Tuesday, December 14, 2010

BaD Radio - Recap - 12/14/10

Tuesday 12/14/10

Episode: 2833

Location: Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Club in the AAC

Mix with Norm: To call this a mix would be very generous. Norm’s contribution: “We’ve been waiting a long time for the two of you to get closer.” Does someone have the E Section of the newspaper? Dan requires it.

The Open: No recap could do it justice. Listen to it here. http://mp3twit.com/1pi

12.30 - Cliff Lee Talk: HSOs fill the airwaves as Bob and Dan discuss the mentality of the Rangers fan after learning that Cliff Lee signed with the Phililes. How much can be read into the way management stood by its offers and was not willing to cater to Cliff Lee’s demands for the sake of it being a detriment to the long-term interest of the franchise? What factors were in play with Cliff Lee: pitching in the NL, being in a rotation of elite pitchers versus being the lone ace on a team, the chance of winning a World Series?

1:05 - The Jason Witten Show: Jason Witten joins Bob and Dan for his weekly addition to BaD Radio. They breakdown his 2 TDs on Sunday night, the 2-minute drill playbook, the current state of the Eagles and his humble demeanor considering his standing amongst the NFL All-time great Tight Ends.

1:30 - Jerry Jones on 60 Minutes: Once you get past Bob’s cover of Outfield’s “Your Love”, the guys come to a realization that if 60 Minutes is doing a story over something that you are knowledgeable of, prepare to reach an Office Season 7 level of “meh”. Tick tick tick tick tick.

1:55 - Gay or Not Gay: In this weekly staple, a listener asks if the new Ranch Reporter, David Moore, has a voice that could belong to a man that TiVo’s Glee. Is a single dude, living alone, considered gay for decorating for Christmas? Donovan lets everyone know that he doesn’t have pictures of Blanta or Blesus hanging around his house at Christmastime.

2:15 - Lunch Pails: In a segment that is rarely visited, the guys take a look into the world of the Sports Broadcaster Cliché. Class act, gym rat, a Wes Welker-type player; you’ve heard them all but how often do they really happen? Bob and Dan play a handful of audio clips and wonder if you can guess what player the announcers are referring to.

2:35 - Tyson Chandler: This segment brought to you by Dan’s choir group “The All B-4s”. Tyson Chandler stops down to talk about bringing a defensive mindset to Dallas and the situation surrounding his failed physical. In 10 minutes of radio gold that should be considered legal currency, Bob asks Tyson some Generic Whiteboy Questions centered on Tyson growing up in the city of Compton. Tyson needs to be back on the show!

3:00 - W.T.D.S. If your closest experience to war is watching Pirates of the Caribbean, get over your obsession with Johnny Depp and continue reading. Wilma Mankiller becomes the first woman to lead a Native-American tribe; Fergie Jenkins becomes a Ranger, Bill Buckner, Ken Hill, Mike’s sister, T.K. Carter, Craig Biggio, Cliff Lee giving the cheesesteak back to the dugout instead of the claw, Anthony Mason and This Ain’t Happy Days: Fonzie Loves Pinky.

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