personally called Jon Daniels, yet had his agent call Yankees management. The sports humorist also thinks that the Rangers are still a franchise, with all playing fields being level, that is on the lower tier of destinations for free agents. In other words, to land a big fish, they must do like Tom Hicks and offer a HUGE contract.

2:15 - More Cliff Lee: In this Cliff Lee segment, Bob calls all comparisons between Cliff Lee and LeBron (other than being free agents) completely wrong. A caller that sounds like the girl from the Subway Melt commercials compares the Cliff Lee situation to a breakup: Cliff Lee broke up with us and went to a girl we don’t know, but if he went to the girl that we do know (the Yankees), the pain would be greater. If that caller is reading this, @tweetgrubes wants your address.

2:40 - Historical Liner: You might have heard this liner for Sunday’s game between the Cowboys and Redskins on the air today . BaD Radio discusses the historical validity of the liner and they obtain some audio of Canadian voice-over specialist Conrad and his “reservations” about reading the liner. Radio gold.

3:00 - W.T.D.S. Sitting Bull got popped by the Indian Police, wedding dresses in puddles, Thumb Guy , Corby’s Johnny Depp/Thumb Guy hypothetical, Rick Helling, Jim Leyland, Dave Clark, Tim Conway (Dorf), the Clown Prince of Baseball and the late Oral Roberts. Now, please excuse me while I go take care of some Tinkle Time.

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